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  1. NoviceRN10

    Just got off orientation, Please help!

    I just want to say that everyone dreads those one or two nurses that drill you during report! Every unit has them, thankfully they are usually in the minority. By the end of a night shift, my brain is turning to mush and I know that my reports are not the greatest. I have found that sometimes nurses can be real critical when they are getting a patient from you, but then when you get patients from them, it is ok to be handed a hot mess. It happens everywhere. Shifts are long, and stuff happens right up to the very end, which can ruin your whole time management plan! You just have to learn what you need to finish up and what can be passed on. And don't let coworkers bully you into thinking that they need to be handed a perfect patient set with everything buttoned up. It can't always be that way, sounds good, though!
  2. NoviceRN10


    I am sorry but nowhere in my pt's charts does it state what their profession or level of intelligence is? I treat all people with the same dignity and respect no matter if they have a college degree or not.
  3. NoviceRN10

    Best way to quit a PRN job

    This is not the case where I work. Contingents must be on the schedule at least 2 shifts, whether you pick the days or mgr picks them for you.
  4. NoviceRN10

    Yet another interruption on nights

    We have been asked recently to audit each other's charting. It is a big pain and I think someone is taking a huge break while they make us do it. The day shift and night shift are both doing it, though.
  5. NoviceRN10

    Is your spouse supportive of your nursing career?

    My husband is very supportive. When I was getting my degree he took over a lot of the kid care so I could focus on school. After I graduated and began working full time he was grocery shopping, making lunches for our kids, etc. He lets me vent. He appreciates that I am making a monetary contribution to our household. He is great :). I am sorry that your husband is not in a good place right now to support you. Hopefully he will get a job in his chosen field and get happier.
  6. NoviceRN10

    Nursing Student Issues

    She seems to be napping because you have allowed it. Why would you let her do it if you were told not to? It seems that it is your responsibility as her preceptor to direct her during the shift, and to make others aware that she should not be napping while you are doing so yourself. You need to speak up!
  7. I currently have a job that is contingent status. I am obligated to work just two 8 hour shifts a month/schedule. One shift must be a weekend, the other could be any day of the week. I don't have to work any holidays. I really like being able to pick my days, it works well with managing family life and hectic kids activities. I am wondering what it is like at other hospitals, how much nurses are required to work for a contingent contract and if they get to pick their days of the week. Please share your experience :).
  8. NoviceRN10

    Is this what its like for everyone?

    Definitely felt that way too when I began my first nursing job. Thankless, stressful, often gross, tiring, etc. I work on a surgical floor. I have seen things nobody should ever have to see. Not exactly what kind of nursing I had in mind. I feel like a narcotic pusher more than a caregiver. Everyone is in pain. Everyone is a 10/10, even smiling and chatting on their cellphones. I rarely get an honest pt that will tell me they would like a Norco for their pain level of 3 or 4. I want to hug those pts! I know this is not the kind of nursing for me, but I have been too lazy to move on yet (4 yrs). Are you stuck there for the length of your contract or can you work on a different unit?
  9. NoviceRN10

    New Grad RN former EMS experience

    I think you would have a good chance at an ER job. There are plenty of ER jobs available in my area, the turnover must be high. Good luck!
  10. NoviceRN10

    I'm thinking about whether to start writing up my coworkers.

    I would not try and write your coworkers up, that will not help you win them over. In regards to ambulating the pt from the other unit, I would have assessed the situation and refused. Especially if nobody offered to asssist you. A well written progress note should have been enough to cover your butt. Good luck with that crew, they sound delightful.
  11. NoviceRN10

    Discouraged new grad in orientation hell.

    Do you chart on the computer? If so, try to get your assessments in right after each pt assessment instead of leaving it for catch up later. The first few weeks of being on your own can be rough, hang in there :)!
  12. NoviceRN10

    What to do in family emergency situations?

    I am very sorry for your family's loss. I do not think that getting to leave 45 minutes after the supervisor got notice if your situation is excessive, I actually think that is pretty swift considering that your pts had to have coverage and accomodations for your absence needed to be made.
  13. NoviceRN10

    5 things you wish you knew as a new nurse

    Save your back and use proper body mechanics when assisting patients or bending over them to draw blood, etc. It only took me two months to wreck my back .
  14. NoviceRN10

    Really disappointed in myself

    I am not one to tell someone to stick out a new job if it is miserable. I personally had a good experience with my orientation, so I can't relate to that. I can relate to the bad back thing. It only took me 2 months to ruin my back (I think I have a bulging disk or something). I have been suffering in pain for two years because of that. I am glad they are going to let you try days! It is good to know you can show up 45 minutes late if you feel like it . That I would not put up with, I am the first person to punch out right at 7:30 each morning when I work. I have kids at home to get on the bus. Good luck! I hope days are better or you find a job you actually like and want to keep.
  15. NoviceRN10

    Highest nursing burnout areas?

    I think that med-surge is a high burnout area. Whenever I float to that unit there are always new faces. Nobody stays long. I am glad that I dodged that bullet when I got my first job, I know I applied for that unit and every other one in the hospital!
  16. I went from working fulltime for a year to being contingent instead. I am supposed to be the first one cancelled, but have not been cancelled since I changed my status (over a year ago). The hospital is always short somewhere so it is rare you get cancelled unless the census is low all over, usually when it's a holiday. I have been fortunate to get the hrs I need (2-3 shifts a week) and also be able to set my own schedule. I would encourage you to work whatever status won't make you crazy, stressed, and missing your baby. Those fulltime paychecks were nice for a few weeks, till I was too darn tired/evil to enjoy the money anyway!