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  1. roser13

    A Newly Defined Type of Constipation: Opioid Induced Constipation

    This is new? Not trying to be sarcastic. This has always been a recognized issue. Is this perhaps a "sponsored" article?
  2. roser13

    pre enployment drug test hospital

    Why do you ask?
  3. roser13

    Would this be considered acute care experience?

    Advice? Interview for any opportunity. In the absence of any other offer; if you can in any way, shape or form see yourself thriving in the offered position, TAKE IT!
  4. What does that even mean?
  5. I don't know how tongue-in-cheek this post was, but it will come as no surprise to most regular posters that I strongly champion this position. Nursing students routinely come here and just as routinely receive detailed homework answers. That's the black & white of it. They are given answers, often in great detail, to their homework quesitons. For my assertive stand against this practice, I have been accused of being 'old-fashioned' and "not current on how today's students learn." I will beg to say that using the internet for homework is not the same as asking for and receiving homework answers carte blanche. For every student who posts here "HELP!!! ANSWERS NEEDED!!!," there may very well be 100 others who are quietly Googling their way through their homework. While I don't imagine for a minute that every single nursing student who graduates from an accredited school of nursing has "cheated" by asking Allnurses.com for answers, it does dismay me (on a global level) that: (a) Students feel the need to ask for (and trust) homework answers from virtual strangers on the internet; and (b) Nurses feel the need to feed homework answer to students because....well who knows? It makes them feel powerful and all-knowing? God only knows, but it happens. All the time. Do I feel this that issue could lead to a setback in the education of our country's nurses? Absolutely!
  6. roser13

    undeserved promotion?

    If I were you, I would make a huge effort to get past any doubts lingering in your mind regarding your suitability over the MA's for the promotion. Something tells me that you might be drinking some of the Kool-aid that the MA is serving, i.e., you're not deserving and she is. Even your title "Undeserved Promotion" says loud and clear that you are uncertain about this situation. Stand tall and accept the promotion. As the RN in the practice, you are not only the MD's choice, but the absolutely appropriate person for the position. You're going to need to put your big girl shoes on and stand firm against what is sure to be many acts of retribution on the MA's part. If her personality is as you describe, she will take advantage of any hesitation or perceived weakness on your part. You asked: "Anyone else have had experience of getting promoted based on performance and not seniority?" My answer to that is that I would only ever accept a promotion for performance reasons. I don't want anything to do with a promotion given just because I've been there the longest.
  7. Not charging for nursing services. Nursing salaries are just a part of the "room charge," putting our services roughly on a par with housekeeping and food service.
  8. roser13

    nurse aesthetician

    OP did not mention CRNA. She's talking about aesthetician. OP, look for plastic surgery ads and apply to those practices. I have heard of new grads entering into this role without any experience.
  9. roser13

    NJ license renewal

    What does your BON site stipulate about unfinished credits/license renewal?
  10. roser13

    Lot's Of RN Jobs, Experience Not Required

    Hopefully! If not, those openings raise alot of questions!
  11. roser13

    Is it okay for a CNA to call herself a nurse?

    So scary and so indicative of the reason for this thread. I think Tippy-Ta- Ta pretty much says it all. (and I can't believe I just typed that name)
  12. roser13

    What to do for this patient simulation????

    And I, personally, have already accrued so many disciplinary points against my allnurses.com account for arguing similar issues that I can no longer afford to do so. I'm grateful that others seem to be on the same page. And Fribbet, thank you. Your post means more than you know.
  13. roser13

    What to do for this patient simulation????

    That's what I'm sayin....
  14. roser13

    What to do for this patient simulation????

    I can understand your position. But don't you feel that nursing students' various learning styles should be overseen and guided by their nursing instructors who have personal contact with them? Who are we (online forum participants) to know who is by necessity asking for help/guidance and who is simply seeking a way out of homework?
  15. roser13

    What to do for this patient simulation????

    And there you have it, ladies & gentlemen. OP needs to read the scenario for him/herself, without our various inputs. Sometimes our input is helpful, sometimes not. Allnurses.com does not always add to the student nurse's education; in fact we may sometimes be a hindrance by giving too much information, gratis. At any rate, every nursing student should learn to think critically, on his or her own.