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  1. Kyrshamarks

    What are the things that make you want to leave nursing?

  2. Kyrshamarks

    Was this unethical of me?

    Ummm....knowing a patients age actually is very important information to have...
  3. Kyrshamarks

    Sober Curious Living

    Sober Curious? millennials did not start this trend. Responsible adults have been doing it for generations. It's called being responsible and knowing when to drink or not to drink. I can go to a bar and not drink alcohol. I can just as easily dr...
  4. Kyrshamarks

    Is this a violation of HIPPA?

    I have a theory that the OP is seeing a Pain Management/addiction management doc and they wanted a UDS drawn for suspicion and the delay raised the docs suspicion and possible breached a pain management/ abuse contract. The doc probably w...
  5. Kyrshamarks

    reading obituaries and HIPAA?

    And why would you even think that was a violation?
  6. Kyrshamarks


    Asking someone out in and of itself is not harassment. Did you ever tell him no or did you just ignore it? Asking several times without you actually saying no is also not harassment. If you said no and then it continues, it becomes harassment. It...
  7. Kyrshamarks

    No Ethnic DIversity

    Legitimate question here. Why does everything have to be about race?
  8. Kyrshamarks

    Maybe it is about taking away guns

    Not going to get into a debate with you. I will never change your mind as you have shown in other debates and you will not change my mind.
  9. Kyrshamarks

    Maybe it is about taking away guns

    I believe in Constitutional Carry. The governments should not have the right to regulate the carry of weapons, at all.
  10. Kyrshamarks

    Centinela Hospital ER so scary

    The thing is, these are not normal times. Hospitals are stretched thin with beds, staffing, resources during this pandemic. Is it right? No, but it is what it is. There are not enough beds and nurses to go around. This is the time we, as nurses ...
  11. Kyrshamarks

    Maybe it is about taking away guns

    yes, I am saying that.
  12. Kyrshamarks

    Maybe it is about taking away guns

    And by all means you should only be allowed to use the communication forms that were available during the time the Constitution was ratified.
  13. Kyrshamarks

    Maybe it is about taking away guns

    From the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution: "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." That is where it says it in the Constitution.
  14. Actually red blood cells have no DNA, but white blood cells do.
  15. But they cannot be the #1 Mega Supreme Ruler of the Universe. I am the #1 Mega Supreme Ruler of the Universe! My wife even told me I am allowed to say that...just not in her presence.

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