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Did you know that there is such a thing as email etiquette - for Work? I don't know about you, but I have tripped into many pitfalls with my emails! Emails can have a tone, attitude, rudeness,... Read More

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    Quote from ProfRN4
    Aren't we supposed to be writing e-mails the way we write letters? Call me old fashion and corny, but I'm thinking the basic etiquette should remain in an e-mail. Apparently the younger generation doesn't think this :0

    I really wish this weren't the case, but it really is true. I can't tell you how many e-mails I have written to colleagues (educated colleagues, at that), who only answer the first part of the e-mail. I try to include more than one subject in the e-mail (ei., "exam 2 and clinical make-ups), but still, only the first part is worthy of a reply. It's like people today don't have the attention span to read an entire e-mail.
    That's what I do! I still start my emails with Dear. _____, and end them with "Sincerely."

    Unless of course it IS an informal email

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    From the title of the thread I assumed this was about Patraeus.
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    My pet peeves are the misuse (or non-use) of paragraph breaks and semicolons.

    Nobody likes a wall-o-text, and periods are usually a better choice than joined sentences that could then be their own paragraph...

    Oh, I also tend to give up on walls-o-text that use ellipses to string thoughts along without ever giving the eye a chance to break and digest the information.

    Ah, grammar.
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    Quote from GrnTea
    Advice/advise (Advice is a noun, advise is a verb)Singular/plural mismatch; "they" as a singular ("You can tell your patient has heart failure if they are ..." FAIL)Inappropriate Capitals for Everything ("I saw the Physical Therapist at my Dentist's office." FAIL)Inappropriate possessives for plurals ("I bought four apple's." FAIL)They're/there/theirInappropriate use of quotation marks ("Do you know how I should contact the "board" to ask about my license?" FAIL)Bizarre punctuation...or none at all, in long run-on sentences that never come to the point. "My sister says that she likes mashed potatoes we have creamed spinach for Thanksgiving they're my favorite." Huh?"U" for "you"Oh, you shouldn't have gotten me started on that.... Yes, written communication is important no matter what its medium. (Oh, and that's the singular of media. A newspaper is not media, a film is not media, television is not media. Each is a medium.)
    You'd probably like the book 'Eats, Shoots & Leaves' by Lynne Truss.
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    Thank you for your advise, I completely agree that what you have written in the heat of the moment can be used against you. This is really helpful.
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    Timely article given the news about the Petraeus affair and how emails exposed the affair and more people are now caught in this web as it unravels! An email is permanent, even when you delete it, it still remains on the computer. It can even be used in a legal proceeding!
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    The comments referencing the younger generation of people using incorrect grammar instinctively cause me to feel defensive. However, I am 35, so perhaps I am not as young as my inner self likes to believe. Regardless, the usage of incorrect grammar, spelling errors, text speak, and many other mistakes drive me crazy. I tend to go overboard since I even edit my informal texts to avoid sounding uneducated. I must admit that I am terrible when it comes to spelling but there are no excuses for sending any communication with incorrectly spelled words since most programs have spell check features. What do people think the red lines are under the words are for? It takes five seconds to fix spelling errors, and these days most programs have grammar editing features too. So I guess I'm old or an exception to the rule.
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    Quote from amygarside
    Thank you for your advise, I completely agree that what you have written in the heat of the moment can be used against you. This is really helpful.
    Just Saying.........
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    Actually I had no clue who Patraeus is, I had to look him up-LOL

    My article came about because co-workers and myself have been getting in hot water with our emails
    Quote from MunoRN
    From the title of the thread I assumed this was about Patraeus.
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    I have seen some rather foolish foolish things put into emails.

    One of the dumbest were the two employees, of a small family business, that were having a little whoopie on the side. The woman was the wife of the owner and the man was the brother of the owner. Both were much too far into their fantasy world to stop and think about the very fact that the owner had access to all email.
    Yes, they were stupid enough to use the in-house email.
    The owner called my hubby (a detective) and (with much restraint on the husband's part) just let the those two ding-dongs digs themselves in deeper and deeper. So, thanks to foolish emails, the wife ended up with a GPS tracker on her car and I spent my day off watching them hook up for a tryst in a park. Oh, boy! We got some nice pictures, too.
    We were astounded by how stupid they were. They even expressed concerns as to whether of not "Joe" was catching on... but they never wavered from their mode of in-house email communication. Why? Oh, because Joe was "stupid", see.

    But my favorite stupid email story is one of when I suspected my ex-husband of reading my email.
    Any suspicion that he was into my account was mere suspicion no more... when he accidentally emailed me from my own account!
    The stupid jerk must've been in the midst of snooping through my email, when he realized he needed to communicate with me. He must have forgotten he was in my account, addressed an email to me and voila! Instant busted and disgusted...
    I never made such a thoroughly enjoyable phone call as that day, when I got to tell him what he had done.

    Don't let your emails be efails, folks.
    Cheers !
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