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CharleeFoxtrot has 7 years experience as a ADN, RN.

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  1. CharleeFoxtrot

    HELP be a nurse or another career opportunity?

    Agree, poster should take the NCLEX sooner rather than later if they are going to do it. Plenty of threads here on how hard it is to pass after waiting for whatever reason. Oh, and yes I think it's a scam too but hey I'm just old and well seasoned with skepticism
  2. CharleeFoxtrot

    What rhythm is this?

    My head already has the solution due to many many many hours of practice. Why do you say that it is a heart block? What are the characteristics of the different degrees of heart block? What caught your eye? https://ekg.academy/heart-block-rhythms The EKG academy is a great resource and has lots of practice strips. https://ekg.academy/ Also lots of good practice strips can be found online by googling.
  3. CharleeFoxtrot

    What rhythm is this?

    *snerks* I think it'sa bad rhythm. When I was in EMS we'd just keep shocking until we saw a rhythm we knew how to treat.
  4. CharleeFoxtrot

    quitting my per diem?

    ^this, and IMO it'd be much easier to pick up extra shifts working only one facility if you needed them. Running back and forth, trying to remember policies and possibly different EHRs sounds like an added stressor for me.
  5. CharleeFoxtrot

    What rhythm is this?

    Yes! Learn the steps to interpretation and practice practice practice. Otherwise you are just guessing and that can have a bad outcome.
  6. CharleeFoxtrot

    Woe is me

    What an inspiration you are! Congratulations!
  7. No doubt. During my short tenure in a SNF we would occasionally have to redeployed to do CNA work for a shift if the unit as short. What a delight to be able to hands on care and be paid (no offense to any hard working CNAs reading this) an RNs wage-and it was usually time and a half.
  8. CharleeFoxtrot

    Paid minimum wage for quitting

    I've seen that clause before when I worked for a brief time at a SNF. They made it clear, if you didn't give a 4 week (!) notice they docked you back to minimum wage for your last check. You had to sign paperwork that you read and understood the Policies and Procedures when you hired on so they really had you boxed in. I got around that by going to contingent then just didn't pickup up any shifts. Like the other posters have said, forget the wages you lost. I'd be far more concerned about the narcotics allegation. That could bite you in the behind and jeopardize your license.
  9. CharleeFoxtrot

    Does it matter if you get your WOCN certificate?

    Well, a lot of facilities want that certification and you can't get a WOCN job without one. So, if you want more opportunities to work therefore making the investment in the cert pay off...
  10. CharleeFoxtrot

    Farewell Esme - In Loving Memory

    She will be dearly missed, my thoughts are with her family.
  11. CharleeFoxtrot

    2 Home Health Nurse/LVN or RN are needed

    I'd recommend that family interview several private duty agencies and go that way rather than trying to do everything themselves. At least in the short term, until they understand what that entails.
  12. CharleeFoxtrot

    Nursing School and Career with Back Problems

    Know that I say this out of compassion and am not being dismissive. Do you think that even with focused intense physical conditioning you can safely help lift and turn your share of 200lbs repeatedly? Seriously consider your health. You might be able to do that today, but what about 10 years from now? There are plenty of us that started out in good physical condition that sound like Rice Krispies Snap Crackle Pop when we get out of bed every morning.
  13. CharleeFoxtrot

    Nursing School and Career with Back Problems

    Just from the OP's description I am not sure she would pass the pre-employment physical. I honestly think that the OP should consider a different profession.
  14. Not to mention busting through multiple ethical barriers.
  15. CharleeFoxtrot

    Nurses Refilling Prescriptions

    Exactly my thoughts. I work in a practice in Michigan and the coumadin dosing is done by nurses with some extra training. They have specific parameters and of course ask the doctor for guidance when needed. They are acting under a standing order set.

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