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lilarox specializes in telemetry.

I am married with two boys, ages 7 and 4. and so on and so forth!

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  1. Me either, can't find them.
  2. lilarox

    April 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    We'll have 12 double shot expressos and would you prefer rolled coins or will loose change be okay?
  3. lilarox

    When Giving Report Please....

    Everyone has an opinion on the best way to give report, and opinions on what not to do. I like to believe that most of the time I do a good job. There are days where things just do not flow well, and I do not win report giving awards. That said, I...
  4. lilarox

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    Don't know if this has been said already but: La-ah Pronounced: Luh•dash•uh
  5. It seems that it varies from both state to state, and location in the state. It seems that in most states, the populated areas, areas with a few/many nursing schools are having the most difficulty getting a job. In my state, there are areas, mostly...
  6. Hello Everyone and thank you very much for all the replies, both agreeable and those that find this disagreeable or redundant. First let me clear up something very important: I DID NOT SAY, NOR AM I INSINUATING ANYONE SHOULD QUIT NURSING SCHOO...
  7. lilarox

    Pain control via PRN narcotics

    Don't know if this helps, but I am a new graduate and in orientation we had the pharmacist as one of the speakers. She said in situations where there is a range it is best to administer the minimum/most frequent. For example using your morphine q...
  8. Hello Everyone and congratulations to those just entering nursing school, those about to graduate, and everyone in between. You worked hard to get here, congratulate yourself for getting to this point, wherever that point is for you. I just wanted ...
  9. Hmm, thanks? I originally thought that I was going to get the bottoms there, be issued tops. I have noticed the sizes are a funny tag, not a measurement. Extra smalls are imaginary, and I was under the impression that I would get two tops. I'm wr...
  10. Just curious if anyone who has worn the standard hospital issue green scrubs knows the actual color name. Not sure If it is possible but I would like to buy my own, however I the specific color of the standard blah greens is difficult to determine s...
  11. lilarox

    Xxs scrub bottoms? Help!

    Exactly! I always have the same problem. Way too big. I'd like to hear some suggestions on this as well.
  12. I am not sure how many of the students actually consider CRNA for the proper reasons, however I’m inclined to believe that salary is a significant factor and if it is the sole determinant, this is cause for a serious internal evaluation and self-sear...
  13. Honestly, this reminds of a situation I encountered with my sister a few years ago and I think it serves as a good analogy to my point. Here is the example: My sister was pregnant for a few months (cannot remember exactly how long, I only know ...
  14. I came upon this post in a happenstance manner. I make this statement to nullify the idea that my intention here is an intentional attack on the author and/or respondents of this thread. I feel the need to defend myself and in doing so I will likel...
  15. lilarox

    Is nursing school really as stressful as everyone says

    I didn't work, but I was a full time mother of 2 and my husband worked out of town. I have graduated, in May with an ASN. That said, I believe I was a bit shocked especially in my 3rd and 4th semester at how involved nursing school was. All school...
  16. lilarox

    Cheating in Pre-Reqs

    Whether or not you report her, your hard work will be rewarded. Although it doesn't feel like it right now, you will see, in time your effort will benefit you. At my school it was nearly impossible to cheat on nursing tests. A & P is such an i...