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  1. yelled at by doctor at another patient bedside

    Surely you mean incompetent? Pretty funny! Next time, don't apologize for yourself when you've done nothing wrong. The dr was completely out of line and made himself look like a complete ass.
  2. New RN...Am I being under paid???

    I live in western NY and it's $28-$29/hour for new grads where I work.
  3. January 2015 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Wanna pick up tonight or tomorrow? No bonus though.
  4. I love this!!
  5. Ebola Nursing Survey: to Quarantine or Not to Quarantine

    As long as she continued to be a asymptomatic she'd be welcome to come stay with me.
  6. Ebola Nursing Survey: to Quarantine or Not to Quarantine

    THIS!! Notice this is a nurse. Not a doctor (or man!). There is a dr in my area who made news because he's going right back to work after being in Sierra Leone. Why isn't the media following him around and demanding his quarantine? If I hear one...
  7. Ebola Nursing Survey: to Quarantine or Not to Quarantine

    IDK where you live but I live in NY and I assume weather conditions are similar in NJ. If you want to live outdoors in a tent without heat (when it's been in the 40s and 50s with rain) and no running water, be my guest. She could live with me as l...
  8. Everything is our responsibility. Rant.

    My favorite so far on my new(isn) floor is when an intern came walking out of the physician's office (a little room behind the nurses' station) and wanted to know why the floor in there was so dirty. We were all giving report and just kinda looked u...
  9. I never, ever went to ER when I was a kid

    I've been to the ER twice. Once for stitches when I fell on my face ice skating and the second time when I had appendicitis. My brothers went a few times each but they played hockey and football. My dad was a fire fighter so I think he was good at...
  10. Do I have what it takes to become a CRNA?

    Keep those grades up! UB is a good school and the nursing program is very competitive. Keep in mind, the economy hit nursing too and you might not get ICU or even a hospital job right away. I had to start in LTC. There's still a tough job market ...
  11. Cops and Nurses

    I have been pulled over twice in scrubs (in 12 years…give me a break ) and both times I was allowed to go. I got a speeding ticket when I was 16….that's it. And I'm polite when they pull me over.
  12. Is this common with teaching hospitals?

    You can always ask who they are. If someone is rude, make a complaint along with their name and who they work for. In the hospital I work at, every new admission is given a small packet explaining what a head nurse is, RN, LPN, NA, intern, attendin...
  13. Nurse or ninja?

    I have my job listing on my FB page as registered ninja.
  14. Why did you decide to be a nurse?

    I went to college straight out of high school to be an elementary school teacher. I was not mature enough for school and never went to class, so I dropped out with a D average. I went to work as a CNA because it paid well, especially with OT and I ...
  15. Hello! Just a disclaimer, I am not looking to start a BSN vs ASN argument. Ok I have an ASN in nursing. I have been a practicing RN for 3 years and was an LPN for 6 years before that. I decided to go for my BSN due to having such a tough time find...