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  1. MomRN0913

    I need help!!!

    Honestly, an engineers lines of work and education is very black and white and technical. ( I know many ). As you can see you are passing the very science -minded courses where the answers are either right or wrong. your key is to switching to using your analytical mind. You need to learn to read between the lines and use out of the box thinking and see the gray area. honestly, how to do this, I do not know . It comes naturally to me. But I would definitely consult an advisor at the school. Are you able to place yourself in others shoes and situations ? I think being able to that helps a lot. best of luck
  2. MomRN0913

    Dr. orders for OTC meds

    Yes, even in skilled visits. It's really annoying. They can feel free to go buy it themselves, but if they ask if they can have Tylenol or colace, you technically have to call the do for and ask. i tell them with a big smile on my face " I'm not a doctor and I can't prescribe" and they usually get it it.
  3. MomRN0913

    To My Preceptor

    I also got extremely lucky in the preceptor department. Twice. First as a new grad med surg float. She was just awesome and we clicked. Easy going, helpful, never made me feel stupid. 4 month later ( which was 4 months into my nursing career) in the same hospital I switched to float to MICU. I got such a sweet and knowledgable preceptor who, again, never ever belittled me. We actually became good friends. I also got lucky in the hospital choice. I wish I was still there. Management treated us great, doctors treated is great for the most part, when making an honest error you did not have to worry about your job. You were taught to leArn from it. when you have these great things, cherish them. I always have
  4. MomRN0913

    I'm sorry, honey. Mommy is a nurse...

    It's bad, but my 6 year old is a sensitive one. Littlest scratch and it's " mommy I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding!" I kiss it and tell her to shake it off:) She visits the school nurse about 4 times a week for a band aid or an ice pack, and rarely do I ever get a call that she is sick. The school nurse knows I'm a nurse and only reserves phone calls when she thinks she really is sick. Or DD requests a call, and even then , the nurse will tell me if I really need to come or not. But yes, when she gets a tiny little scratch, I say " did your arm fall off?" And if she says no, I tell her is ok. and yup, she probably will throw it in my face when I'm old and she needs to care for me:)
  5. MomRN0913

    Unsafe ED

    Honestly....... It goes all sorts of ways. Yes, I've experienced the ER nurses holding their patients they were supposed to bring up hours before until 15 min before the end of the shift as to avoid getting another one. And it's not an assumption. Especially when it's the same repeat offender. i worked in the ICU who also held onto to tele transfers so they didn't get an admission to fill their bed. actually, I will be flat out honest. I've been guilty of it myself. But of course I still fully care for that pt I'm holding onto. ( this was not a regular occurrence . Just on particularly bad nights where I'm already swamped) there re is never an excuse for not assessing a patient. Can't tell you how many we would get up for the ER dead already. Or the pt we got I. Rapid afib who had on his admitting orders SIX hours before I received the pt to start a cardizem drip and lo and behold the reason it wasn't started was because " well, they are the admitting orders, he wasn't considered ER when they were written ". What?!?!?!? I made the MD aware but I didn't write them up( should have, really) the he truth is it is done all around, holding the pt. But it should be addressed by management
  6. MomRN0913

    can you give prevacid (PPI) "too early"?

    I dont fully believe in this concept. I would not wake a pt up for a 6 am Prevacid. Sleep is also a vital part to healing. No way in heck am I waking up my pt is Prevacid is the only reason they need to be woken for. you most certainly can retire certain meds for pt comfort.
  7. MomRN0913

    Delayed or dry drowning

    I was just discussing this with a friend. Isn't " dry drowning" essentially aspiration? Depending on the severity they could need ventilators support and antibiotics. the sad thing is they usually are found is such a state before it's too late
  8. MomRN0913


    I kind of had the opposite experience. I was an MICU nurse and new mother who's daughter went to the NICU. She was in the NICU as a precautionary measure and when I called the morning after her birth for the update , they spoke to me like a nurse and not a new scared mom telling me my baby " brady'd down and become apenic when feeding" like it was nothing. I wanted to to spoken to and explained what that means like I'm a new mom! NICU and MICU are very different. Luckily the other nurses treated me that way when I finally could get I to the NICU. I also had a postpartum nurse come I to my room who was on orientation and is to know I was a nurse. I heard her preceptor come in and do a head to toe assessment and explain what she was doing. I let her do the whole shebang and nodded along. It was a good nursing experience for her. The he nurse may have not know . All we need to do is say is " I'm a nurse, and I understand you can speak to me in medical terms, I prefer that" or in my case I basically said " I'm a nurse, but I'm also a new mom and not a NICU nurse, first and foremost , please threat me like a new mom with medical knowledge" thats all
  9. MomRN0913

    New Rapid Responder

    Congrats, that's my clinical dream job!
  10. MomRN0913

    Associate and Diploma RNs

    I apologize for the use of the wrong word. I meant a recommendation . Either way it greatly affects the chance of a new hire not having a BSN
  11. MomRN0913

    Associate and Diploma RNs

    The other reality is hospitals want to achieve magnet status which requires 80% of their staff to be BSN trained. So while they may maintain their associates nurses, they surely aren't going to hire a new one.
  12. MomRN0913

    Stupid Nurse Tricks (Or How To Look Incredibly Stupid)

    Telling your coworker it's no problem to remove a femoral dialysis father during post Mortem care. Turn the patient to put the shroud underneath only to cover your coworker in blood from blood gushing from the femoral site . oooopsie.
  13. MomRN0913

    Associate and Diploma RNs

    It's a true story. I got my AAS in 2005 and was able to get a job before even passing the NCLEX. Life changes made me transition out of the ICU after 5 years and that didn't work out so well and finding jobs even though I had critical care experience, the job descriptions were saying they consider new grads with BSN's and experience will not be considered an equivalent. ive worked with some BSN's where were far less competent than I. It's a truth. But no one really cares. i have a non bedside job that hired me without my BSN. I planned on staying here forever, but with the IPPS changes, my future is uncertain. So I am taking advantage of the tuition reimbursement and finally after 9 years, I'm getting my BSN. whether I like it or not, it is what is.
  14. MomRN0913

    What task should I know

    Know that all nursing is not task-oriented and critical thinking is very important. On a cardiac step down unit, I would tell you to get to know your cardiac meds.
  15. MomRN0913

    Would you deliver your baby at your place of employment?

    Well, #1 I was high risk and my place of employment didn't have a NICU. So that was out. And my DD did end up in the NICU. #2 I worship the ground my OB walks on and drove over an hour to get to him, but he didn't deliver where I worked. The hospital I did deliver in was in my hospital system, however. 2 of my coworkers delivered there a week before. otherwise I would hve loved too. Many of my coworkers did and had great experiences. Ive had 2 surgeries at my place of employment. I got very special treatment. And embarrassment from the doctors who knew me and heard I was in same day in recovery:). All came to visit me.
  16. MomRN0913


    I think you haven't found your niche in nursing yet. You haven't found a specialty or a unit that's your fit. And fwiw, I started as a foot nurse and lasted less than 6 months floating. As in I said find me a unit or I'm gone! Well, they found me MICU and I loved it ( even though it was the last place I saw myself). I'm not there anymore, but I will admit as time went on, I had more anxiety. I was more relaxed in the beginning. I can't even explain it. I guess some near mistakes and some actual errors made me realize I'm human and it's a part of the job, but I was having a hard time dealing with that. Try out different areas. And I can tell you, it was my coworkers that made a difference. I loved everyone I worked with and we were a very close knit family. I've been out for 3 years now, but I made life long friends there. Good luck, I hope you find a way to love nursing again.

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