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  1. Confessions Of A Nurse Who Compulsively Eats

    I am not getting the lap band but I came close there is a doctor here that will give you one in a week if you pay cash . a friend of mine got one from him and it was messed up. I wanted one so bad .but when I went to set up the payments he wanted me ...
  2. Confessions Of A Nurse Who Compulsively Eats

    Wow !! I am glad to see I am not alone .I am at my biggest ever now 340lb and barley tie my shoes and had to go out and get slip ons I also got myself stuck in both the last time I went out with my friends so that has to be a new low,I am looking ...
  3. Very high BGL .... thoughts?

    You might want to call an endo doc .10 units is nothing! I just used 26 units for bs of 250.
  4. That's just sick ! That poor woman! And the kicker it they can still work in a hospital !!!!!!!! I dread the time when I get old !
  5. Compression Hose...Please HELP!!!

    20-30 would be the place to start .You can also buy them on eBay for cheep . They make a toeless type ( I use this kind ) if they pinch your toes . If you have a store near you that can fit you that is always better but if not you need to mesure you...
  6. "Dude, don't take this the wrong way, but I don't think Obama is the reason that you don't have a job. Why not apply for disability and get some better medical care"It just not that easy I already get disability $700.00 ( wow I am rich ) per month I...
  7. I,m just prying me and my friends all have jobs by then .
  8. Romney because I do not see any of changes that Obama said would happen. I am still out of work, I about $550 per month in cobra blue cross and pay between $350-$600.00 per month in meds (and that's with coverage) and have had to pick and chose wit...
  9. Physically Asssulted at work

    I am so sorry ! It nice to know your co-workers have your back ????
  10. Craziest thing at work...

    I used to worked for a place that made light sticks . On my first howloween there the guys handed me a lightstick and told me to (drink it ) ! I declined but was told every howloween the guys will crack open the sticks filter out the glass and DRINK...
  11. Whats your biggest pet peeve working in the ED?

    Buses also do not give change .
  12. At scene of fatal accident yesterday...

  13. Fungal Meningitis

    They now have recalled two other drugs from that same pharmacy that where also used in spinel injections . I got a letter in the mail that I had gotten one of the recalled drugs ! Talk about freking out !
  14. Over 60, seasoned nurse, fired for not being a "Robot RN."

    I am so sorry ! Thats just wrong ! they did the same thing to my dad , Do not give up I would want an old nurse over a new one anyday .My friend who is 55 just got a new home health job last week, making more money because they are paying for all her...
  15. Am I not covered under FMLA?

    I would call your new job and find out before you switch jobs . Also i could be wrong but flma will not garenty your same job when you return .I lost my job in janurary after I returned from flma and had to go back out for the week .

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