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wanderlust99 has 10 years experience and specializes in ICU/PACU.

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  1. wanderlust99

    Denied PTO for my marriage

    Find out who requested those weeks and ask if you can trade it. Or ask management what dates are available and work around it.
  2. wanderlust99

    NIH stoke scale certification

    I can do it with my current's hospital's health stream account. It does take forever and watching several videos, but that's the only way I've known it to be done. There is a free link to it somewhere online as well that I've used in the past.
  3. wanderlust99

    Traveling to Cedar Sinai in LA

    Is this the ICU float position or one particular ICU?
  4. wanderlust99

    Why do minorities have more respect for nurses?

    I hate generalizations like these. Makes my stomach turn a little bit.
  5. wanderlust99

    Hospital Cares More about HCAHPS than Nurses!

    It's always about $$$$. Nothing more!
  6. wanderlust99

    Magnet status

    Isn't it paid for? I know certain things like shared governance, volunteer work, etc.. are required. But really, some of the worst hospitals I've worked at have been Magnet certified.
  7. wanderlust99

    Need advice STAT!

    My advice is to find another recruiter. Tell her why you are dropping her.
  8. wanderlust99

    Can you get poked by removing an iv catheter?!

    Something similar happened to a coworker of mine, but with an arterial line. As she was removing it, something happened and she accidentally poked the tip of the catheter into her finger. It was probably a quick movement causing the poke and even later in the day she felt a little discomfort in her finger. Like you, no break in the glove or skin but was still a little worried. Like everyone said, don't sweat it:)
  9. wanderlust99

    26 week contracts

    Those contracts that typically offer 16 weeks or more, I would simply interview and ask my recruiter to submit me for 13. I never had an issue with a hospital turning me down. I think more than 13 is too much. Let yourself decide if you want to extend.
  10. wanderlust99

    Relocation Packages

    I received 3k for relocation bonus for a staff nursing position a couple months ago. So it does still exist.
  11. wanderlust99

    Do RNs get extra pay for working with students?

    No extra pay. In my nursing school, we were assigned a group of patients but the nursing instructor was on the floor to teach us. We would essentially take over med administration and the nursing instructor was by our side. We didn't really interact with the nurse assigned to the patient. Last semester we had a preceptorship and had to complete so many hours with one nurse who was asked permission to precept a student.
  12. wanderlust99

    Did you marry a doctor?

    I wouldn't mind marrying another nurse. And I hate to generalize, but most of the physicians in my workplace are a little kooky with crazy mood swings I don't think I could put up with.
  13. wanderlust99

    New graduate and extremely shy

    Traveling can be very lonely at times. But, it is a great way to get you out of your shell and open up to others. It can be tough, I know! One really good thing is travelers tend to stick together and it is pretty easy to at least meet another traveler you can go to lunch with or go exploring whatever new city you're in. Some assignments were hit or miss for me, but typically you can find someone to hang out with on your off days.
  14. wanderlust99

    Are too many certifications a bad thing?

    I had a job lined up as a RN in a level 1 ICU before I graduated nursing school. My only certification at the time was BLS
  15. wanderlust99

    What to do with car overnight on long drives

    I was able to fit the majority of my belongings in my trunk. So most of my valuables would be in the trunk, out of view. I'd pack things that didn't look too interesting to steal in the backseats, like a pile of clothes in a hamper or a box of books. And I'd bring 2 big suitcases into the hotel overnight. One with whatever I needed and the other I'd put my laptop, jewelry, and some important paperwork/documents and I'd carry it in to stay w/me in the hotel.
  16. wanderlust99

    Pt asks: Is my surgeon any good? Your response is...

    Patients ask this a lot before going into surgery. About the surgeons and anesthesiologists. I always say they're great! You are in excellent hands. We will take good care of you, etc... I mean, what else would you say?