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TrevyRN has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ER.

(best if read in creepy voice) How about, you tell me something about yourself...

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  1. TrevyRN

    Win $100! June 2015 Caption Contest

    Who knew the size of the colonoscope was the big change” administration was talking about for the GI Lab?
  2. 25 years old when I started my BSN program. Ages at our school ranged from 20 to mid 60's. I think personality, stress management, and study habits were a bigger factor than age when it came to student success. Everyone was awesome. I felt really luc...
  3. Oh I knew it would be legit thirst! Maybe how that's how he gets into these messes... it's like the runaway Venus effect! Blood Sugar up... "Gee I'm thirsty"... *Guzzles coke*... "Gee I'm still thirsty!" ... *Guzzles Dr Pepper*... "Super thirsty now!...
  4. Did you have security shake him down... Could of had something like this... LoL ...
  5. My honey bunches wanted to work in the OR and I wanted to work in the ER. Neither of us had experience. We moved to and worked at a hospital in SE OK. it was tough to be away from family and yummy food, but now honey bunches has an excellent OR job ...
  6. TrevyRN

    Distraught over hospitalized friend

    My heart goes out to you, your friend, and their family. Medical knowledge is a blessing and a curse at times because we are faced with reality earlier on than laypeople. You are already mourning while they cling to hope. It is good that you reached ...
  7. TrevyRN

    Pierced ears; need advice

    People just have ideas about what is 'professional' and 'clean'...and it is not uniformly applied. As many have mentioned, it may have to do with appeasing or abiding by the rules of clinical sites. There was an Asian girl at our school that dyed h...
  8. : ) Mission accomplished!
  9. I always document the juxtaposition if I have time. We had a triage nurse that was excellent at this. "Pt c/o of 10/10 aching, abdominal pain and 'extreme nausea'. Sitting calmly in waiting room chatting with family and watching television, eating a...
  10. TrevyRN

    Frequent Fliers...seeking ENEMAS!

    Hey, I'll administer an enema any day. Beats digital disimpaction...
  11. TrevyRN

    student nurse precepting in ED...advice?

    I've tutored lots of RN students that still didn't know their vital signs going into NCLEX! Know those! I know one nurse that still carries around a small laminated card of all pediatric vital signs so she doesn't have to memorize them. Also, some pe...
  12. Maybe you could get a dolly and wheel him around like Hannibal Lecter...?
  13. It's the middle of the night, and your entire family might have a cold (mom, dad, and two kids). QUICK! CALL 9-1-1 ! FOUR AMBULANCES respond to their home. Two leave and two take the family into the ER. Dad has a legit flu or bad cold, everyone els...
  14. TrevyRN

    Starting an ER job with no orientation?

    ... justified? Of course! Accepting the job and declining the job both had risks and benefits, and you weighed them and made an informed and intelligent decision. :-D If you really want to be an ER RN, don't let this discourage you from applying to...
  15. TrevyRN

    Humor me

    Diverticulosis is has the potential to become diverticulitis, which is the infection of the diverticulae (the outpouchings in the colon). It's kind of like having diabetes vs diabetic ketoacidosis. One is just a condition and the other is a medical p...