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  1. mcubed45

    CMC Certification

    I've used Cammy House-Fancher's online video seminar for CMC (I also have her previous CCRN audio cd's). It's a great course and includes sample questions. Plus you can get reimbursed and get CE credit. The PASS CCRN test bank is pretty helpful as well (just set it to cardiac only questions).
  2. mcubed45

    Lowest bicarb on abg

    Haha yep. Been there, done that. Inexperienced doc or RT tubes them and "fixes" the CO2.
  3. mcubed45

    ICU Queens PB & WEST

    West is pretty low acuity, almost more of a step-down unit. Mostly due to the limited services available at West (not even HD available). Punchbowl has 4 different ICU's. Medical, surgical/trauma, neuro, and cardiac.
  4. mcubed45


    Has anyone heard anything good or bad about HPU's AGACNP program? I know it's a pretty new program, so I'm sure there's been a lot of changes and growing pains. But I'd like to know how satisfied students have been with their education and how thoroughly they felt the program prepared them. It's really great to finally have a program available locally though.
  5. mcubed45

    UH Manoa vs KCC: pros/cons?

    If you go the KCC route and plan to work while getting your BSN, you should realize that your job prospects are much more limited with only an ADN. Queens already does not hire ADN's and HPH is moving that way as well. If you're planning on working in a non-acute area, it won't matter though.
  6. mcubed45

    Oahu Nursing Aid Jobs/Other Questions

    Where are you coming from? If the job market in your current area is better, it's definitely better to stay and get a couple years experience before moving. Also, be aware the the major hospitals are moving towards only hiring BSN prepared nurses. Queens already does not hire ADN/ASN - even for an aide/tech position. The reasoning is that they would rather hire a BSN new-grad into an aide/tech position so that they can eventually advance them into an RN position. I believe HPH (straub, kapiolani, pali momi, wilcox) is also moving towards BSN only.
  7. mcubed45

    Intubated Pt's Using Bedside Comodes

    You don't keep them snowed. There's tons of research showing the long term neurological deficits associated with prolonged sedation in the ICU. A lof of us were trained with the mentality that we're helping our patients by letting them sleep through their critical illness. In a lot of cases, it's quite the opposite. Over sedation leads to more vent days, longer hospital stays, and more complications. We also don't see the neurological damage we cause because the memory and cognitive problems don't become evident until long after we've extubated and downgraded our patients. The goal should always be to get the patient off all sedation/analgesia as long as it's safe to do so. That means spontaneous awakening trials every shift at a minimum. It can be really difficult to change your unit's culture, but all the evidence shows that we need to change. If your unit isn't already a part of the SCCM ICU Liberation Collaborative, I'd encourage you to explore the work being done and consider adopting some of the bundles/guidelines. ICU Liberation | About
  8. mcubed45

    Pay rate in Oahu

    It doesn't matter what you put. You'll get paid exactly the same as every other nurse with the same amount of experience. Most hospitals don't pay you job rate until you hit 2 years though.
  9. mcubed45


    Gambro has a bunch of training stuff on their website for the Prismaflex as well. The newer Prismaflex systems are pretty user friendly as far as setup and trouble shooting though. Just follow the on-screen instructions.
  10. mcubed45

    Vasoactive medication help

    I think you got some of your variables switched around. Ohms law is actually V=IR. Voltage = current x resistance. The analogue to this in terms of fluid dynamics is: deltaP=QR Or the pressure difference from point A to point B is equal flow times resistance. In terms of hemodynamics of the human body we kinda simplify this to BP = CO x SVR. Or (MAP-CVP) = HR x SV x SVR
  11. mcubed45

    New Grad About to Start Working in the ICU - Any Tips?

  12. mcubed45

    CMC exam

    Took mine in 2015. I thought it was a bit more challenging than the CCRN. One of the biggest challenges was the lack of information and test prep materials at the time. I used Cammy House-Francher's test prep, which I thought was very helpful (much like her CCRN courses). Her course included a lot of practice questions in addition to around 10 hours of lectures. I'm renewing my CCRN this year (by exam) so I just went to one of Cammy's in-person CCRN review courses last month. I chatted with her a bit and she mentioned that the CMC changed a bit last year. She retested recently and said they took out a lot of the Swan number interpretation type questions (since almost no one uses swans anymore).
  13. mcubed45

    New grad RN salaries

    Doesn't really matter. If you get accepted into a new grad program, you'll be paid exactly the same as every other new grad. Most of the hospitals in Hawaii are unionized and have very fixed payscales. Those "desired salary" fields are for other salaried positions where pay is negotiable.
  14. mcubed45

    First week training in the ICU

  15. mcubed45

    Pay at Kapi‘olani

    Job rate at most hospitals in Hawaii is about $55/hr
  16. mcubed45

    Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children

    Job rate at most hospitals in Hawaii is about $55/hr after 2 years of experience