What Did You Get For Nurses Week?

  1. I have been MIA from allnurses for a long time so I decided to start a topic...I just received my "nurses week" gift from my management team at the hospital were I work. Last year we got a pen and this year we got one of those tall aluminum bottles that keeps your drinks cold/hot, with the hospital logo on it!! Yay! *sacrasm over* At least we got a useable gift.

    Curious on what other facilities have done or currently doing for their staff for nurses week. Please share.
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  3. by   Calalilynurse
  4. by   roser13
    Yet again, a semi-insulated small lunch bag, emblazoned with the company logo, that cannot accommodate a single Tupperware storage unit.
  5. by   pixierose
    A cupcake ... that I split with my coworker.

    We didn't end up getting our lunches due to a crazy shift.

    Oh yeah, and an email. Happy first nurses week to me. I got a ton when I was a teacher. At least I have awesome coworkers.
  6. by   Rexie
    We got a small soft cooler. It's actually pretty nice. TPTB provided ice cream sundaes that nobody knew about until after we'd returned from lunch. Typical.

    Last year, if I recall, we got nothing
  7. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I just saw my old hospital went way cheap this year. When I worked there we had gotten a 2 set of tumbler glasses one year and the next year a really nice over sized umbrella. This year they gave the nurses an "encouraging" note they could put on their badge and a tea bag. So they could be one in mind, body, and soul. The jokes that were had on Facebook were hilarious.
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  8. by   cleback
    A bag :-(

    The best gift I ever got was a foldable camping chair. Ah, those were the days...
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  10. by   mmc51264
    We got an insulated back/backpack type. Similar to what we got last year, BUT, they come in very handy. I have 2 diabetic kids so it's a great way to carry snacks and insulin, and whatever we need. Now I have one for each kid.
  11. by   Kyrshamarks
    Absolutely nothing
  12. by   AceOfHearts<3
    Junk food- cookies, cake, etc. It is something different almost every day. I'm trying to stay away from that stuff though and I'm back at counting calories :-/
  13. by   soutthpaw
    Kind of a Bah Humbug thread by the looks of it. I did get a nurse apprentice job offer for nurses week tho... Best thing I could hope for on nurses week...
  14. by   NanaPoo

    My employer never even realizes that it's Nurse Appreciation Week.