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  1. Central lines v PICCs

    A PICC line IS a central line, so yes- anything can be run through it and at rates and concentrations of other central lines. If you ever get a chance to see how long the catheter is (like when one is being removed), it will make sense. In the ICU if...
  2. What’s the farthest you would be willing to commute?

    I had a similar commute when I worked night shifts. The traffic was so unpredictable I’d have to give myself 1.5 hours to get in for work so I wasn’t stressing about being late (and sometimes it would take close to that). I had to give myself even mo...
  3. Four 12s in a row?!?! ??

    I hate 3 in a row and only work that if I absolutely can’t help it (or if it’s for a trip, which wouldn’t be the case right now). I hit a wall come 3pm on day 3 and there is no way I’d be able to work 4 12 hour shifts in a row. I’ve worked an extra w...
  4. Does your hospital mandate nurses or other staff?

    No mandates, but the messages from staffing constantly looking for help is tiring. They keep increasing the pick-up bonus, but eventually that doesn’t help since people are so tired. I work in a very large ICU, so while it’s definitely hard we at lea...
  5. Got The Vaccine! Share Your Experience

    Got mine! My arm has been sore and my back/neck a little achey, but I think that’s from the position I fell asleep in (I already have known issues with this). I did crash pretty hard after getting it, but I also had a busy day at work, so again- corr...
  6. 'Taking Call? Am I missing something??

    It sounds like they might base the call on seniority and you’d be low person on the totem pole. It might be that all the other staff have paid their dues so no longer have to take call. I’d be asking on average how often do they hire someone new to t...
  7. How much experience does your manager/assistant manager have?

    The good managers and assistant managers I’ve worked with have all had experience working on the type of unit they are managing. I think it’s important that when crap hits the fan they are able to jump in and help. I had a couple managers o...
  8. I don't know if I should call out or not r/t snow storm

    Absolutely unacceptable. Plus, if you never start driving in bad weather you will never get used to it. I packed a bag just in case, took it extra slow going home, and adjusted my route to include more main roads and less hilly, winding, side roads.
  9. Do you ever feel undeserving to be called a nurse?

    You’re work is so very important. You’re helping to keep those patients OUT of the hospital, which means there are more beds for patients that need them. That is just as important as the work I’m doing in the hospital in the ICU.
  10. How to work with nurses who have attitude?

    Keep things cordial and don’t stoop to their level. If they need called out on something do it professionally and don’t get into a fight with them. Do your job and don’t let them get to you. I had an issue with someone on my unit at one poi...
  11. Acronym - WEOD

    I was about to say the same about fresh cider donuts! I grew up close to an orchard. Now, if someone was kind enough to get a box of donuts from Dunkin on the way in to work then I totally go for the plain donut with the chocolate frosting and s...
  12. I rather have a nurse be a little nervous coming off orientation rather than being cocky. Take a deep breath- as others have said, you wouldn’t have made it this far if you weren’t capable. Just be alert and never be afraid to ask for help- run a sce...
  13. I’m not old, but I don’t like doing someone else’s work, especially when they cock an attitude. I love having students with me and teaching, but I don’t like someone posting and expecting detailed written answers. Good luck on reddit- won’t...
  14. How do I trust my judgement after this? First Patient Death

    We can’t save everyone, despite our best efforts. GI bleeds are particular beasts that can rear their ugly heads hard and fast. Some times we know a patient is decompensating but we don’t know why or we can’t stop it. Please look into using you...
  15. Hand Sanitizer and natural nails

    I can get a couple shifts out of this stuff, but I haven’t found anything besides gel or dip from the salon that holds up longer. The alcohol in the hand sanitizer is the enemy. I’ve tried some nice nail strengtheners from Ulta and Sephora with this ...