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Did anyone else in here hear about the lawsuit in New York against McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, & KFC. Seem a graoup of people are suing theses restraunts because eating the food there made them... Read More

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    Originally posted by Level2Trauma
    I wonder if I could sue the condom company...I bought one, laid it beside the bed during sex...and my wife still got pregnant.

    I'm not sure you would win that one...the put "application instructions" on the box...then again, now, if you can't read you may have a case with the added bonus of them discriminating against you being illiterate by not having pictures.

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    maybe they can all get together and be on judge judy
    she would be great hearing that case
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    Excuse me while I scarf down my supersize fries that I bought with my disability check that I get cause I'm too fat. Oh yea dont forget my electric wheelchair that my medicaid paid for I get that because I'm over weight too. and I cant help it if I have to use the electric wheelchair at walmart, I get too outta breath searching for my oreo's. geeeeeeeez!

    give me a break people! This is madness!
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    i heard the lawyer for one of the plaintiffs say on TV that "if there had been nutritional information printed on the food's packaging or labels, then my client would not have become obese" God!!! this is just stupid, as so many of us have so eloquently said .....i just dont know how a lawyer didnt laugh in their faces.
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    I agree the lawsuit is ridiculous. Is there really a need to SUPER-SIZE?!?!?!?! I mean if you go with what is considered a proportional meal, super-size, whata-size, etc, etc, etc, should be removed from the menu.

    I know this is all common sense, but it wouldn't hurt to put labels on the food. Basically, if it tastes good, it's probably not good for you.
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    This is Great. Now I know the real reason I am overweight. But I won't stop there! Lets blame it on our employers for giving us a lunch hour, my car for getting me there, ooooohhhhh the possibilities are endless. I'm Rich!!!!!! LOL
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    Hmmmm ... I think I should sue Walmart for making me shop there. The addiction is so bad. I experience withdraws, Shortness of breath, The overwhelming need to check out the clearence rack........they made me poor. I didn't see a warning at the door!!!!! They must be stopped!!! For the children .... please stop the pain. hehehehe :-))))
    Walmart addicted Future RN:chuckle :roll :chuckle :roll
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    No question of doubt----I agree with each and every one of you....If I were that man, and others who are filing that suit, along with their a$$ hole attorney, I sure as heck wouldn't go on national TV.

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you eat enough of that fast food, it is bound to catch up to you. The same goes for smoking, drinking, and doing drugs (just to name a few).

    It will be interesting (for lack of a better work) to see if the suit is thrown out!!!!
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    I couldn't believe but it doesn't suprise me. I wish people stop blaming large corporations for making them fat, killing their lungs, and making their kids like violence. It boils down to you having a free mind to make choices. Its is bad enough they clog their arteries and tax their pancrease but to clog up our judicial system with this rubbish makes me sick. I wish I could be the judge who has to sit and hear that crap I would humiliate them to the max. That is why I can't stand doing med/surg half the people that are admitted there is because they refuse to stop killing their bodies w/ cigarettes or saturated fat. You get what you put out. Pitiful......
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    Perhaps we should revoke driving and voters' priveleges. Because if they are too stupid to know what they put in their bodies, and the potential for harm of eating fast food 4 to 5 times a week, then they are *FAR* too mentally-challenged to DRIVE among us and VOTE in our future leaders. We need to protect these stupid idiots from themselves and the general public, if they are indeed that inept that they cannot control their own diets as adults! REALLY, were I the judge, this is what I would decree as I threw them the *&%$ out of my courtroom! SHEESH!