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CharleeFoxtrot has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Winner winner chicken dinner! I admit I stopped reading at that point,
  2. CharleeFoxtrot

    Share Policies That Have Not Saved One Life

    Toss up between Nursing Diagnosis and Relentless Care Plans
  3. Bears repeating. Spending $100 or so on a policy to help protect you will give you a lot of piece of mind.
  4. CharleeFoxtrot

    Paramedic Experience beneficial?

    EMT-B to EMT-P to RN ADN to BSN here and I still think of myself as a paramedic, it will always be my first love. To answer the OP's question, did my medic training help my nursing career? Absolutely but I was a medic for some years before I was a nurse, meaning I had a lot of experience before I ever went to the Paramedic to RN bridge program. Got to say, my critical thinking and assessment skills were learned as a medic and were a cut above what was taught in nursing school. I would not recommend anyone get their paramedic's license with the idea of immediately going into nursing school while learning a new trade. It's far too much to be a new medic while trying to assimilate nursing school as the same time. How do I know? I flunked out of my nursing school by working a shift where I go no sleep then taking an important exam which I bombed. And, I wasn't new to the field. Sat out a semester and went back into the program. Lesson learned, I quit my job as a medic and completed nursing school, it was easier eating ramen noodles for a year than taking a chance on failing again. All the above having been said, the reason I went to get my RN is simply that my body and pocketbook wouldn't handle the strain any longer. Too many years on the road, walking backwards down a flight of stairs at 0200AM carrying my share of 300lbs of humanity for (at the time) $12.00/hour. I have one artificial knee, the other bone on bone and a bad back. Still miss the road but looking at my back account, maybe not as much as I thought.
  5. CharleeFoxtrot

    Predatory New Grad Contracts

    Yeah, I don't see anyone here supporting a "certain" corporation. There are a few people such as myself who are not falling into line and posting what she wants to hear, so therefore we must be in cahoots with the evil corporation.
  6. CharleeFoxtrot

    Predatory New Grad Contracts

    ^this. Cheapo strawman argument.
  7. CharleeFoxtrot

    ADN or BSN?

    I had an ASN because I bridged from paramedic and that was what was offered. I started on my BSN immediately after graduation. Life happened and it took me another 10 years to find the time to complete the BSN. tl/Dr version: get your BSN.
  8. CharleeFoxtrot


    Have you asked anyone in charge why you are not being scheduled in the other zones?
  9. CharleeFoxtrot

    Working On Expired License

  10. CharleeFoxtrot

    Predatory New Grad Contracts

    I respectfully-and I do mean that- disagree. Someone who is smart enough to survive nursing school and pass the NCLEX should be able to understand what a contract means, and what the ramifications are to breaking it. This is not the same as being able to grasp what an utter fecal festival some hospital environments are. That having been said, someone contemplating signing a contract-any contract should entertain the notion at some point in the process "what happens if this doesn't work out?"
  11. CharleeFoxtrot

    Predatory New Grad Contracts

    OP signed a contract, OP broke said contact, OP owes money, OP feels they were treated unfairly. This is not a new story, and not restricted to nursing. Someday over coffee I'll tell you the story about me co-signing on a car loan and other sundry loans ($40K worth) for an ex that defaulted on them. I am quite sure I was told what would happen if he didn't make the payments but hey, he wouldn't do that to me. Sorry I digress. Caveat Emptor. Or, if it looks too good to be true it probably isn't. Set up a payment plan and get on with the rest of your career is probably the best thing you can do at this point.
  12. CharleeFoxtrot

    Hired For Underqualified Position

    Me three.
  13. CharleeFoxtrot

    I'm crispy yo.

    Around here (Michigan) I've seen contract job postings for pretty darn good money doing vaccinations.
  14. CharleeFoxtrot

    Hired For Underqualified Position

    What a nightmare scenario. I applaud you having the guts to stand in front of those inspectors and tell them what was going on. ((virtual hugs sent))
  15. CharleeFoxtrot

    Moyamoya Disease | Knowledge Brush-Up

    Thank you for a well-written article on this very interesting disease.
  16. types typ-ity type type /erases all and decides to call it a day after being taken in by a sock puppet.