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  1. CharleeFoxtrot

    Trigger Warning!

  2. CharleeFoxtrot

    I Hope This is Not the Latest Trend

    This case is very well documented in the press. The issue was not about who wrote the wound care orders, it's about nurses charting they did treatments when in fact they did not-and that is only a fractional part of the overall failure of this facility and its staff to provide care to this patient.
  3. CharleeFoxtrot

    Is $85k worth it for BSN program with no guarantee acceptance?

    This needs to be engraved very deeply on a large rock, well lit with arrows pointing to it and placed prominently near the doors of each and every place of higher education. What people also forget is that as your student loans mature, the monthly repayment goes way up as it anticipates your earning potential will rise as the years go by. Of course, this is not always the case.
  4. CharleeFoxtrot

    Advice for Starting in a SNF

    Run, don't walk away from that place. That job description sounds unmanageable to me and then they cut the promised pay? https://media.giphy.com/media/6h4z4b3v6XWxO/giphy.gif
  5. CharleeFoxtrot

    I don’t know what to say 😩😩😩

    Sometimes no words are necessary, use you body language to convey that you are "present" and supportive. For example, enter the room with a calm neutral expression (hardest part IME), make brief eye contact, slight nod of head "I acknowledge you and your feelings and am here with you ". Do what needs to be done, sweep the room with your eyes again and quietly exit. I love this video on the very important difference between sympathy and empathy, it was a part of a lecture I attended on therapeutic communication. Brene Brown's video on empathy vs sympathy
  6. CharleeFoxtrot

    Nursing School Forces Retake of Passed Courses

    Was passing the HESI as a requirement to graduate not made clear? My school had a similar requirement, if you didn't pass the comprehensive exit exam you had to remediate. Don't remember exactly what the requirements were to retake and finish if you didn't pass that exam, but I do remember knowing that was a requirement from day one.
  7. CharleeFoxtrot

    Which position would you choose: RN supervisor or utilization management?

    OP, you say the UM position is less money. Have you calculated the savings you'd have potentially while working from home? Not just gas, car maintenance, work clothes, etc but in time saved? I currently have a 45 minute drive each way, I know I could do a lot with that extra time each week.
  8. CharleeFoxtrot

    One Thread Wonders

    Some of those I attribute to people not being told what they want to hear. People post stuff with the expectation that the interwebs will validate their position. Those type posters tend to "poof" when that doesn't happen. The don't want advice or opinion, they want agreement. *disclaimer* ...by liking my post I don't interpret this as a validation of my self worth or decision making process
  9. CharleeFoxtrot

    41 yr. old business executive going to Nursing School

    Before you take this leap, before you gamble your future retirement by taking funds out of your IRA be sure you do it with eyes wide open. Go volunteer at a local hospital or nursing home to get a feel for what the job truly entails. Begin to look at the "want ads"where you live to determine what the market is like. If there is a pay differential between your current wage and the RN wage-and I bet there is- can you live with that pay cut? Read through any number of the threads here on the somewhat unrealistic expectation of what nursing should be as opposed to the reality. Think about working nights, weekends and holidays and the possibility of 12 hours on for 3 days straight. Get to the gym if you don't already because strengthening yourself is a good way to prevent injuries. Am I trying to dissuade you? No, only trying to ensure you are doing this with a clear understanding of the reality of nursing. Can it be rewarding? Yes, very much so. But htere is a price to pay beyond what you put out in tuition.
  10. CharleeFoxtrot

    Force to change unit in the middle of shift

    In short, yes they can and no you can't sue for being floated to another unit for heaven's sake. You can vote with your feet and find another job but being shuffled around happens a lot in beside work no matter where you are.
  11. CharleeFoxtrot

    What is a Skilled Nursing facility?

    Your relative should have a primary care physician and/or a cardiologist who might have resources you can use. Make sure you are on the authorization to share information for her (otherwise you can't get information obviously) and ask if they have a care manager or medical social worker program. If not, see if they can direct you to a local resource or agency. Best of luck, this is not an easy thing to have to do.
  12. CharleeFoxtrot

    Starting an independent practice in PA (LPN)

    I would hire an attorney who is familiar with forming this type of business. Spending a dollar now might have you a lot of time and money later. Best of luck and kudos for taking that leap to owning your own business.
  13. CharleeFoxtrot

    Rude Nurse

    Perfect answer! Build bridges, or at least don't bomb them into oblivion.
  14. CharleeFoxtrot

    Holiday Bonus

    I hear that! Last year the company gave us a choice of holiday gifts, either a blue tooth wireless speaker so you can hook you phone up and listen to music -or- a phone charger set. ...it's against company policy to have cellphones out while working.
  15. CharleeFoxtrot

    Holiday Bonus

    I work for a non-profit, everyone in the company gets quarterly bonuses and the last of the year is quite large. I try hard to remember this on those "full moon madness but it's broad daylight" days :)