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wanderlust99 has 10 years experience and specializes in ICU/PACU.

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  1. Denied PTO for my marriage

    Find out who requested those weeks and ask if you can trade it. Or ask management what dates are available and work around it.
  2. NIH stoke scale certification

    I can do it with my current's hospital's health stream account. It does take forever and watching several videos, but that's the only way I've known it to be done. There is a free link to it somewhere online as well that I've used in the past.
  3. Worst/Best thing a nursing instructor ever said to you?

    My second semester nursing instructor wrote on my eval that I "lack self esteem" At the time those words were extremely upsetting to me. My 3rd semester instructor, who was the toughest and most intelligent in my opinion, really took a liking to me...
  4. New grad wants to QUIT first job, PLEASE HELP.

    I would stick it out and really focus on your patients. It sounds cheesy, but really work on giving the best patient care you can and you will feel better about your job. ICU is good in that sometimes it's possible to stay in your patient's room by...
  5. Napa CA Queen of the Valley

    I worked in the ICU there, was floated maybe a handful of times to step-down (not bad at all).
  6. Cna-Rn bullying, lies, hiding things on charts

  7. Would you hire an MUSC grad over anyone else?

    Never heard of it. I live in CA but I grew up and went to school in the south.
  8. When Should You Call Off Sick?

    Are you guys not given sick time? What kind of hell hole are you working for??? It's there for a reason, please use it. None of your patients want an obviously sick nurse with a freakin mask taking care of them all day. Geez.
  9. How was your first code blue? What role did you have?

    Mine was in nursing school, in the ED. I did compressions. It was my first time looking into a dead man's eyes and it was quite unreal.
  10. How much do you really make?

    I disagree with becoming an LPN or getting your ADN. Why get your associates when you have to have your bachelors at the majority of hospitals? Try schools outside of CA, then move back to CA once you find a job.
  11. 25000 mcg of fentanyl in 5 sec

    Wow. I'll be watching the drip rate after initiating from now on. I don't typically do that, but if you glance for a second at the drip chamber you'd see it going as a bolus.
  12. We were all wrong about nursing home nurses

    Many people look down on others. Whether it's ICU nurses thinking they are smarter or better than a floor nurse. PACU nurses thinking pre-op nurses are trained monkeys who do not use critical thinking (a manager actually said this to me). The list...
  13. 9 more months of TN and then...

    What about Sacramento? I never traveled there and have moved to permanent in LA this year, so I can't comment too much on it. But their pay is very high and the cost of living is low for CA. Something to think about. There is a salary survey in t...
  14. Types of ICU.

    Try a trauma surgical ICU in a level 1 trauma center. That will include neuro patients most likely, which is very marketable. Or you could go a different route and do CVICU and stick with that.
  15. ACLS should always be 2 days and in person!

    We need mock codes in our units. They are either never or rarely done in all the hospitals I've worked at, which has been many. For someone who has taken the class many times, this would be much more useful.