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stay calm dad - possible future nurse :)

  1. 20 fair warning: have Kleenex handy

    This video is great, this young girl is so sweet and caring! Enjoy!

    If you cannot see the video above, here is the direct link:

    What was your favorite part?
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    Oh my gosh! She is so smart and so brave and ofcourse cute. Hopefully, dad is okay. My favorite part is "So far, so good".
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    Dang, it! I said I won't cry but my eyes feel kinda wet. My favorite part is the calm in her voice as she says "stay calm, Dad"
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    Bless her sweet heart!!! " So far, so good" & "we're still in our jammies" made me smile through my tears! She's a nurse by heart for sure!

    Never gave up! <3 Tryin2 ..... Sent from my iPhone using
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    Wow she is awesome. I don't know many adults that could stay as calm as that 5 year old little girl.
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    I love this video!
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    So far, so good.
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    Best Video Evah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! If only some adults were capable of holding their own the way she did. She did better than some administrators I have known!!!!!
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    Love it! Adults would have been freaking out.

    I love when she says "He needs oxygen real fast"
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    i would guess that this young miss was so darned capable and calm, was mostly because of her inabiity to understand the implications and/or seriousness of the situation at hand.
    and so, the advantage here was her ability to follow basic commands.

    what affected me most, was her innocence... her 5 yo old innocence that impeded her from truly understanding how very emergent this situation was...
    and that the most pressing thing on her mind was trying to think of something to wear.

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    Well, I teared up. How many 5 year olds know that having a dog in the way when the crew gets there might be problem?
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    he needed oxygen smart girl
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    This is such poise from a five year old, something to be admired about!
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