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Did you know that there is such a thing as email etiquette - for Work? I don't know about you, but I have tripped into many pitfalls with my emails! Emails can have a tone, attitude, rudeness, and they can be offensive! ... Read More

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    You know what.......I had a job once that I got "talked to" because I shouted all the time in my emails and it was aggressive and un-professional. I remember thinking WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???? Computers were new(ish) and the hospital used meditech, exclusively for all communications...we didn't have "hospital intra-net" Meditech is an all capital system so I had the caps lock on.....I remember thinking...... what in heavens name is she talking about?????? I finally stopped her as she was reading me the riot act about professionalism and I said.....I'll be happy to take the caps lock off it is not what you here but what does a cap lock have to do with professionalism.

    Her return comment was...."I though you came with experience".....with disdain in her voice. That was the day I KNEW nursing was going to change forever and it made me sad.

    I agree I think that "computer etiquette" need to be taught.....just like back in the day we were taught about writing formal and informal letters and how to use proper from/etiquette/letter head and greetings. As far as what I put out's the rule I used as a teenager and why I NEVER kept a diary....NEVER put incriminating evidence in writing.

    GrTea.....guilty: Singular/plural mismatch; "they" as a singular ("You can tell your patient has heart failure if they are ..." FAIL)
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    Quote from BrandonLPN
    You'd probably like the book 'Eats, Shoots & Leaves' by Lynne Truss.
    I do, and I also heartily recommend the Grammar Girl oeuvre ( , both podcasts and emails. Her tricks to remember the difference between oft-confused words and terms are priceless. She's a hoot, and I give away her books as door prizes when I present on writing.
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    Quote from amygarside
    Thank you for your advise*,+ I completely agree that what you have written in the heat of the moment can be used against you. This is really helpful.

    As you say.

    * advice
    + Period, new sentence.

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    I am in SO much agreement with this article. AN is the first forum I ever really participated in since I am always misinterpreted because the tone in my head as I type usually does not translate to the reader. I'm very often mistaken for being cold and in my messages, yet at the time of type I am actually trying to convey what I am hoping is taken as a friendly comment.
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    Don't write anything, don't say anything or even think anything that can be used against you. I rarely send e-mails. If I e-mail someone from work, I always type it up as formal as a letter.
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    I remember learning about formal and informal letters at school. I am 28 and yet when I write an email to my DDON and she responds with text speak and smileys. It annoys me as I only contact her rarely. We do not have a relationship that means she can send me a line of text speak as a reply.

    On the same vein, is it wrong that I do not repsond to real estate agents who do not use proper grammar? I know I could miss a great house but it annoys me no end!

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