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  1. CRNAorBust

    First Nursing job, and I drowned!

    Dear First NUrsing job, I'm very sorry you had such a lousy first job but , and I hate to say it, welcome to real world nursing. I am 57 yrs old and I have had 3 jobs so far and none of them have taken.....the longest one was 2.5 yrs and now I'm out on my can as well. What you need to do is take a couple of days or so and regroup yourself. You can't possibly understand anything that went on in total when you're so upset. It never feels good to get let go but when it does you have to look at the bright side of things and say to yourself the next job will be better...........and it could very well be. I started after graduation in an ICU residency which had me on the floor in 6 months when I tought it was going to be for a whole year of training. I made one mistake and boom out i went in 6 months. Then I was on a med surg floor and for whatever the reason I could not tell precisely when a pt was going bad. Plus i had a host of other poor critical thinking issues. So that one lasted 10 months. Then I figured well if I can't manage people who we're trying to make better maybe I could manage those who were dying....well that took the 2.5 yrs before it just ended today. So you see, for some of us newbies we have to do trial by fire before we can understand where we belong. So after your two days of getting over the shock sit down and start a journal or talk with some people or even a therapist or career counselor (I'm doing the counselor thing). This will help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses and then at some point you'll be ready to figure out what challlenge to try next. Think of it as a learning lesson. You picked up some knowledge, you certainly got dumped on from the sounds of it. So now you have an understanding of what questions to ask if you were to decide to try the same type of nursing. If you feel it really didn't suit you then you need to figure out what might work better for you. Its all about knowing who you are and what might work best for you. Hang in there and I wish us both the best :)..........SMILE cause its only a job....NOT your entire life.....be glad you're not still in such a stressful place that's constantly sapping your energy and making you sick. LIfe is about balance.....go find your balance..... All the best.....
  2. when I was in nursing school and doing so well I thought for sure this would be my career to retire from........but it hasn't turned out that way.....I'm still looking for that career....
  3. CRNAorBust

    Please help ...... feeling really stuck!!!

    Well obviously we all have our ups and downs. And when I posted my initial statement I was feeling pretty down. I actualy went to sign up for possible per diem homecare work and I received a call from a school to possibly do some teaching to LPNs. So things are moving but still not quite in a direction that makes me feel totally comfortable. I do keep plugging and I actually thougt about reading one or more of the type of book you're recommending. I know its been quite awhile since I looked at that (I am an ex Psych grad). So perhap I might see things differently now. I was just hoping by posting something here that someone might have had a similar circumstance in terms of career development and moved into a sub field that I might not have thought of. Thank you for taking the time to reply.....
  4. I have been a nurse since 2005, I started in a critical care resdency program and crashed and burned. Then went to med surg and did same. Then went to hospice floor......no good, then finally hospice homecare and currently on verge of being let go.........I'm feeling pretty down about nursing and have no sense of what I should be doing now. Feeling stuck....I'm 57 and feel I will soon be homeless if I can't figure a new direction that makes any sense. Any Ideas who i should be talking to? Seems I can't do pt care well enough, and any other specialties require previous experience.....I'm not seeing a way out........Any ideas would be very appreciated........TIA....
  5. CRNAorBust

    Is there any type of nursing I can do?

    Ever since I got out of nursing school I have not been able to do well in a hospital setting. I've tried critical care, I've tried med/surg, hospice.....nothing seems to be working. Can anyone suggest another type of nursing that I might be able to try? I'm afraid nursing may not have been a good choice for me in spite of having done well in school. ..... Thanks........
  6. I'm looking to change jobs and am looking for recommendations for which agencies would be the best to deal with. I'm looking to find out which ones are the most reputable and best at finding the type of position you want. Thanks in advance.
  7. CRNAorBust

    Got No Job? Come be an RN !

    Your attitude is part and parcel of where the saying "Nurses eat their young" comes from. You may be the most sincere person in the world but if you don't give newbies a chance your shooting yourself in the foot. You'll be the lone nurse on the floor handling all the patients yourself....think more in terms of what you can do to help the situation.......try to instill the passion you feel instead of harping on the passion that isn't there.
  8. CRNAorBust

    Best way to study for Hospice Certification

    No I don't have any stats. It was based on what I was recently reading online here. Seems that many who don't have to get certified won't. It's expensive, and it may not contribute much especially to those who've been a hospice nurse for some time. Just my opinion.....
  9. Hi everyone, I need to study and pass the cert exam (RN) since we are union nurses and my salary grade depends on having that cert. We also get reimbursed for the test plus we get a bonus of about 400 dollars the first time we take the exam. So recently I've heard that studying the question guide that the association sells will be useless since now you won't be seeing exam questions that are similar to that guide. I'm wondering what others might be using (tho it seems not many of you are being required to take the exam). Any tips anyone might have heard about would be very welcomed.... Thanks.....