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It seems to me anybody and anybody can do nursing, doesnt matter if you are really interested or not, not important if you care about people or not, not relevent if you have a passion for nursing or... Read More

  1. by   GoldenFire
    I have to agree with arguin... You found your calling. Good for you! For those that are "in it for the money" long as they aren't abusing or neglecting their patients (and doing what their job requires them to do) ...who are we to judge?

    I don't buy the martyr b.s. either. If so many nurses are doing it solely "for the passion" or solely because "I care," I would be pleased to take the 'burden' of the check off your hands You know just as well as I do that the money helps! Also I've read a few comments on here that just blew my mind away... seriously, get off your high horse. YOU ARE GETTING PAID TO DO WHAT YOU ARE, AREN'T YOU?? You are no better or worse than any other nurse that is doing the exact same job-- without making a big deal about every lil' thing! {The "YOU" here isn't directed towards OP ... it is directed towards the "I am better than thou" types I have encountered on here}

    Aren't we supposed to be looking out for each other?? Instead, we're constantly looking over each others shoulders so that when a mistake is made the blame game can start.

    Also why are we worrying about what the media is portraying nursing to be?? Even IF (and that's a big IF) schools accept students that have no clue whatsoever, the 2 years minimum will weed them out. And IF that doesn't, the real world will anyway. So just keep it movin! If you enjoy your job, smile! Everything else will work itself out!
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  2. by   Kaileeia
    I am going to school to become an LPN. I've had friends go into nursing because they wanted a sure job. When asked about my motives they are shocked.

    As I was a young girl, growing up I saw my Grandmother constantly fighting for her life. She was horribly sick. I knew from that point, I wanted to be a nurse, just as my cousin did because of watching her always suffer. Now, I will be 24 next month and I have a 4 year old son. When I look at him, I see me when I was a little girl. He is watching the same things play out as I did when he watches his Grandmother, which is my Mother. She has been in ICU twice, within a span of a few weeks and on a ventilator. She has also been to the point where when she falls, she passes out. Her health is at a really poor condition for a 46 year old. My Grandfather, who is still alive has vertigo to the extreme. He also has horrible health problems. So a few years ago, I moved back into my Grandfather and Mother's house to take care of them.

    The reason I decided to go to school and become and LPN was not only to provide better care for them, but I have had this passion since I was my son's age.

    Just tonight, my Mother fell and as I was lifting her off the floor, she said her blood pressure had dropped and that's why she fell. My son, being only 4, ran into the dining room and got the blood pressure cuff and brought it to us. Maybe one day he too will follow my footsteps, maybe even possibly become a doctor. :] Theres to hoping! :]

    Now apart from what I just shared, I agree. It disheartens me when people are only in it for the money.

    I can't wait for next year when I graduate.
  3. by   denimar86
    i agree nursing more than just a job
  4. by   Miss Chybil RN
    After working my butt off for over three years for a two year degree, studying my head off to hopefully pass the NCLEX on Monday, and all the sacrifices me, my husband and the rest of my family have put in in order that I may become a nurse - including the very real possibility my husband and I may have to live in separate states for a year or more - if I'm lucky enough to find EMPLOYMENT - I find your post a little offensive and a lot sanctimonious. Good for you. You sound like the perfect nurse. I bet you do it for free, too.

    Now, where's that test you want me to take? The one that will prove to you my motives meet your expectations?
  5. by   mcubed45
    if i were a patient, i'd care more about whether my nurse was intelligent and competent than if he/she were passionate about nursing.

    there are a lot of passionate people that just don't have the brains to provide safe care.

    that's not to say either is mutually exclusive.. but to argue that passion is a pre-requisite for providing excellent care is a bit much.
  6. by   tanjaccurn
    You are what I label as having a "Super Nurse" one can do it as good or better than you....and you think that 'Rn' after your name should really be "MD" since you're so much more knowledgeable than everyone else......if you're not concerned about earning money....why don't you work for "free" and then you can really pat yourself on the back.....
  7. by   tanjaccurn
    You should perform your nursing skills without receiving a pay-check for them.....then, check your "passion" level for it!!! What a saint!
  8. by   GM2RN
    Quote from Kaileeia

    Now apart from what I just shared, I agree. It disheartens me when people are only in it for the money.

    I can't wait for next year when I graduate.
    That makes it sound like you think you can't be a good nurse if you are "only in it for the money." Several other people have already made good cases for why this notion is a crock. I also believe that those nurses who are "passionate" are emotionally invested and less likely to come to a dispassionate, logical conclusion about the things that they are most passionate about. Some of the posts in this thread prove that. Who cares why a nurse has become a nurse? The most important people in this equation are the patients, and I guarantee you that they don't give a hoot about a nurse's motives for becoming a nurse as long as they get the care that they need. Getting the J.O.B. done is the real bottom line here.
  9. by   CRNAorBust
    Your attitude is part and parcel of where the saying "Nurses eat their young" comes from. You may be the most sincere person in the world but if you don't give newbies a chance your shooting yourself in the foot. You'll be the lone nurse on the floor handling all the patients yourself....think more in terms of what you can do to help the situation.......try to instill the passion you feel instead of harping on the passion that isn't there.
  10. by   Gracefulmic
    Wow, this is awesome!

    I did a "QUICK" 12 month BSN program, got my license, and have been doing the (and I swear I'm quoting another RN) "a real nurse wouldn't be doing that kind of work honey" temp jobs in my area while busting my butt to get a human being from a hospital to respond to my 87 applications.

    Was it glamorous? Nope
    Did I get job security? Nope, some days my 6 hour shift would be cut in half
    Did I get a free lunch once a week? you betcha
    Do I think about how much money I made in my previous career? Yep when I have to decide which bills get paid
    Did I do a nursing job that had me driving more miles than my car/gas tank/wallet could really handle? Yes and I did it because there was a need for nurses.
    Do I regret that I gave up a successful, secure job to accomplish my goal? Not for a second

    If you think anyone in nursing school right now thinks that getting a job in nursing is easy you really need to talk to more nursing students- it is a nightmare! I have my FIRST interview next week and I was the only one, out of 17 friends that applied for it, interviewing! I realized that instead of just being one of 132 new grads (just counting from my class of 145 and not the 4 other BSN programs within 10 blocks of here) I needed to take the little bit of money I made doing 'grunt work' and put it into certifications to better myself and set me apart. There is no dreamy view that nursing is an easy gig to get, keep, and should know you can't believe everything you see on TV.
  11. by   Moogie
    One thing that concerns me about this thread is---

    Why is there a perception that passion and intellectual/technical competence are mutually exclusive? There seems to be this stereotype, often perpetuated by the popular media, that nursing is a job that doesn't requite much brainpower, just a lot of good intentions, and I think that stereotype does a huge disservice to our profession by devaluing it.

    On the other hand, does it really do the profession any good to tout knowledge while disparaging altruism? I mean, most people don't go into any sort of helping profession only for the money---and if they did, there would certainly be many health related, technology based fields that would require far less interpersonal contact---and less contact with, ahem, bodily fluids than nursing.

    I guess I just think life is too short to be stuck in a job that you dislike because you think the money is too good. Now, if your perspective is that the money is adequate compensation for your effort, all the power to you. And if you think your service to humanity, to God or the Universe or whatever is enough to provide your job satisfaction, again, that's great---it's awesome. I can't judge what makes someone else happy or gives someone else fulfillment in his/her life. I do know that I've worked in jobs that have paid very little and have reaped many rewards that have not been tangible---and I've worked in jobs that have paid well and absolutely sucked the spirit right out of my being. I know of someone who is a physician, well paid, highly respected---and miserable because he hates what he does. My DH, on the other hand, is a minister, paid very little but is probably one of the happiest and most self-actualized people I've ever met. It's all a matter of perspective.

    Having said that, I do understand what the OP is saying by expressing frustration with the attitudes of non-nurses who are trying to paint this glorious picture of nursing as this amazing, well-paying, secure profession guaranteed to survive even in a recession. I get the idea that the OP is irritated, as am I, about this image presented that nursing is a job anyone can do (as long as they attend the school that's being advertised) and that a lot of people are led to develop unrealistic notions of the profession based on these slick advertising images or so-called pieces of "journalism" that tout six-figure entry level salaries and claim that nursing is "recession proof". Those people who invest their time and money in nursing school may end up being sorely disappointed when the reality of a poor job market and some of the day-to-day realities of nursing hit the fan.
  12. by   Midwest4me
    [quote=nursinghereicome1112;4085130]well, the thing is, someone's got to replace all these folks that have been in 20+ years. they will not be working much longer. it makes me wonder, what were the standards 20+ years ago? i don't think it takes just "heart" you have to be an academic scholar, and i don't think its easy to find both traits in alot of people.

    well, things were a bit more lax (than they are today)when i attended nursing school 25-26 years ago. we sure as heck didn't have to have a 3.5-4.0 grade point average. i had a b-c average and got in with no problem. we wrote essays describing the reasons for our desire to become nurses. we interviewed with the head of the nursing program; shortly thereafter, received the letter of acceptance.

    my instructors didn't treat us like second-class citizens(i hear and read tales of second-class treatment in today's nursing schools). there is no reason at all for instructors to behave that way. they were all students at one time. too much emphasis is being placed on the gpa; nurses should not be textbook regurgitators.
  13. by   madwife2002
    There appears to be a lot of reading between the lines of what I wrote in my blog and a lot of asumptions made.
    I dont read anywhere where I wrote you don't need intellegence or I want to nurse alone without help?
    I am writing about my passion I am writing that I dont want people in the profession who dont care about the patient who are only in it for a quick fix to unemployment. Remember it is only my opinion and that really doesnt count for a lot in the big world of nursing.
    I dont find the money great when I think of all the qualifications I have, all the years it took to study we are definatly not compensated financially.

    It is not just a job and I feel for people who feel that way, I find it a very rewarding profession, but it is hard work and it does wear you down. I do not eat the young of the profession I can assure you of that.

    I feel very comfortable in my own shoes I have nothing to apologise for, but those of you who feel threatened by my writings maybe you should look to your own heart and search why you feel so annoyed at my scribing's and maybe you will actually find that the passion you felt in replying is because you actually do have passion for your profession!!!