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  1. SurrenderDorothy

    resume & cover letter-- awful or awesome?

    In my opinion - Awesome!
  2. SurrenderDorothy

    Does Death Have A Smell?

    Yes! I, too, thought I was crazy, but I've smelled it on people in the days leading up to their death.
  3. SurrenderDorothy

    ? about working as an LPN before being registered as an LPN

    I was hired and the hospital said I just needed to be licensed within about 60 days or so.
  4. SurrenderDorothy

    Graduated from ADN program but feel like a failure

    I am just over the border from you in KS. It took me about 5 months to get a job. I revamped my resume and used more of a skills-based one (I am a second-career nurse) and bam! The first position I applied to, got an interview and a subsequent job offer. It was all of my non-nursing experience that could relate to nursing that really caught their attention (customer service, computer skills, diverse background).
  5. SurrenderDorothy

    I'm a nurse...for animals?

    The way you stated how you were walking around with notes about PE, aortic dissection, etc...and it irked you a "vet tech" would call herself a nurse is what made me reply the way I did. To address many of your further comments from above, you stated vet techs do not receive degrees in animal nursing is not true either. MANY vet techs are often pre-vet students majoring in animal science or some other science-related degree. MANY also go to a 2-year school for veterinary technology, so yes, they DO go to school for vet "nursing". In fact, those who go the pre-vet route take classes such as animal anatomy & physiology, 2 years of chemistry including Biochemistry, immunology, cell biology, developmental biology and many other advanced sciences most RN's will never have to take in their career. Many vet techs are also licensed or certified. Google it. Now, every single one may not be because many vets will offer on-the-job training, but most of these people take their professions very seriously and don't take too kindly to someone downplaying their knowledge, education or experience.
  6. SurrenderDorothy

    I'm a nurse...for animals?

    Just to prove my point a little further - Veterinarians are doctors. They address themselves as "doctor" and so does everyone else. By your logic, does this "Irk" you too? Yep, didn't think so.
  7. SurrenderDorothy

    I'm a nurse...for animals?

    Oh, here we go again. Your ignorance of the veterinary profession is outstanding, and unfortunately all too common. The vet techs I have known have an amazing amount of knowledge. I was in large animal research, so basically a vet tech before this and performed c-sections on cattle, administered anesthesia meds, drew blood on thousands of steers ready to kick my face off, performed euthanasia..not a whole lot was off limits for me in terms of regulations. The title of nurse is very appropriate to someone caring for animals. They perform the exact same duties, just on animals. A vet nurse is not trying to mislead anyone into thinking they are an RN. It's simply a term that fits. They take orders from a veterinarian and perform patient care on animals all the same. All of your notes on medicine you mentioned, a vet tech learns many of the same things. They aren't simply wiping up dog poo.
  8. SurrenderDorothy

    How long after interview did you receive job offer?

    I was told by the nurse manager and doc that they loved me and everything was a go and to expect a call anytime from HR. It was about 5 days until HR called to officially offer me the job. In the past I've had offers the very next day or up to a week or so.
  9. SurrenderDorothy

    Wink Scrubs

    I don't know about the actual scrubs made by Wonderwink, but I purchased one of their silky long sleeve tees and the thing pilled after just wearing it once and looks awful now.
  10. SurrenderDorothy

    Is an RN refresher course even worth it at this point?

    I was in a similar situation than you recently. '09 graduate, never worked as a nurse. Started applying in January to positions. A few weeks ago I revamped my resume in more of a skills based, professional format rather than the typical nursing templates you see. I got an interview for the first position I applied for with that new resume and just today a job offer. It's no stupid job either, I think I am actually going to love this. During my interview they stated they weren't worried at all that this would be my first nursing job. They were more impressed with my customer service and computer skills and I had many others on there that made me stand out to them. They also stated that the fact I hadn't worked as a nurse yet gives them the opportunity to train me in their own way. As others have said, I think a refresher would be a waste of money. Make your resume stand out and apply, apply, apply. Good luck!
  11. No, and that is why I am switching to surgical technology. If I didn't do that, I would have probably went for ultrasound.
  12. SurrenderDorothy

    What kind of GPA's did you have in ...

    I had a 3.8 in high school and a 3.75 in college pre-req's and an overall college GPA of 3.4 from my previous degree. BUT - There were many in my class who were in the 2.0's and they got in. I guess it all depends on how the school decides to rank applicants.
  13. SurrenderDorothy


    The embedded books can be a pain. I like having a hard copy of a book in order to study while I am not in front of the computer. I have no idea why more and more EduKan classes are doing this. You pay an additional $115 for Micro for use of the embedded book which is ridiculous. I ended up printing off all of the chapters just to I could bring it with me somewhere to study and went through a ton of printer cartridges doing it -- It is well worth the trouble though. Still, I'd rather purchase a book and own it forever, or buy it cheap from Amazon and then resell it on Amazon.
  14. SurrenderDorothy


    I am not sure about A&P because when I took it 4-5 years ago there was a book that you needed to purchase that came with a CD-ROM. Microbiology has a book that is embedded within the course and a lab program you download and use from your computer. I have taken a ton of EduKan classes and would highly recommend them if you are used to an online format.
  15. SurrenderDorothy

    Negative feedback

    I was a large animal research tech and coordinator before nursing, so not really a vet tech even though I used a ton of clinical skills. The biggest challenge for me during the switch was that, with animals, I could do virtually anything. I have performed c-sections on cattle, injected anesthesia meds, euthanized animals - you name it. I had issues initially with the nursing scope of practice. It just seemed silly to me that you needed an order to even apply oxygen. I get why the rules are there, but it feels so limiting coming from the other side of things. To top it off, I was an EMT-I also and could do everything within my scope of practice based on standing orders. Basically, the autonomy is what I miss. I was halfway through nursing school and started thinking it wasn't for me. I figured I would go ahead and finish and then figure something out. Fortunately, I found my niche in surgery and that is what I am going to focus on. I don't work right now because I stay at home with my son, but when I am ready, I will most likely be working 6 or 7 am until 2 or 3 pm so I will be able to be home when my boys get home from school.
  16. SurrenderDorothy

    First RN Interview with HR - advice needed

    I just had one of these last week. She asked basic interview type questions. The ones I can remember are: Tell Me About Yourself Describe your perfect job What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What would former supervisors say about you? Tell me about a time you went up and beyond for a patient. I hope you have a better interviewer than I did. She seemed to be in a huge hurry, really didn't seem interested in any of my answers because she'd let me get a sentence out of my mouth before saying "ok" and then moving on to the next question. Good luck!