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  1. Miss Chybil RN

    Jehovah's Witness nurses in the critical care unit?

    This is what nursing is about. Not jumping all over your coworkers because they can't do something - physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally. In my hospital we are taught to treat eat other like we treat our patients. I think it's a great concept.
  2. Miss Chybil RN

    Jehovah's Witness nurses in the critical care unit?

    To some, the whole of religion is silly semantics. That's just not the issue.
  3. Miss Chybil RN

    Jehovah's Witness nurses in the critical care unit?

    I don't see what the big deal is myself. I mean considering blood always has to be verified by two nurses, anyway. I'm not a Jehovah's Witness. I'm an agnostic, so I have no dog in this fight, but come on! Now, dear OP, I understand your religion is important to you, but you don't have to discuss it during an interview. Next time, keep it to yourself. You can't be discriminated against because of your religion. Plain and simple. But, you must also realize what nurses do in every unit. We take blood, we give blood. I'm in Med/Surg and we give blood all the time. What's in your favor is, there are always two nurses to verify the blood. If the only thing you have a problem with is pushing the start button, like I said, what's the big deal? Geez. I'd be happy to push the start button for a Jehovah's Witness. I'd be happy to connect the line. If there is such an emergency that the blood has to be administered within seconds, which is impossible considering the logistics one must go through to get blood from the lab, etc., I can't imagine there wouldn't be more than one person in the room at the time, anyway. Now, if you were trying to get a job in an abortion clinic and you're against abortion, that would be a different story. Or, if you don't believe in birth control and you apply for a job at Planned Parenthood, I'd say that was a problem. I just don't see the problem here. If I were you, I might talk to someone who knows something about the law. You might also want to look inside yourself and see if you could be as open-minded about this situation as you're expecting everyone else to be. It's a two-way street. If someone's life and health were on the line, could you push the damned button?
  4. Miss Chybil RN

    New to WA---RN New Grad Programs?

    gazeyball, I've applied for several positions in the Franciscan system. It seems they take a long time to answer. I moved from AZ to TX in April for a Med/Surg job. I graduated in December 2009. Do you know if I'd still be eligible for a residency program? Do you have any suggestions that might help me secure a position - residency, or not?
  5. Miss Chybil RN

    Any nurses completed or working on a ACNP in Cali?

    I've been researching the program at UCSF and am curious to hear what you know about it. Did you attend this program? Do you know anyone who has? Pros/cons? Is it difficult to find housing? The UCSF website says it's very difficult to work while in the program. Were you able to work during yours? How did you survive financially? Do you like your job? Is it what you expected it to be? Any surprises? Disappointments? Are you working in the ED, ICU or another department? Any words of wisdom for anyone contemplating this field? I'm currently working on my RN-BSN. If I apply to the ACNP program, it will be for the Fall 2012 semester. My dream is to live in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle, most specifically. The ACNP program inspired me to pursue this route, as I have no desire to be an FNP. I appreciate any guidance you can give me. Thanks, so much!
  6. Miss Chybil RN

    Are the positions at Baylor real?

    Good for you! I love hearing "I got the job" stories. I'm sure it will be worth it. I applied for a bunch of their new grad positions and seemed to be on the "short-list" for one, but I never got a call and finally received the "other people are better than you" letter. Maybe, it was you! LOL! Seriously though, Congratulations!!!
  7. I think your instructor sounds like a jerk. How could she blame you for the patient going back to CCU? Ridiculous. Absolutely. It was nobody's "fault." If it were me, I'd have pushed the call light, put up the head of the bed, checked the O2, RR, and lung sounds all while the nurse was on her way. I'm sure she checked all that herself when she got there, right? I mean you're a second semester student. You sound like a very astute one, but I always felt like it was dangerous to let somebody think I knew anymore than any second semester, or third semester, or fourth semester nursing student normally would. We might have a lot of book knowledge, great critical thinking skills, and a ton of common sense, but without experience, we don't know what we don't know and neither do the nurses we are working with - know what we don't know. Had you spent more time playing nurse, you could've cost your patient some critical minutes. I would think your instructor would think patient safety was a little more important than your learning experience. I agree with everyone who said not to get into a match with your instructor. I wouldn't kiss her behind, either. If that was your last clinical of the semester, hopefully you won't have to see her again. I also agree it wasn't very good judgement to give someone who just came from CCU Ativan for SOB. Sounds like you were in the middle here. Chalk it up to learning not only about your patient and her pathologies, but also about the differing personalities we all have to deal with in this profession. BTW, I wouldn't have left to do meds. Staying to watch how the situation was handled would've been a great and safe learning experience. :) You're going to be a great nurse. Keep on keeping on!
  8. Miss Chybil RN

    No, Caps Are Not Totally Gone

    I'm kind of curious as to why you think the cap would carry a risk of infection any more than your hair would? Granted, most people wash their hair everyday, but not all, and germs on a dry hat aren't likely to survive from one shift to another. I think there is more risk of germs on your pen and stethoscope than there ever would be on a hat. Granted those things are easier to clean, but what about your shoes? Shoes get much dirtier than hats and have about as much, or more, likelihood of touching a patient in a way that would cause infection as a hat would. I can see the "only nurse" argument, but not the risk of infection and a lawsuit. That might be stretching it a bit.
  9. Miss Chybil RN

    Am I Freaking Out Over Nothing? New Job At Hospital

    I agree with chenoaspirit. Show up at orientation. If they had a problem, they would have called you.
  10. Miss Chybil RN

    Am I Freaking Out Over Nothing? New Job At Hospital

    Have they already offered you the job?
  11. Miss Chybil RN

    Man dies waiting for EMS

    No Excuse!!!!! None! Period.
  12. Feb. 19, 2010 - The New York State Nurses Association commends the New York State Senate's passage of S4018, an act to amend the penal law, making assault on registered nurses a Class C felony. more... http://www.nursezone.com/Nursing-News-Events/more-news/New-York-Nurses-Celebrate-Legislative-Victory-that-Protects-Nurses-from-Violence_33502.aspx
  13. Miss Chybil RN

    Man dies waiting for EMS

    Well, obviously we don't have that problem where I live. I guess I will change my ideas about the postal system. I wonder if you read where I said they expected the man to walk to them, but they couldn't walk to him. There was no need to trek 100s of pounds of equipment through the snow. A backboard, some straps and a cell phone would have been all they needed to get the guy back to the ambulance and if they couldn't get him back, they could've called for a 4WD vehicle, which was available, or they could have air lifted the guy out. Also, I'm not familiar with "cancelling" 911 calls. Calling 911 isn't like calling a taxi. You can't "cancel" it here in Arizona. If somebody calls 911, the cops and/or the paramedics WILL be at your door. You can cancel it then, but they will make sure you are alright before they leave. I've said all I can say on this subject. It seems the apologists abound. Hopefully your understanding nature will never be tested by having something like this happen to you, or one of your own.
  14. Where do you live, because if the market isn't already dried up there, I'll be there with a U-Haul.
  15. Miss Chybil RN

    Nursing in Arizona

    Yes, Arizona is a Right to Work state and that does mean you can be let go and quit for no reason, unless you have a contract. There are unions here and they do have negotiating power within the industries they operate in. OP, I don't know what you heard, but I was born here and I've never heard of such a thing in my life. Of course, in any state I suppose someone could walk up to a manager and say, "Hey, I hear your paying her $20 an hour for that job. I'll do it for $19.50." That doesn't mean that person is going to get your job. That doesn't make any sense. Now, on to reality. Right now, there are no jobs for new grads. There are some waiting lists and there may be a few new grad positions that open up next month, but there won't be many and the competition is fierce. Take a look at Banner Health's website - most of their positions say, "Not suitable for new grads" or "Department cannot take new grads at this time." So, don't come here thinking you're going to find a job. Find the job first, then come. Good luck!