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OB/peds (after gen surgery for 3 yrs)
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KJRN79 specializes in OB/peds (after gen surgery for 3 yrs).

Single mom of 26 yr old, have been a nurse since the dark ages!

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  1. I'm right there with you, Julie. Thank you.
  2. KJRN79

    Stay calm dad - possible future nurse :)

    So far, so good. :)
  3. KJRN79

    Potty training at school

    I work with PreK's also. We have a policy that children being trained must wear training pants and rubber pants over them. The pull ups do seem counter-productive. The kids also are expected to "help" clean up after themselves. Children with special needs are exempt and our staff (teachers) change diapers for those special needs kids. Have you spoken with this child's doctor? Is there any medical need or do you feel that it is more a behavior?
  4. KJRN79

    Caring For NICU Parents

    Excellent post, Bortaz. I have worked in Level II Nursery, years ago, but my best friend had her son prematurely and she is also a nurse. SHE was overwhelmed as a mom visiting her son. Your post goes right to the heart of the matter. Babies are number 1, but parents come in as close seconds for people needing our care. Thank you for your insight.
  5. KJRN79

    playground safety

    Love this suggestion! I'm a nurse in a daycare/ PreK, and my first few years here we had kids with broken arms/ collar bones from falls from the equipment. I figured that there has to be a better way and I became a Certified Playground Safety Inspector through the National Parks and Recreation Association. The primary thing that I learned was that our PreK playgrounds were DESIGNED for children ages 2-12. How many 2 year olds can play safely on equipment that 12 years olds want to play on? Very few. Since I learned this I have put together trainings for our teachers. I show the difference via slides with activities for 2-4 year olds and what is expected that a 10-12 year old can safely do. One of the primary things in the littler kids is their upper body strength. We should not expect littler kids to have the strength to negotiate monkey bars for instance. If you want, contact me directly and I'll see what I have to share. Also, check out the "Dirty Dozen" playground hazards. You can probably google it. Good luck!
  6. OK, let me say that 80% of my nursing career has been spent in Maternal Child or Pediatrics and that I went to nursing school in the 70s right after that whole big nursing home scandals. I know that most LTCs give good care. I also know that my 84 dad is no longer safe at home, due to his dementia/ poorer vision and overall health problems in a home with stairs as the only entrance/exit. (unramp-able due to steep hill in front and driveway). He walks with a walker and is starting to bump into things. Mom also has issues: diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain and myasthenia gravis. Her mobility is getting worse due to pain in her feet/ neuropathy. So, I have looked at several places around here and they all look okay. The state reports are all okay. There is always a complaint here or there. Can anyone give me any insider info? Anything else I should pay attention to? AND tell me how NOT to act like "one of those family members"!
  7. KJRN79

    Are you going to work tommorow in the big storm?

    I now work in a school that is notorious for closing at the threat of snow, making many parents mad, but I'm pretty happy with that situation. When I was in home health, there was a 2 foot snowfall once and my car would not have been able to negotiate it, but the CEO of the company picked me up and drove me around to probably 4 patients that day in his 4 wheel drive whatever it was.... My best friend was once picked up by the National Guard years ago, during a blizzard, she was a city employee of the city-run nursing home. She says she doesn't remember how long she stayed there or how she got home, but her story of sitting in the back of the army truck is hysterical....
  8. KJRN79

    Yale New-Haven, where should I live?

    The Milford/ Orange area seems to have a lot to offer! good luck with your new job!
  9. KJRN79

    Heart transplant question

    Thank you, thank you, very informative. Now if anyone comes around asking ME any questions, I might sound like a know a little bit of what they are talking about. LOL. Very helpful. Thanks. My dad had CABG X 3 twice, one time another gentleman in the unit had his chest kept open for a day and then closed, so that part really made sense to my experience. :redpinkhe
  10. KJRN79

    Heart transplant question

    I couldn't decide where to post this question, so please do move it for me. Thank you. Can anyone please tell me the steps involved in the process of heart transplant when the family/patient has been told there is a heart available with your name on it? I mean, what happens next? And what happens the first post op day? And when do you expect the patient to wake up? AND (hopefully my last question) what signs of rejection might you see first? OK, this is a kind of personal question. I have a distant relative who has had the surgery and it got me thinking that I don't know much about the process. My experience has been in OB/Peds. I'm not looking for advice, just a little education beyond what I find on wikipedia. (even point me to good websites!) Thank you! KJ~~
  11. KJRN79

    The Patient I Failed

    I think you are writing about my grandmother. Except for the part about her husband of 52 years. My grandparents made it to 60 and he did not have a full code/ vent death. My uncle found my grandmother, passed out on the floor. He called 911, and wouldn't you know it, an EMT was on his street with the radio on and responded within 2 minutes. Grandma was on the vent when I got there. It was agonizing to me because I had been her primary caretaker for about 4 months, before she moved into my uncle's home one week before. I knew what she wanted. Now I had to try to convince the family. Thank God for our nurses. They were great, every single one of them. And death did come, with dignity, more than 36 hours after getting off that d### vent. What a fight. We won.
  12. KJRN79

    Moments You Wouldn't Wish To Be A Nurse !!!

  13. KJRN79

    Told to work 7 days/week or lose job

    I did work 7 days/week in home health, until it DID drive me crazy! I did it because I was the maternal-child nurse and no one else had the "expertise" or "inclination" to see newborns. I didn't have visits every single weekend day, but there were at least phone calls to check on new deliveries, and sometimes hospital visits to get the info on weekends. It was sad when I couldn't take it anymore, after the glory days of drive-through deliveries, but insurance companies were no longer seeking home nurses to check on moms/babies. Now they have to figure out how to get themselves back to the clinic within 7 days of discharge. Oh well, progress and all of that....
  14. KJRN79

    Favorite Dr or Nurse Name

    We have a married pair of pedis: Mrs. Dr. Doctor and Mr. Dr. Doctor. They REALLY confuse me!
  15. KJRN79

    Left side lying?

    I have experience years ago, Hi Risk OB/ L&D and now work in an early Head Start program with home visits to newborns and high risk pregnant moms. I met a mom yesterday who has been advised to bedrest (she is quitting college) and to increase her fluids to prevent PTL at 26 weeks. They found on her NST on Monday that she was contracting without being aware of it. I am getting a release form signed to speak to her doc, but am I correct that "we" still advise L side lying as much as possible? She is single, 23 with a 4 year old and lives in a shelter, so I'm trying to maximize her down time. At least the 4 year attends preschool for almost 10 hours/day. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  16. KJRN79

    Rockin' Idol Nurse

    :redbeathe her!!! Does anyone know her? Is she on here? Amanda? Speak up! Sing out!! Whatever! You go girl!!!