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  1. hecallsmeDuchess

    Ortho or SNF?

    Personally, I'd go with Ortho but I'm a little biased because I do some ortho at work. Both are difficult but if you go with SNF, they have a very high patient to nurse ratio. What makes ortho where I work easier is that patients are ambulated by physical therapists and adl by occupational therapists, at least the first days after surgery. Also, since you'd like to work in the OR, I think it would be wise to stick with acute care.
  2. hecallsmeDuchess

    Manager catch phrases

    "What personal connection did you form with your patients today?" " You have to always manage-up your co-workers." 🙄
  3. hecallsmeDuchess

    What Did You Get For Nurses Week?

    A hot/cold mug (which this post just reminded me I had) 😀
  4. hecallsmeDuchess

    BP cuff over a PICC line

    I'm very surprised your patients with PICC lines allow you to do this.
  5. hecallsmeDuchess

    What's Rude?

    Rude: Having me hold your phone for an hour+ (yes, I timed it) when your break is supposed to be 30 minutes. I don't mind holding a phone for up to 40-45 minutes but an hour+ and then me having to hunt you down to give you your phone is rude. Personally, I don't hand over my phone until I know my food is ready to be eaten when I sit down for my 30 minutes. Rude: Pt's girlfriend ( who kept saying to me she was the wife) asking me not to give this hurting alert and oriented young 30-something year old boyfriend any pain medications. She not only did that but she had multiple detailed questions about everything while making notes of what was being said. I tried the best I could to be the patient nurse but I finally told her that the person that gets to decide about pain meds is the one laying down in the bed as a pt, not her. Next shift I had the pt, I was fired from his care. I was relieved when I was fired as it was beyond draining being in that room. Rude: Please stop trying to draw me into a conversation when I'm in the break room trying to eat my food. I hate that people try to engage you with a mouthful of food and then expect you to reply them. Lunch time is not only eating time, it's also my alone time to gather my thoughts together not a time to talk about things I care not about.
  6. hecallsmeDuchess

    It Ain't Like The Movies!

    Haha! That bothered me a lot too, especially how dramatic he looked as he died and it was a really a major point in the show. Unfortunately I'm still watching to figure out who in that crazy family is SBK.
  7. hecallsmeDuchess

    When you want to slap your co-workers

    Maybe, just maybe that's the only place they've worked and have nothing to compare it to as far as being better or not. Try to keep an open mind and give them a chance...
  8. hecallsmeDuchess

    Now THAT'S a lab result

    I have no idea, I don't think he was being honest as to how he was managing his diabetes at home. His A1C was also high, like 11.
  9. hecallsmeDuchess

    Now THAT'S a lab result

    Blood sugar 1600s, in DKA on admission. Sugar was in 130's when he left. Apparently insulin pump had malfunctioned and pt didn't know. Alive...
  10. hecallsmeDuchess

    Joining a professional organization

    The AMSN for Medsurg nurses is $84/yr. I have it and like that they provide free CEs and also a discount when you want to take the certification exam. Not bad for the price, I think.
  11. hecallsmeDuchess

    What Nurses really Want to Say When They Chart

    I didn't know we had one at my hospital either until our pt (frequent flier and all) went ballistic and threatened to deal with a doc and make sure he was dead, he earned himself a " do not admit" to our hospital. He could go to the other branches of our hospital but not our particular one. Most nurses heaved a sigh of relief and exchanged some not so subtle high fives when we heard that.
  12. hecallsmeDuchess

    minimum staffing and lunch breaks - enemies??

    We're required to take 30 minutes break and give our phones up during that time to the covering nurse, if we don't take the break for whatever reason then we're supposed to fill out a form saying why. More often than not, I take my break with phone but usually see all my pts prior to leaving so that they don't call me. I refuse to not take of myself by not peeing or eating during my shift. Maybe if they started giving out bonuses for not peeing and eating, I'll reconsider. My health/life are just as important as the patients I'm there to provide care to.
  13. hecallsmeDuchess

    Shift work and dating

    Met my husband online, we've been married 7 years now on the way to forever. I never thought I would find a man online and I wasn't even looking, just was part of that community interacting and posting to forums and voila!
  14. hecallsmeDuchess

    Forgot to put narcotic back in Pyxis

    I always pull pain meds for everybody in the morning because 9.5 times out of 10, they'll want it. With 5 pts all wanting pain meds first thing in the morning, I don't have the luxury of assessing them first then going to get their meds. The next thing I do right after report is to try to be the first in med room to get meds as I hate standing in line and if I start late, it puts me behind all shift. I assess after it's pulled, and when I'm in their room, then give as long as their vitals are stable. If for some reason, it's that 0.5 pt that declines a pain med, I have no trouble finding a witness to return it to the Pyxis. It's usually unopened anyway. Where I work, we're encouraged to always have pain meds in hand before going to see a pt as opposed to seeing them, them asking for it and you having to run to med room to get it. Nobody has ever given me grief for being a witness nor have I ever given anyone else. I just make sure what I'm being shown corresponds with the Pyxis screen. I'm sorta responding to your second to last paragraph... (reply to Jade's post, *shucks I should have quoted it*)
  15. hecallsmeDuchess

    Medication error

    At the OP, do you guys not have to scan pts and meds? I can't tell you how many times that scanner has saved me from a med error.