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brillohead has 5 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Cardio-Pulmonary; Med-Surg; Private Duty.

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    This is a big deal and a contributing factor in a lot of cases like this. If I walk out of a patient's room and ask an aide to toilet that patient, get them fresh water, get a set of vitals, or whatever, I make a point of saying what I'm going to b...
  2. brillohead

    Nursing School Forces Retake of Passed Courses

    If you're going to have to pay to redo the entirety of nursing school in order to graduate, instead of battling the administration pointlessly, why not just pay to attend a DIFFERENT nursing school? You could also attempt to retake the exit-HESI to ...
  3. brillohead

    I'm shocked

    And people wonder why I always spend the night with my mom when she's in the hospital (provided my own work schedule allows).
  4. There's a separate forum here for Private Duty Nursing. If you check it out, you'll see that parents of special needs kids can be on the.... difficult.... side sometimes!
  5. brillohead

    Dealing with quadras

    NEVER touch a resident's money, and be careful about doing these little "favors" for them. You could end up losing your job and your certification from that. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries. All it takes is someone claiming you stole his money...
  6. brillohead

    Just grin and bear it!

  7. brillohead

    Dealing with quadras

    Actually, after the first TB injection, you have to get it rechecked within 48-72 hours.... after that, it's useless. But back to your original problem, I hope my comments help. It's really all about setting limits and STICKING TO YOUR GUNS. If y...
  8. brillohead

    Little boy reading

    Glad to see I'm not the only person who raised a kid to behave in public. Who wants to spend time with a brat??? My son got many compliments (and even some free desserts!) in restaurants, simply because of his polite and appropriate behavior. He wa...
  9. brillohead

    Dealing with quadras

    This is something you have to take up with your supervisor. You're not going to lose your CNA license because you left a resident who wants someone to scratch his nose, but you have to find out what your facility allows you to say. If allowed, I ...
  10. brillohead

    You just can't make this stuff up!

    Sorry, I flushed but it just wouldn't go down!
  11. brillohead

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    This makes me think of the Bobcat Goldthwait bit about flying (video is NSFW):
  12. brillohead

    Anyone Else have to Sub in classrooms??

    I'd be interested in hearing how much they pay a substitute teacher for a day of work, and if they're going to cut you a check for that amount for the two days you've already worked as a sub. ???
  13. The initial encounter was on him and has already been handled. The OP has her own issues about being around the dude, and that's on her to fix. If she wants him to just never be near her or talk to her unless it's strictly about work related issues...
  14. brillohead

    La la la la... I can't hear you

    I don't see the big problem with OTC meds and older kids. I used to self-carry OTC meds back in high school (in the 80s) all the time. I was driving a car, working a job, and I paid for them at the store with my own money. I didn't give them to a...
  15. brillohead

    Notarization Question

    If she has a bank account (or credit union account), most financial institutions will notarize paperwork for free (provided it's not 100 pages or something -- a single sheet of paper is fine). I used to be a notary public in the state of Michigan i...