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adventure780 BSN, MSN, RN, APN

Geriatrics/family medicine
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adventure780 has 5 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN, APN and specializes in Geriatrics/family medicine.

been a nurse since March 2011, NP since 2018

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  1. adventure780

    Simmons University School of Nursing FNP online program

    supposed to be a good program I applied twice but was not accepted, but I did graduate from somewhere else two years ago and have been working as an np since March 2018. Good luck!
  2. adventure780

    How long should one grieve after losing job?

    I was in your place once but I didn't have the option to go back to being a nursing assistant in my facility. I was an aide first on the unit for a few years then I finished nursing school and got licensed. I was a child in a candy store finally getting to learn all the skills to be a decent nurse. However , it ended up being too fast paced and short staffed for me as a new nurse they trained me on 2 different shifts and floors. Both units were medsurg/telemetry. I was so depressed. But you know what kept me going was that it wasn't the only place and way I could be a nurse. I applied to numerous positions for 2 weeks and before those weeks were over I landed a job in LTC. Did I love it enough to stay? No I didn't, lasted five months but I learned so much more because the pace wasn't as hectic. I worked at two other subacute facilities over the next few years. I even tried teaching lpn school for a semester, was I really great at it? No I wasn't. But I decided I will gain more experience and go back and teach again someday. In December 2014, after three years of trying to get back in the hospital setting, I got a phone call offering me a position on a telemetry/ medsurg unit. I took it up. I decided why not see if I can do this? So bottom line refine your skills and keep trying. One day you will find your niche. Maybe you can do wound care nursing after you get some experience.
  3. adventure780

    Brian Short News

    This place is amazing! Platform to encourage nurses and cheer them on in their journeys. Brian's legacy will live on no matter what caused their deaths
  4. adventure780

    Why I am not Surprised by Joy Behar's Ignorant Comments

    I had a patient at the nursing home that had a change in the mental status however when paramedics got there she refused and had been perked up again. I apologized to them because I truly have respect for their time
  5. adventure780

    Why I am not Surprised by Joy Behar's Ignorant Comments

    Agreed we should empower each other
  6. adventure780

    Brian Short News

    May they rip, sad that someone who just wanted to support nursing and quality of care for patients was taken away by an act of violence. Prayers to the family
  7. that is my next class, thanks for asking this question
  8. time management and trying to maintain my skills along with gaining more skills, more paperwork and still expected to do it all in less time
  9. the school an provide you a list of sites approved in the past but will not help you secure preceptors
  10. adventure780

    Simmons College FNP March 2014 cohort

    thanks Tasha I got into South Unversity
  11. adventure780

    South University FNP MSN program???

    for me it was saying a little over 16,000 for the year
  12. adventure780

    Advanced Assessment Course

  13. adventure780

    "The Hunt"

    Homecare jobs are plentiful in my area but hospitals aren't hiring really right now. Even with my rn I have had a difficult time. I currently work in nursing/ rehab facility per diem
  14. adventure780

    Did you have to quit/change a job to do NP school?

    I dropped down to per diem and working 2-3 shifts a week, when I have papers or exams I will cut down to 1-2
  15. Pharm and patho first since u need rationale for assessment
  16. adventure780

    South University FNP MSN program???

    thanks gonna check now