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  1. Kyrshamarks

    Centinela Hospital ER so scary

    The thing is, these are not normal times. Hospitals are stretched thin with beds, staffing, resources during this pandemic. Is it right? No, but it is what it is. There are not enough beds and nurses to go around. This is the time we, as nurses have to step up and accept that things are not our usual normal and do what we can with what we have.
  2. Kyrshamarks

    Maybe it is about taking away guns

    yes, I am saying that.
  3. Kyrshamarks

    Maybe it is about taking away guns

    From the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution: "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." That is where it says it in the Constitution.
  4. Actually red blood cells have no DNA, but white blood cells do.
  5. But they cannot be the #1 Mega Supreme Ruler of the Universe. I am the #1 Mega Supreme Ruler of the Universe! My wife even told me I am allowed to say that...just not in her presence.
  6. As the old Feminist chant goes "MY BODY, MY CHOICE!" I for one will NOT get the vaccine and the moment the Government mandates it is the moment for Armed Insurrection. We all have seen to many new meds and shots get recalled or stopped being used by the onset of unknown side effects and pt deaths and crippling side effects after several years. NO WAY WILL I DO THAT!
  7. The first point is truly delusional. How is it beneficial to you if the government takes over your business? The profits you make are no longer yours, you become another wage employee who gets increases at the whim of the government and what they decide is good enough for you. There is also no guarantee that there will be resources allotted to your business to grow. That will be decided by someone else who tells you what to do. What incentive is there to work? To prosper? Absolutely NONE! The second paragraph is just flat out wrong information. The Internet was developed jointly by DARPA and Universities. It was developed as a secure way for Governmental and MILITARY secure communications, The developers, once they saw how lucrative it could be to offer their product to consumers with the rise in personal computers, cashed in on it. That is pure Capitalism. It was developed to FIGHT Communism.
  8. Kyrshamarks

    Pasadena, Tx

    Yeah....don't live in Pasadena, instead live in La Porte. it ias juast a few minutes away but a world in difference in living standards. La Porte is highly ranked in Quality of Life.
  9. Several things: 1: Biden is NOT the President, nor is he even the President Elect. Not one electoral vote has been cast for anyone until Dec 8. 2: They cannot mandate no gatherings and mask wearing, gatherings are actually protected under the Constitution. Masks should be worn but you cannot dictate someone wear a mask, Think yellow Stars and the 1930's and 40's. 3: This disease IS NOT GOING AWAY EVER! We have to learn how to live with it and still live our lives . It is alot more survivable than the media and politicos let on. As nurses we see the illness up close. And don't tell me I don't know what I am talking about. I have spent the last year as a travel nurse in the ER's and ICU's of hotspots. New Orleans, NYC, New Mexico and now the Navajo/Hopi Nation.
  10. Kyrshamarks

    Heparin Error

    For many many years we flushed peripheral it's with heparin flushes. I have been to a few places that still do that.
  11. Kyrshamarks

    Using RN after your name in a different state.

    Lets look at it this way. Doctors are not licensed in all states, yet they call themselves MD and I have seen Docs being addressed as Dr. when not in a state they are licensed in. She is an RN in a state and she has the rights of using that title in another state, I would assume she is not practicing yet as an RN in the new state, but she still is an RN.
  12. Kyrshamarks

    New Ohio law would let families put cameras in nursing home rooms

    The nursing home is considered their home and as such they have the right to monitor their home.
  13. Kyrshamarks

    Unfairness at work

    Call in sick...screw 'em. You have the time and you need it off. Take care of yourself first. Your employer has no loyalty to you, why should you have loyalty to them in this case.
  14. Kyrshamarks

    What should I bring to the first day of work

  15. Well seeing as Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio alone have the population of all of New Jersey we are not doing to bad on our infection rate.
  16. Kyrshamarks

    Dialysis nursing - what is the cringe about?

    I did inpatient dialysis for several years. There is nothing wrong with doing that. I enjoyed it. I know several nurses that will never work anyplace else but dialysis. f you want to do that, go for it.