Have a Sense of Humor!

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    Some words to live by if you are a nurse! Many people wouldn't laugh at/agree with some of the things we talk about but it is what keeps us going through the day. Sometimes in nursing one HAS to laugh to keep from crying. What are your thoughts about the statement in the picture? Share comments below!

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    HI! Tom!

    Absolutely.....some days you have to laugh or you'll go crazy! how many times have I thought...man you just can't make this stuff up!!!!
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    Totally agree!!!

    I think nurses are more less likely to 'awfulize' than other people because we have a very different standard for "awful". Hey, how bad can it be if no one died?
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    Laughter is good for our souls....sometimes I have to laugh to keep from crying! It always feels much better when I choose the laughter route!
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    And remember, we're not laughing with you....
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    My kids learned to mock scary medical stuff from me; when my son was (mis)diagnosed with a brain tumor (that was a lousy 6 weeks!); we called him Rotten Brain Boy. You should have seen the doc's face when he heard that one!!! My son just laughed.
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    If you are an empathetic person, humor is necessary to deal with your own feelings.
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    Truer words were never spoken! If you weren't warped when you started nursing, you certainly will be by the time you've been in for a couple of years.
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    Quote from emtb2rn
    And remember, we're not laughing with you....
    I think you've got it! ! A finely-honed appreciation of the absurd is also very helpful.
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    The Concept is Great, as Humor is an Excellent Way to decrease Stress.

    However, the Concept is not necessarily Conveyed in the Poster Picture. The Poster could have Just About Anything printed on it, like:

    "If you Look Good in Scrubs, with a Stethoscope around your neck, you too could be a Nurse!"

    "Nurses Stand Around in Hospital Hallways, Smiling, with their Arms Folded, just waiting to have their Picture taken!"

    "On our Memory Care Unit, we allow Patients to wander the Halls just like the Fella in the Background!"

    Ya know?

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