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  1. springchick1

    Nursing School Drug Testing

    We had random drug testing in school. You would show up for class and hey would call the name of four or five people, and you would have to pay then and take your drug test then.
  2. springchick1

    On call requirement-help needed

    We have a place at our hospital for people to stay who live more than 30 minutes away. Like Rose said, it could be a matter of life or death.
  3. springchick1

    Out a long time

    Just explain in your cover letter that you had to take a leave of absence from work for family reasons. If you get to the interview process, you can explain it then.
  4. springchick1

    Lead apron

    We use them. But make sure you put them in the OR arable before the patient moves on it. The radiation comes from the bottom of the C-Arm, not the top. If you put the lead on the patient after they have moved, they will still be exposed.
  5. springchick1

    Night Nursing School

    Jeff State Community College in Alabama does a Nights/Weekends program. It is extremely competitive to get into and you can only start the program during fall semester. It would be too late for this year but worth looking into.
  6. springchick1

    Dumb questions

    These are the rules at my facility too. As for make up, it doesn't really matter. I spend the majority of my day with a mask on so I wear very little make up. My eyelashes are blonde so if I don't wear at least a little mascara, I look like I don't h...
  7. springchick1

    New OR RN Seeks Starting Point

    I'm definitely in the "eff you, doctor" stageí ½í¸†. You will also get that way with some of your coworkers. The OR can be a beast but I can't imagine being anywhere else. Like others have said, there is a steep learning curve. I know you said it w...
  8. springchick1

    Help me pick a surgery to observe!!

    I didn't have a bad experience in the OR, I work in the OR so I know what happens when we have students. Everything Rose said is 100% correct. Orientees, new staff, big cases etc. it can be very stressful having a student observer in the OR. Just rem...
  9. springchick1

    Help me pick a surgery to observe!!

    The facility may decide for you. We don't allow students in our total joint or spine cases.
  10. springchick1

    Very Low Gpa...Is there still hope?

    My program looked at both. You had to have certain grades in the pre-reqs and a certain GPA to be considered. It was a very competitive program so they looked at it all.
  11. springchick1

    Favouritism in nursing school!

    You said, "In my opinion". Your opinion here isn't the one that matters. You will face this multiple times in your career. You should be proud that you graduated and focusing on studying for boards and finding a job. Don't worry about an award that y...
  12. springchick1

    CNAs sleeping on the job... What can I do as a new nurse?

    She's ALWAYS been in a position to fix it. She chose not to. You think there won't be retaliation now that she's a nurse? Seems to me it will be worse now that she's in a different role than if she had reported it as a CNA.
  13. The only way to know is to talk to them. Nursing programs at community colleges near me are EXTREMELY competitive. Most people with a 3.07 GPA are not accepted. And like I said early, most nursing schools require a C or higher in pre-reqs to even be...
  14. Were you already in nursing school? Most nursing schools in my area require a C or above in all science classes to even be considered for the nursing program. Maybe look into taking Anatomy 1 again and bring that grade up.
  15. springchick1

    CNAs sleeping on the job... What can I do as a new nurse?

    Why has it taken you two years to complain about this and want to do something aboutvit? If it bothers you this much, it should have been addressed much sooner. If you address it now, it MAY come across that you think you are better than your cowor...