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  1. biscuit_007

    PICU Nurses

    Well I have moved. I now work in a 6 bed picu in temple texas. We have 3 intensivists a great staff and loads of patients. We are affiliated with texas A&M medical school. GO AGGIES!
  2. biscuit_007

    help a greenie out

    I cannot agree with the grin and bear it technique at all. It may be the trouble maker in me but i always talk back. The last time a MD talked to me that way I asked him into the NURSES lounge and told him mateer of factly that if he ever spoke to me like that in front of one of MY patients that i would file a formal complaint with the Parish( County ) medical society, the hospital administration, & anyone else that might listen to me. I will not in any case be a doormat to a doctor. As nurses we are always trying to garner professional respect from our peers. (Doctors) Until we as a whole can convince them that we are their peers and equals we will never get the respect we so justly deserve.
  3. biscuit_007

    Why so closed minded? WHY?

    As a male nurse i have endured this a few times. I must say that as strange as this sounds it never really bothered me that much. I smile give the best care on the whole floor and do my best to open theses closed minds. Many ladies have told me that they prefer a male nurse over a female nurse. I think its just a personal preference. I have noticed the greatest bit of problems i have had are from little old ladies while the younger ladies have much less reservations. My only thought behind this is that many older paople see male nurses as people who could not make it in medical school.(but that is a whole other thread) When my mother had surgery recently she repeatedly said that she liked all her male nurses and sides more then the females she had taking care of her. Although I believe she is biased since her husband and only son are nurses, she swears the males that took care of her were much more gentle. Now in no way am i implying that males make better nurses then female! My point, no matter how long it takes me to get to it at 4 am, is that it is a personal preference and at the hospital i work at we have informaly found a way to deal with accomidating these preferences. If the patient is civil and makes a polite request to have a different gender nurse then we try to accomidate them. If they rant and rave and are abusive they NEVER get what they want.
  4. biscuit_007

    Will someone PLEASE pinch me!!!

    consider yourself pinched :roll Really i am glad you like it. I had only 1 assignment that i really loved when i was traveling. If you ever get a chance go to Roanoke virginia!
  5. biscuit_007

    fatigue.....the nurse's

    I work 5 12's a week. I am the only night shift person on my unit except for the weekend RN and she is pregnent so i don't expect her to work any extra. I have been known to come in extra on a friday or saturday to help HER out. Not a favor to management. She has been known to do the same thing for me. When i am off i try to do 1 8 hour shift with the agency just to keep up with whats going on in the rest of nursing. I guess i average about 65 hours a week but i am working toward a goal. When I grow up i want to be my son's football, baseball, etc. coach. So, I work lots now so I can work less later!
  6. biscuit_007

    Fast Food Lawsuit

    Nope no myth. I just saw it on the news again! really gets me hot!!
  7. biscuit_007

    Fast Food Lawsuit

    Did anyone else in here hear about the lawsuit in New York against McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, & KFC. Seem a graoup of people are suing theses restraunts because eating the food there made them fat and contributed to health problems. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! To make things worse, in my mind at least, One of the primary plaintiffs is a NURSE! She claims that the fast food she ate 2-3 times a week contributed to here morbid obesity and diabetes. Look, I am not the smallest man in the world and I eat fast food at least 5 times a week but i think it takes a rather large pair of b***S to sue because you could not stay out of drive thru! When this is thrown out of court i think the idiots suing should have to pay all the lawyers for the defendents as well as their own and all court costs. Now all this being said I am going get a value meal!!!!!!!!!! :roll
  8. biscuit_007

    What has been your lowest census?

    I work in a small Picu and we are closed all the time. We have been closed about 50% of the time recently. Tonight we are open but have 2 RN's with 2 patients. When we are closed I have to be in house so i task in children's service. Since I am the only full time night staff in our unit I still make my 60 hours a week so i stay happy.
  9. biscuit_007

    codependent and chemical dependent nurses

    bull! most of the nurses i know are stable in all rights. I think she is making an excuse for her weeknesses.
  10. biscuit_007

    Fear of nursing politics

    In today's world I have no fear at all about losing my job. I can be fired at 9 am and working in a better job by the 3 pm shift.
  11. biscuit_007


    Anyone planning to take the CCRNP in the near future? I am thinking that by the end of the year I will be ready to take it and I would love some input into resources that i might use to study.
  12. biscuit_007

    RNs who go to med school??

    I know a few Md's who were Rn's prior to being doctors and they are all nightmare's to work with. If any little thing is not perfect with their patient they have little hissy fits. Its like they hold all nurses to a higher standard since they were nurses. The problem is when we ask them to go to bat with the suits for us they refuse with the excuse that they are doctors and should not get involved in nursing issues. Ironic how they can tell us how to be nurses but not want to get involved in nursing issues.
  13. biscuit_007

    Why RN vs LPN (Pay)?

    Instant credibility. For some reason the day after i became an Rn everyone assumed I was such the better nurse. It doesn't make any sense but that is the way it is.
  14. biscuit_007

    LOOK the part?

    WE have a very liberal policy here on my unit. Now it must be said that i work in a children's center. WE can pretty much wear whatever we want as long as it's professional. But then again our director comes in wearing a miniskirt and see through blouse at times so i am thinking she has very little to say about how we dress.
  15. biscuit_007

    Insane visitors!

    besides does a new baby with an immature immune system really need to be passed around that much?
  16. biscuit_007

    Took the NCLEX today! Yikes!

    75 here too and it was good

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