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Im so confused and upset. I've been a public health nurse for a year and 6 mos of cardiac pcu prior to that. 2 weeks ago I interviewed for a cardiac tele floor at ********, and it went... Read More

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    You can say anything you please when giving a reference for someone, as long as it is true. The law doesn't address employment references, in particular, but there are laws against defamation. Of course, in order for something to be considered defamation, it has to be false. It is in no way illegal for a past employer to say "this person was fired d/t repeated call outs and coming in late on days when she chose to show up" if that's what happened. Why would the law be interested in protecting bad employees from bad references?

    Is a Former Employer's Bad Reference Illegal? - FindLaw
    I said "maybe I'm wrong". Your posts are so encouraging, gracias.
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    Plenty of openings in SW Michigan... just sayin'!
    As in bordering Indiana? I'm in Chicago and willing to relocate. Do hospitals in that area hire ASNs going to school for BSN?
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    As in bordering Indiana? I'm in Chicago and willing to relocate. Do hospitals in that area hire ASNs going to school for BSN?
    Kalamazoo County, Calhoun County, Van Buren County. Yep!

    You have six years from date of hire to obtain your BSN, and they pay a little bit towards tuition reimbursement, too.

    We've got five grad nurses starting this summer just in my unit alone (37 beds) and we have more people planning on moving on to other jobs/relocating, too. We have four agency nurses right now covering holes in the schedule.
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    Does the recruiter work for the hospital as an employee or are they a head hunter? If the later and they found someone from a different head hunter the compensation to the recruiter can be significant.
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    1) Do you have anything on a background check? I would go to a website and run one on yourself in case someone has been arrested using your identify. It happens.

    2) Don't check your references yourself, find a friend that works in healthcare management and have them call as if they were checking them for a real position.

    3) Have you ever failed a drug test anywhere? This information can be legally disclosed if they checked references.

    Something absolutely went wrong, you just didn't know what it was. I have a feeling that your manger was supposed to tell HR they wanted to hire you before extending the offer directly to you.
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    I haven't read through all the posts, but you say you have 6 months experience in PCU and a year in public health. They may have concerns about your commitment to this position. Just a thought as sometimes facilities consider length of prior employment a factor. It takes time and money to fully orient someone to a position. You say you have multistate licensure and a California license and are now in Florida. How long have you been a nurse? Maybe consider taking an additional part-time position instead of full-time. Many places are looking for weekend staff. Good luck in future.