These two idiots need to have their nursing licenses revoked These two idiots need to have their nursing licenses revoked | allnurses

These two idiots need to have their nursing licenses revoked

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    WARNING: Some of the images featured in the above video are graphic.
    SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The District Attorney's office is looking into whether it will file criminal charges against two local nurses hired to care for a 98-year-old woman in a shocking case of apparent abuse.
    According to the complaint filed with the Board of Registered Nursing, their on-the-job conduct was "vile, disrespectful and abusive" and much of it was captured on tape.
    "The images themselves are extremely disturbing and were a huge shock to my clients," said William Berman the attorney for the patient's family....

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    So disgusting.
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    Whoa. $1300/day for in-home nursing care??

    I'm in the wrooooong kind of work.
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    Wow...first of all, those people definitely deserve to have their licences taken away. If someone did this is the hospital, in a patient's room, it would be over. So why in the WORLD would they be allowed to keep working in the nursing field after doing that?!
    Oh, and believe me, not all homecare pays like that. I WISH it did, because I wouldnt be living paycheck to paycheck...
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    That's just sick ! That poor woman! And the kicker it they can still work in a hospital !!!!!!!! I dread the time when I get old !
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    I hope neither ever actually get another job. There should be a morals section on NCLEX.
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    Wow! This makes me sick....what a sad shape our world is in.
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    Good lord, what is this world coming to. I just can't imagine and hope they both are charged heavily.
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    I just do not understand why their licenses were not immediately revoked? I mean you can convene a special meeting of the board or whatever, but for them to remain licensed is a travesty.
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    Now I'm sure that someone will try to flame me for this, but I am only saying this because people who get accused often try to throw out straw-arguments... But how many of you think they will try the whole "You only think what we did was wrong because we are gay. That is discrimination!" argument?

    By the way, the previous statement in no way implies I have anything against gay people. I have several of them in my family, and friends, and love them all the same as any of the others. I just mean that the discrimination card is so darn overused nowadays to try to get out of being told something you did was wrong/inappropriate/unethical, etc...
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    Wow... There are plenty of unemployed nurses willing to give excellent care than risking to keep these two disgusting fools licensed to work!