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plinytheRN has 2 years experience and specializes in telemetry, ICU.

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  1. plinytheRN

    BSN New Graduate Salaries

    $21 for new grad in Baton Rouge, LA.
  2. plinytheRN

    Would you do it all again?

    In short, I would do something else.
  3. plinytheRN

    Verbal Hand-off Reports - Are they no longer necessary?

    I posted a similar topic almost 2 years ago, I work at a large magnet/ trauma center that newly implemented SBAR paper reports instead of a verbal handoff… it lasted a few months and we went back to calling report. There has to be give and take on both ends, the floor can't stall report and the ED can be understanding and willing to compromise for a timely report. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken in for this system, largely patient acuity and staffing. I don't doubt that a paper report system can work when appropriate, but for a large, high acuity medical center- we were unable to make the change. Same issues tend to occur when PACU is trying to call report for their patients to the floor, when there is compromise and understanding on both sides- it works!
  4. plinytheRN

    do you gain or lose weight while working

    I lost 10 pounds my first year nursing working days on med/surg.
  5. plinytheRN

    Is Being An RN Affordable?

    Hi, I am a Northern CA native, that as a new grad could not find work and I am currently working in Louisiana in a big trauma center. I am desperately wanting to come back to CA, I want to know is working at an RN affordable? I no longer know what wages are like, and housing costs. I want to stay in bay area/ Nor Cal. In the south, it's not uncommon for RNs to work 2 jobs to make up for how underpaid we are. I'm not asking for luxury or anything extravagant, I just want to know I could afford a nice apartment and work normal full time hours. Considering I will probably to travel assignments for awhile until I find a hospital I like to stay at, I should make a decent wage (I work ICU/PACU)? Thanks for feedback.
  6. plinytheRN

    Starting pay for new RNs in BR and NOLA area

    OLOL RMC BR starts at $21 (last I checked), with weekend/ night and evening differential of $4-5. additional $1 for charge nurse, or specialty certifications.
  7. plinytheRN

    Why Nursing Sucks...

    Keep your chin up! I was in the same situation as you, it gets better. I found my place in ICU and PACU. Being a new grad is just tough.
  8. plinytheRN

    Leaving ICU for PACU

    I am in the same boat, ICU making the PACU change! Hope all is going well!
  9. plinytheRN

    Is it still financially worth it to become CRNA?

    Hi bayareaFNPstud, what hospital are you working at?! I am from the Bay Area/ Nor Cal, went out of state for a joband am looking to come back to the area. Thanks, sorry for crashing the party!
  10. plinytheRN

    When does it get better?

    This reminds me so much of my first experience as a new grad on a medical telemetry floor! Same stress, very sick patients with 5-6 patient ratios on day shift... It's rough, but you will get it, have faith in yourself and keep trying. I eventually did get a little bit more comfortable.
  11. plinytheRN

    ER nurses not calling report anymore...

    An update on the whole thing, the hospital cancelled this policy within a few months or so. I figured with J. Co coming and magnet status re-designation coming up they did away with it. The new policy is that if after trying to get a hold of the floor nurse or a charge nurse for report, the ER nurse can write an SBAR and the nurse can call down for verbal report if necessary. But otherwise the need to call report is re-instated. Thanks for all the info and perspectives.
  12. Hi sorry for the late post, I haven't been on here in awhile always happy to help some cali new grads!! We need nurses here so bad.
  13. plinytheRN

    ER nurses not calling report anymore...

    Just a scary update on this situation, ER sent up a patient with no report. They came in for hyperglycemia in addition to something else (not my patient). They came at a time when the BG didn't have to be checked, but the receiving nurse knew better, and assessment tipped her off, and found them to have a BG of 27. no insulin was charted, there was no way to know what they had been given except to call and ask, which isn't going to happen when you are dealing with a BG of 27... Frequently the ER does not chart meds they have given. Not to mention a sticky situation that happened the other night when a pt was sent up at shift change, no one knew they were there (not sure all the details) and they coded and died. Scary stuff. Such a lack of communication and patient care suffers.
  14. plinytheRN

    Sorry state of Nursing ...

    it seems like this is the dark ages of nursing... hoping it gets better, scary to think it could get worse. with acuity and responsibility increasing but pay and time decreasing or not keeping up with the changes.
  15. disappointed as well... I made more as a student intern in CA ($23), than I do as an RN in Louisiana ($20) the whole cost of living thing is cheaper is mostly untrue (my rent here is $988). sigh... underpaid and overworked is the norm in the south. can't wait to get back to cali with pt ratios, better pay, and unions.
  16. plinytheRN

    ER nurses not calling report anymore...

    Appreciate all the posts, eye opening definitely. What it all comes down to was what is best for patient care, and the rationale for implementing this system? After reading through all this, it's hard to have a concrete answer when we all come from different situations, laws, states, and hospital systems. So yes, there is a lot of variety and something that may not be a big deal one place is against policy at another. My main frustration is the lack of time to prepare, we are slammed all the time and I am lucky if I can take the time to navigate through the chart, which in some cases the H and P isn't even put in yet. Not super helpful. But with enough warning and time, it's ok. Our ED gives meds and doesn't document in the MAR, that is a detail they would give in report. It seems like so many things can get missed. Also like someone mentioned, sure I can call with questions but chances are there isn't a whole lot of time to try and find the person that sent up the patient. Just have to figure it out as it goes I guess. As far as IVs go, I start them very frequently, it's not a matter of not being able to do it it's a matter of having fluids and IV Abx due, not having access if this patient codes and the time constraints of starting an IV sometimes.

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