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  1. I'm not sure if I read your comment about OT the way you meant it, but since you are a new grad and may not know, it's against the law to NOT pay you time and a half for any hours over 40 in a week or 80 in two weeks. Hospitals where nurses are unio...
  2. Sure, as long as one can afford it.
  3. Wow, I would have thought DC paid better than that.
  4. The Midwest covers a lot of territory and wages vary depending on the state and hospital. I live in Michigan and make $42/hr base in a union hospital with 12 yrs experience.
  5. Salary Offer

    You have to look a little further than just “the Midwest.” I live in the Midwest but in the north and make $42/hr. However, there are areas in the south where RN’s may make only half of that.
  6. I once sent my notice via email to my immediate supervisor (in hindsight I should have copied it to HR). He never responded to my notice and I later found out that he also never informed HR, so they tried to terminate me for “no call, no show.” I en...
  7. I feel the same for most surveys and polls. However, a completed exit survey was one of the requirements stipulated in the policies of one hospital that I worked for in order for me to receive my banked PTO when I left. There was no way to even pre...
  8. Trump's 'religious conscience'

    Where are you getting this from?
  9. Feedback appreciated

    You're right that just documenting the conversation wouldn't let others know about the change in the order. I was attempting to address that issue by suggesting that the nurse should remind the doctor to d/c the order and hopefully he would do it so...
  10. Feedback appreciated

    I agree with most of this but some of what you said is a little bit confusing. I think I know what you meant but I will attempt to clarify with my opinion and you can tell me if you agree. While the OP may not be allowed to take any verbal orders, s...
  11. Support Planned Parenthood Today!

    Not sure I will get to actually answering these comments today but for clarity purposes can someone please tell me how to separate out part of a quote as in post #164?
  12. Support Planned Parenthood Today!

    But what I am proposing is that, IF abortion is an issue of CHOICE, it DOESN'T MATTER when viability occurs or when a fetus "becomes a person." If a woman truly has a right to choose in the matter of pregnancy and abortion, that right does not end ju...
  13. Support Planned Parenthood Today!

    I actually agree with you on this.
  14. Support Planned Parenthood Today!

    Belief in the Bible hinges on believing that God exists, else it has no meaning. Many would say that there is no evidence that God exists or that the Bible is true, but there actually is. I cannot post it here as it would be too lengthy and some of...
  15. Support Planned Parenthood Today!

    I agree that ideally all pregnancies should be wanted. I have some thoughts on that that I may go into another time. The question that I asked earlier actually has nothing to do with viability of a fetus. What I'm asking is, if indeed a woman has t...