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CharleeFoxtrot has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. CharleeFoxtrot

    Blue Cross Blue Shield

    I've not been on here lately as well. It went great, I did turn the position down though as there was no guarantee the job would stay remote. If the job went back into the office it would have been 3 hours a da spent on the commute.
  2. CharleeFoxtrot

    Radonda Vaught Was A Guest On A Good Nurse / Bad Nurse Podcast

    This, absolutely. The rest is just bullpucky smoke and mirrors.
  3. CharleeFoxtrot

    Blue Cross Blue Shield

    Bump to the top, I am interviewing with BCBS today for a remote position and any input would be welcomed.
  4. CharleeFoxtrot

    Does Joint Commission have any credibility left in 2022?

    (Mic drop enough said)
  5. CharleeFoxtrot

    I’m Disgusted and Disturbed

    I don't have the words. ((hugs to the OP))
  6. CharleeFoxtrot

    What to expect as a Primary Care RN?

    We see everything from stage 4 cancer to hand foot and mouth in family care. Literally we take care of patients from cradle to grave. As far as common complaints, Covid-19 or Covid-19 like symptoms, diabetes issues, mental health problems, subst...
  7. CharleeFoxtrot

    Has anyone ever taken PTO to go on job interviews?

    Absolutely. I've also called off to go on a last minute job interview. (waits for the flaming to start over that one LOL)
  8. CharleeFoxtrot

    If you didn't have to bite your tongue?

    Decades ago one of my mentors told me this gem, "If it feels really good to say something to (patient, family, boss, civilian), then 100% chance it was the wrong thing to say."
  9. CharleeFoxtrot

    New Grad in the E.R. During COVID-19

    Develop healthy coping mechanisms and USE them.
  10. CharleeFoxtrot

    Anyone taken a pay cut for sanity?

    Yup, I did. Took a 11% cut for a shorter commute and a "step down" in responsibility. I've not regretted the choice.
  11. At the time I was in law enforcement. Was off that day, had the TV on for noise and watched the whole thing. Cell service was down, couldn't get through to my department. Got kitted up and went into work. So did most everyone else who was off that da...
  12. CharleeFoxtrot

    Advice please

    Come back / be promoted/ be appreciated! It'll be different this time I guarantee it! Been there, done that.
  13. CharleeFoxtrot

    Feeling lost

    I'd say interview wherever it is offered. Stretch your comfort zone as far as looking a different aspects of nursing. Never know what might resonate with you! Best of luck
  14. CharleeFoxtrot

    I Think I'm Done With Nursing

    Me too, I will be a wage slave for awhile yet...sigh.
  15. CharleeFoxtrot

    Calling in sick on last day?

    Adulting is hard but that's what adults do ?