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  1. SouthpawRN

    when to give Amiodarone

    If they have pacemakers, it would seem to me that too slow is not a concern, as long as the pacemaker is working correctly. The amiodrone then is being given to keep them from going too fast and not having enough ventricular filling time. It works on by prolonging the action potential and refractory time so it's an inotropic agent. It does provide some reduction in PVR, but it is not rapid effect like the beta blockers that someone else mentioned. Drug guides list bradycardia as a contraindication, unless they have a pacemaker. Due to the tremendously long onset, and half-life of this drug I would be looking at other causes of new onset hypotension. BP and HR are related in that to a point, they both increase cardiac output, however if the HR gets too high you loose filling time and then CO drops. The other thing is are they symptomatic with a BP of 90/50. As others have said, that can be a perfectly normal BP for some people. Amiodarone has a lot of nasty and significant side effects, so if they are on it, they are probably already pretty far down the rabbit hole at least that is the impression that I have gotten as an new grad. I could be wrong.
  2. I asked about this to my professor and the answer was round up to the common dose. ASA 325mg. also a grain is actually 64.7989mg yet you will see it listed as 60, or 65mg for calculation purposes so it's an old and not very accurate measurement unless the drug is provided in grains.
  3. SouthpawRN

    Good Samaritan Law: Do you feel protected?

    bumping to top for more votes please. would love to have 30 responses by closing. Cheers
  4. SouthpawRN

    Good Samaritan Law: Do you feel protected?

    I had an enlightening discussion last week with our state's BON general counsel. I share what he said about this once we complete our presentation. Anyway, bumping the thread for more votes. Thanks.
  5. SouthpawRN

    Good Samaritan Law: Do you feel protected?

    Thanks for the responses and votes so far, keep them coming.
  6. SouthpawRN

    Nursing with a hearing loss: Yes you can!

    I spent an entire shift with RT's just listening to different lung sounds. it was really beneficial for me.
  7. Hi all, My cohort in our BSN program are doing a group presentation on 3/26/17 on Good Samaritan laws. We are including plenty of peer reviewed articles, but would like to add results of an informal poll here on Allnurses. The question is: Do you feel the Good Samaritan laws of your state adequately protect you from legal action if you were to voluntarily render emergency medical care outside of you employment? We are adding a 3rd option of "only if they are already dead (CPR), because you can't harm a dead person. We added this because causing actual harm is one of the requirements for negligence. Thanks in advance for your participation and feel free to add a comment if you have more to share.
  8. From what I have seen, 90% or more of leaks are due to poorly applied diapers and poor quality ones. Just about every patient I have changed a diaper on has gaps between their legs and the gusset/elastic on the diaper that is supposed to be snug against the legs.
  9. there is a tremendous variation in quality and capacity of diapers. most facilities by the cheapest they can get. which hold less, leak more and fit poorly. There are several brands/versions I can think of off the top of my head where one good quality diaper is equal to 2 or 3 cheap ones. but they cost 2 to 3 times as much. $1-$2 per diaper. So I see nothing wrong with a patient requesting a booster pad or adding a second one with the backing removed. As for staying wet. Quality diapers wick the moisture away very well and will basically be dry to the touch even when saturated.
  10. What they said , also our hospital has a strict policy that physicians (and other staff) clean up their own mess and dispose of their own sharps because only they know for sure how many needles and other sharps they used. But, I didn't learn about this myself until the first (and last) time I cleaned up for a doc who did a central line and my preceptor saw me doing it and explained why we don't.. I would definitely report it though.
  11. SouthpawRN

    Behavioral health patients requiring 1:1 sitter

    Our facility has sitters that are paid to do just that. If they are actively violent or agressive they will also get a security officer to watch them, sometimes 2 of officers..
  12. SouthpawRN

    Smokers need not apply?

    Do these hospitals give you 6 extra vacation days as well for not smoking???? Non-smokers at Japanese company get 6 extra vacation days - Business Insider
  13. SouthpawRN

    Thank You Notes to Patients?

    Along with the potential HIPPA violations, This is how patients and their family members end up finding you on social media or public records search. Then they start asking you medical questions and about their conditions, which is all HIPPA protected and requires a signed release to discuss and under what circumstances etc. I am all about my patient when they are in my care, but that relationship stops the second they are discharged or transferred, unless follow-up care/calls are part of the job description. Patients are in a vulnerable state and may make inappropriate assumptions about your "personal note". I want to leave my job at work when I go home, not bring it home with me via social media or some kind of ongoing interaction with patients that can jeopardize my license.
  14. SouthpawRN

    Hearing Aids and surgery

    The cap should just go right over it. The one Cochlear America's makes clips onto a nut that is screwed into your skull... Frankenstein style. should be very secure. you can check them out here We're here to help! Let's get started by selecting your sound processor. ALso a surgical cap should tie around it and help secure it in place. Make sure they place the nut above the level the caps tie. I can wear a scrub cap or a baseball cap and it fits over my cochlear implant magnets and holds them securely to my head. We discussed where to place them prior to the surgery...
  15. Now someone on the CCON waitlist is as happy as you are....
  16. It depends on the program, the one I am in bases your GPA on a set of core pre-requisites. not you overall college GPA. I would check the specific requirements with each program you plan to apply to. I thought private, for-profit programs catered to to those with lower GPA's, but I have no experience with whether that is true or not.