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    I am a Male RN with about 8 years of work experience in the ER, Prison, Acute PTSD/TBI @ the VA. I came from another Industry (Aviation/Airline), after 9/11 retrained into Nursing with the thought of doing something that "Matters" instead of making a corporation another pile of $$$$. After 8 years this has been my Observation of the current state of affairs within Nursing.
    1) I have never been so poorly treated within a professional career as I have been with nursing, Managers MD's and Patients all use you as a human punching bag (I can tolerate some of this from a sick PT but not my peers and above). Unprofessionalism often rules and vengeful remarks and treatment are the I have heard the following from RN's,MD,managers..."shes a stupid ***** (MD), you need to find another line of work (MBA manager to new grad), "you need to pass those meds faster , whats wrong with you, cant hack it" (Charge RN).
    2) Call offs and low pay...Name any other profession where you have to take hard earned leave or rotate to a totally different unit and are expected to perform (Board of nursing should demand changes to this its unsafe). BSN starting at 17 to 19 a hr nationwide avg...really...MSN with 5 years unless specially trained 60K...for real...(Bank of America pays a avg of 70 k to 100k for mid level MBA's)
    I retired from USAirways in 2003, there were troubles galore with the company..but I was paid well, had exc healthcare...WAS TREATED AS A PROFESSIONAL...WHICH I WAS AND STILL AM.
    Nursing as a profession.......only if you join the service as my wife did (CDR USN ret) a hospital your a expenditure that they work like a dog, then throw away.
    Its a sad state only getting worse as the economy is slow and Obama care will reshape the industry in pay and quality of care.
    Good By was a experience of a life ...time to do other things.
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    What will you try next?
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    It's great to have observations from someone who is qualified to make those comparisons. Are we an "abused child" profession? . . . dealing with poor conditions for so long that it is perceived as normal?
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    Male nurses have a more difficult time handling the abuse of nurses. Women are used to it.

    Think about this, Howard.. as a man you got better treatment!

    With 8 years of experience, I wouldn't throw in the towel.
    You have many options in nursing now.

    I work from home as a case manager, making that MBA wage, you can too.
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    BSNs starting at $17/hour? Where?
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    Lub dub I think it's possible anywhere. While working in home health with my BSN in Southern Cal, I was only paid $18-$19/hr. I made more than that working in the flu shot clinic.
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    I wouldn't give up eight years of experience I would go for my NP or Clinical Nurse Leader, I only have 2.5 years experience so far, but if I had 8 wouldn't throw in the towel, eight years in healthcare is an achievement!
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    Quote from lub dub
    BSNs starting at $17/hour? Where?
    that is way too low for a bsn
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    My first job as a new grad was filled with unprofessional behavior and disrespect for coworkers. I thought maybe it was just the facility, but after reading so many posts and talking to seasoned nurses, believe it to be common practice. I'm looking for other avenues in nursing where I can continue working without all the drama. Honestly, if I had truly listened to the warnings from people prior to getting my degree, I wish that I had chosen a different profession. I didn't think it would be as bad as what I've experienced.
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    The nationwide average RN starting salary is $24/hour, while the average Bachelor's degree graduate only makes $21/hr, so we're actually doing much better than most bachelor's grads. As for people with Master's making $60,000 there are many who make less than that, they're called teachers.
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