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roser13 has 17 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg, Ortho, ASC.

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  1. roser13

    Asked to resign after 6 months

    Definitely do not refer to nurses eating their young. It is an overworked, over-exaggerated phrase and (to most nurses) a reason to discount the person using it.
  2. roser13

    Neuro (ALS) question!!! Please help!

    I did my own research as a student. I feel strongly that you should also do yours.
  3. roser13

    New grad

    Any facility that allowed weekend only orientation would be doing you a grave disservice. The slower weekend pace would not remotely prepare you for the floor's activity level on a weekday. You would not meet the folks that you need to meet: nurse managers, education directors, the occasional admin, etc.
  4. roser13

    RN overwhelmed with med school

    I wouldn't be surprised if your mastery of NCLEX is a very real disadvantage in medical school. The ability to "think nursing" does not translate into successful test taking in any other venue.
  5. roser13

    Dental nurse information

    You might want to post your question on the International forum.
  6. roser13

    RN overwhelmed with med school

    You might want to ask your question on a medical student forum.
  7. roser13

    Short / long term goals

    You can get some help if you first show your thinking on your care plans. Most of us will not just give you answers but we are happy to critique your thoughts and help you move forward.
  8. roser13

    Nursing School Needs Repair (And Why I Quit)

    You dropped out of THREE programs because they didn't meet your standards? Are you sure that your standards are set correctly?
  9. roser13

    Frustrated Patient

    Way too few details for anyone to understand the situation. But please do not post any more details that could potentially identify the patient.
  10. roser13

    Stages of Dementia

    P.s., as a nursing student, you should not be claiming the degree of ADN. You have not yet earned it.
  11. roser13

    Stages of Dementia

    You are asking someone to take their personal time to write out a large quantity of information that you could easily find on the Internet and in your textbooks, even if you find it difficult to comprehend. It is your job as a student to learn to research your subjects. An online forum with anonymous contributors who may or may not be who they say they are is not a valid source of information. You are asking us to do your homework for you and the vast majority of us will refuse to do that. If someone does choose to answer you, how will you know that they know what they are talking about?
  12. roser13


    Yes, we are all very shallow people.
  13. roser13

    Memorizing drug interactions!

    Only years of experience with practical nursing habits (and impractical/inefficient habits), but apparently that is not helpful to you. Actual nurses who are taking the time to give you their best, most helpful answers. Because their answers do not match your preconceived notions does not mean that you should immediately discard or demean the advice that YOU ASKED FOR. When you ask for advice, suggestions and experience based practice on the Internet, you don't get to dictate the responses. Nor should you be disrespectful to those who are trying to help.
  14. It's not so much the sex on the job (although bad enough), but the lying about it. How will you explain your ineligibility for rehire?
  15. Yes, you already said that. But you lied.
  16. If you denied it and it was true, then shame on you. And that doesn't bode well for your future. I disagree that a past employer will not mention this issue (sex on the job, lying about it) for fear of a defamation charge. As has been mentioned, it's not defamation if it's true. If you are in a market where new grad nurses are a dime a dozen or even in adequate supply, your application will be the first to be tossed out. Under that circumstance, employers look for any reason to thin the herd (weed out the apps).