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  1. ADN(RN) -> MSN (for those in a hurry)

    Thought some of you might be interested in tihs recent article. http://www.cnn.com/2003/HEALTH/09/24/educated.nurses.ap/index.html
  2. IV push d50 thur 24 butterfly

    It would be easy....All you have to do is run a high pressure hose to an oxygen tank attach an adapter to the end of the high pressure hose, then attach the adapter to the 24 guage butterfly, run back out to the nurses desk and open the oxygen tank.....
  3. Previous DUI and Nursing school admission

    I will try to answer your question from my own experience. Prior to Nursing School I had TWO DUI's. When I first entered nursing school you had to list felonies. In my state three DUI's in 5 years is a felony...not two. So, I did not list them. Howev...
  4. made it

    hope everyone is fine
  5. Is this patient suicidal?

    Nurse Ratched, Juding form your post....You either lack the "sense" or control or whatever you want to call it, to control your tongue. Don't apologize in one sentence and then repeat the same offensive statement in the next paragraph. Just my opini...
  6. Is this patient suicidal?

    Nurse Ratched said, " May not have sense enough to know when to quit (or less sense than average!)" Alcoholism, or any addiction for that matter has nothing at all to do with the person's intellectual capacity... If this is the attitude you have to...
  7. Fast Food Lawsuit

    I wonder if I could sue the condom company...I bought one, laid it beside the bed during sex...and my wife still got pregnant.
  8. Yet Another One That Misses the Boat

    JT, I nominate you for the "Nursing Advocate of the Year Award ". You are always striving to make our working environment better for the rest of us. As soon as I complete my MSN (this Monday [YAHOO]), I will be joining you on the frontline...too figh...
  9. Breech of Confidentiality...

    In society, your innocent until proven guilty. In nursing, your guilty until proven innocent!!!
  10. Southern Nurses Better Off Than The Rest?

  11. Some questions for all the nurses

    Regardless of how many times this topic comes up...the answers will always be biased. Those who have the higher degree believe, and rightly so, that they should be appropriately compensated for their education. Those who don't have a higher degree be...
  12. On-line BSN Program ?

    University of North ALabama. I forget the Homepage URL. However, you can find it with a search engine or you can click on my homepage below and you will find a link to several online programs inclucing UNA.
  13. Student loans

    You can fill out the FAFSA on the web. Just go to the following link. http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/
  14. Clinical hours for LPN, AAS, and BSN

    She may just be making up excuses for not learning what she should have learned in her clinicals. You see them...those that sidestepped, hid, procrastinated, avoided, etc. etc. ...and by the way, they're in every program... ADN, BSN, MSN...and believ...
  15. Online Degree??

    You can also receive an online BSN degree from the University of Alabama. They initiated this program the year after I graduated (shucks). However, we did get to partake in the pilot program by taking one class online. It was absolutely wonderful. Yo...