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  1. wanderlust99

    Nurses can eat properly if they manage their time

    I don't void or eat much while at work. I am a firm believer in workplaces providing healthier food options for its employees. I worked at hospital with such a great cafeteria, a salad bar better than whole foods, always some kind of healthy grilled fish or protein and vegetables. They also displayed the calorie count for what you were getting. I lost a little weight while working there and felt a lot better. My current hospital has the typical nasty cafeteria with zero healthy options, so I find myself grabbing a pre packaged sandwich from Starbucks which aren't the best for you. Yes I know I should prepare my lunch in advance, but I don't really always have time to do that.
  2. wanderlust99

    Post-operative gas pains

    I didn't have shoulder pain, but chest pain post op. The only thing that helped was walking throughout the hospital.
  3. wanderlust99


    Hi there, I'm sorry for your loss. I took 3 bereavement days on an assignment (this was the max allowed). I wasn't given pay for these days, but wasn't penalized like if I would have called in sick. Sadly I was traveling with American Mobile and they messed up my paycheck initially charging me missed shift housing fees. I had to call and say no my family member just died. It was later reimbursed. This was my grandmother whom I wasn't the closest to, but still flew home for her funeral. Now I have a friend who lost his father and the hospital he was on assignment at said take as much time as you need. This was a great hospital, very nice to its employees and travelers. He took a couple weeks off and wasn't penalized.
  4. wanderlust99

    Cautionary Tale/ American Mobile /Medical Express Strikes Again

    I knew one couple who traveled together & AMN forgot to pay the utility bill. Their power was shut off & at least $100 in food was ruined. I don't know if they foot the bill, but seeing it was AMN, it's highly unlikely. You'd think they would know not to house 2 people in the same apartment? I mean, is that really too much to ask?? Incompetent I tell ya.
  5. wanderlust99

    American Mobile

    AMN charged me $30/month for the washer & dryer that was ALREADY in the apartment (it was in ALL apartments at this complex). Crazy, no?? They also charged me a $30/month to rent a microwave. Interesting. One place charged me $60 for flee cleaning, when my pet has never once stepped outside. My recruiter was never reachable by phone. Not once. It was all returning voicemails. I hope the company goes under. Hate them with a passion.
  6. wanderlust99

    Traveling Nurse? What are your thoughts about it?

    Hi, not sure where you live, but in CA it's difficult for new grads to get a job. I've seen a lot of new grads being hired as CNAs, which is so sad to me. Work as one in school yes, but as a new grad? That would be horrible IMO. My suggestion is to get a job now at the hospital you want to work at and hope they hire you on. If you want to travel, you need minimum 1 year experience, but better to have 2 years b/c as a traveler you are expected to know your stuff. After 1 year as a nurse, that may be difficult.
  7. wanderlust99

    American Mobile

    Another reason I'm leaving traveling after my current assignment. It's just become too difficult for me to float all the time, sometimes 3 times per shift. It's unsafe & is burning me out. I'm also losing ICU experience b/c they are consistently floating me to step down units & the floor.
  8. wanderlust99


    always wanted to live in SF AMN treated me very poorly. Maybe they have changed since you were a traveler, but the more time with them, the worse my treatment was.
  9. wanderlust99

    Traveling with a Mooch/Dirtbag?

    I have noticed this too! I've seen it a few times, beautiful women in their mid to late 20s with husbands or boyfriends who just tag along. I always thought it was strange. Sometimes I find myself attracted to losers without knowing it though. Sigh. I haven't drug one out on assignment yet haha.
  10. wanderlust99

    Cautionary Tale/ American Mobile /Medical Express Strikes Again

    Was with AMN for 3 years. They did something very similiar to me. Housed me at an apt complex, I called the apt complex just to confirm and they said someone else was living there. AMN is just getting more and more incompetent each year. Unbelievable.
  11. wanderlust99

    Housing in San Francisco?

    My company tried to house me in Oakland and Pacifica. I said no, the only reason I want to go to SF is so I can live in the actual city. Then they tried to house me at a few places in the Western Edition/NOPA area. One place was across the street from the projects and was pretty dangerous. The housing stipend they are quoting me is 1675, which to me isn't high enough for SF. I'll only be making 30/hr (that's with blended rate..everything included...it equals about 30/hr)....which is a paycut. I know how much SF nurses make, it doesn't seem like a good deal. I usually try to find an apartment on my own then tell my company please house me here. I seem to be better at finding places than my company. This time I'm getting the run around.
  12. wanderlust99

    Housing in San Francisco?

    Anyone completed a travel assignment in San Francisco? I'm at a loss here for housing. Will be working at CPMC. I'm somewhat familiar with the neighborhoods, but am having a hard time finding a good place that is short term, allows pets, and is furnished. I may sneak my pet in if I can't find anything. Good, bad experiences you'd like to share while working in SF? Thanks!
  13. wanderlust99

    For those experienced travel nurses out there???????

    I like the free housing. Not worrying about management, work politics or drama, knowing that I will leave eventually so is it REALLY that important?? It's great:)
  14. wanderlust99


    Thanks for the tips! Do you happen to remember how long it took you to receive your license? I worried I procrastinated too long & won't be able to get it in time.
  15. wanderlust99

    How long does it take to get license?

    I'm thinking about trying to find a travel assignment in Portland. Anyone know how long it takes to get your license by endorsement? Thanks!