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  1. From what I have seen, 90% or more of leaks are due to poorly applied diapers and poor quality ones. Just about every patient I have changed a diaper on has gaps between their legs and the gusset/elastic on the diaper that is supposed to be snug against the legs.
  2. there is a tremendous variation in quality and capacity of diapers. most facilities by the cheapest they can get. which hold less, leak more and fit poorly. There are several brands/versions I can think of off the top of my head where one good quality diaper is equal to 2 or 3 cheap ones. but they cost 2 to 3 times as much. $1-$2 per diaper. So I see nothing wrong with a patient requesting a booster pad or adding a second one with the backing removed. As for staying wet. Quality diapers wick the moisture away very well and will basically be dry to the touch even when saturated.
  3. What they said , also our hospital has a strict policy that physicians (and other staff) clean up their own mess and dispose of their own sharps because only they know for sure how many needles and other sharps they used. But, I didn't learn about this myself until the first (and last) time I cleaned up for a doc who did a central line and my preceptor saw me doing it and explained why we don't.. I would definitely report it though.
  4. SouthpawRN

    Behavioral health patients requiring 1:1 sitter

    Our facility has sitters that are paid to do just that. If they are actively violent or agressive they will also get a security officer to watch them, sometimes 2 of officers..
  5. SouthpawRN

    Smokers need not apply?

    Do these hospitals give you 6 extra vacation days as well for not smoking???? Non-smokers at Japanese company get 6 extra vacation days - Business Insider
  6. SouthpawRN

    Thank You Notes to Patients?

    Along with the potential HIPPA violations, This is how patients and their family members end up finding you on social media or public records search. Then they start asking you medical questions and about their conditions, which is all HIPPA protected and requires a signed release to discuss and under what circumstances etc. I am all about my patient when they are in my care, but that relationship stops the second they are discharged or transferred, unless follow-up care/calls are part of the job description. Patients are in a vulnerable state and may make inappropriate assumptions about your "personal note". I want to leave my job at work when I go home, not bring it home with me via social media or some kind of ongoing interaction with patients that can jeopardize my license.
  7. SouthpawRN

    Hearing Aids and surgery

    The cap should just go right over it. The one Cochlear America's makes clips onto a nut that is screwed into your skull... Frankenstein style. should be very secure. you can check them out here We're here to help! Let's get started by selecting your sound processor. ALso a surgical cap should tie around it and help secure it in place. Make sure they place the nut above the level the caps tie. I can wear a scrub cap or a baseball cap and it fits over my cochlear implant magnets and holds them securely to my head. We discussed where to place them prior to the surgery...
  8. Now someone on the CCON waitlist is as happy as you are....
  9. It depends on the program, the one I am in bases your GPA on a set of core pre-requisites. not you overall college GPA. I would check the specific requirements with each program you plan to apply to. I thought private, for-profit programs catered to to those with lower GPA's, but I have no experience with whether that is true or not.
  10. Let your potential employer know that you are applying for Fall 2018 RN programs, and depending where you get it, you would either like to go per-diem while in school or have to resign if you relocate but are very interested in working at that hospital after becoming an RN. I think they will be supportive, if you are in a standard program and have summer and other vacations off, you can offer to work extra hours per-diem to cover folks wanting vacation during those popular times. that is what I would do anyway, YMMV
  11. SouthpawRN

    H&H trending down...why??

    The key to note in your nursing plan is education. Specifically explain to the patient to look for what signs and symptoms that are associated with low H&H. I would not tell the patient that these are sign of low H&H (because then he will suddenly get all the S/S) but if he experiences X,Y,Z to contact his physician or go the ER etc. The values, as others said are probably not significant now but you want the patient to be aware of when they need to follow up. Also note the education in his chart and when his followup appointment is. Suggest he ask to have his blood counts drawn on next visit to doc as a couple values are slightly low and the doctor may want to see if they have stabilized. Of course you pointed this out the the physician on daily rounds too. (simple as stating, his H&H today was X value)
  12. SouthpawRN

    Eko Core Electronic Stethoscope

    I would also say there are several posts in nurses with disabilities forum about amplified stethoscopes. I have this EKO core and the Thinklabs one. The core is great if you already have a nice stethoscope that you like. the passthrough acoustic is nice if the battery dies. It's relatively lightweight and can still be worn around the neck if needed. The software for recording and connecting the Core to your smartphone is clunky and often does not connect well. My pet peeve with it is that it defaults to the middle volume level every time it is turned on, no matter what the previous volume setting was. Great for someone with normal or mild/moderate hearing loss. For significant hearing loss, the Thinklabs One is far superior. This is my go to stethoscope, the Core is my backup. EKO are coming out with the DUO sometime this month, this is a stethoscope and EKG in one device. The advantage is you can use the DUO with headphones plugged in like the Thinklabs. That one is supposed to ship this month for pre-orders.
  13. SouthpawRN

    Vein Finders: Yes/No?

    We have them (laser/IR type) in the ER, they are good for finding veins on little ones, but they won't show deep veins on the obese or diabetic patients with no palpable veins. We use ultrasound IV for difficult sticks. I just did the class for that and it was really interesting. BTW Vein finders don't work with tattoos either. As a nursing student though, If you can just use one at your facility to look and follow your own veins and that of your classmates or coworkers, I think that is very beneficial to see the vein layout on various people. Otherwise it's just practice as the other posters have said. If you have access to someone trained in IV ultrasound, get them to show you and practice feeling the difficult veins to find verifying with ultrasound. That will probably help you get a better feel for what is a vein and what is not.
  14. SouthpawRN

    Does anyone really read all this charting?

    The double and triple charting is frustrating and can also create liability. if you say something in a progress note but didn't click the right box in one or two other places on the spreadsheet, EMR then that is a discrepancy that the lawyers will pounce on.
  15. SouthpawRN

    Hard of hearing Pre-nursing student

    see my previous post, the ones in my pic are easy to make, I did post instructions in another post in this sub-forum. If you are stuck I can probably make you a set and send them to you... just cover materials and shipping.
  16. SouthpawRN

    Any nurses with mental illness?

    I thought this was a good commentary on nurses with mental health issues themselves. mental health nurse oates.pdf

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