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  1. Can we talk about the Travel Nurse Cap?!

    Granted, the money is good but what other professions have had their salaries capped? Personally, I am uncomfortable with the concept of capping salaries. But if we are going down that path, why not hospital CEOs? Why not accountants? Why target ...
  2. Can we talk about the Travel Nurse Cap?!

    Apparently it has happened in Massachusetts:
  3. Got Written Up, Cant Stop Thinking About It

    I agree. It's a pretty crappy way to transfer patients I worked at a hospital that switched to a system in which the floor nurses received no report and were expected to monitor the room assignments in epic see when a new patient was added. The ER...
  4. Constant interruptions

    I've been working on a surgical floor and I am about ready to lose it over the constant interruptions, especially when I'm passing meds. We have an intercom system that the secretary uses to call into the room to tell us that we have a call. She sa...
  5. Med reconciliation

    I hate them too. Many patient keep accurate lists in their wallets but a surprising amount don't know or don't care. Calling their pharmacy to verify can be problematic as well because quite a few people use mail order pharmacies and I've found them ...
  6. Why Do We Continue to Harm Patients?

    To my knowledge, I've not made a med error that resulted in harm to a patient. It's only by the grace of a God because every day it is push, push, push, rush, rush, rush. We need better staffing. I agree that patients are sicker than ever. They also...
  7. Is anyone able to tell me what the typical day is like for a nurse manager? Some floors seem to have nurse managers that are present for rounds and are out on the floor quite a bit, even answering call lights. Other floors seem to have managers that...
  8. Domestic violence CEUs

    Would anybody out there know where I can find free CEUs on domestic violence? It is now a requirement in my state and although I can find lots of free CEUs on lots of other topics, none cover this one topic that is required. Thanks in advance for a...
  9. So long as I can pay my bills and have a little left over, I'd go for the better work environment. If not, I'd do what I had to do and keep looking for a position that would meet my financial needs and was a tolerable environment.
  10. A family member has cancer and needed a unit of blood. The nurse in the infusion center intended to run it over an hour, though she had to slow the rate a bit due to a rise in blood pressure. It probably took 2 hours. On the floors I work, we typical...
  11. On the floors I work, when a pt is being admitted, the home medications are to be reviewed in the ED by a med tech and then reviewed again my the RN as part of the admission process. Is this the most common method? We seem to run into a lot of prob...
  12. Is this reasonable or just over the top?

    I agree that the pt has a right to know everything about their care but there are certain things that they do not need to hear from nursing. The worst examples have been times when there was a question of cancer but we're waiting on radiology report...
  13. What Did You Get For Nurses Week?

    We got a small soft cooler. It's actually pretty nice. TPTB provided ice cream sundaes that nobody knew about until after we'd returned from lunch. Typical. Last year, if I recall, we got nothing
  14. No Lunches

    I was just thinking about this yesterday. I make a point of taking my lunch break every day and if I don't get my lunch break, I will write "no lunch" when I sign out at the end of my shift. Even so, I often feel bad about taking lunch and return e...
  15. Be honest: do you feel valued by your employer?

    My manager has told us how much she appreciates and values us. Whatever she can do for us, she has. This seems mostly related to scheduling issues, though. As far a the upper managaement goes, absolutely not. They've cut back holidays, vacation ac...