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My graduate school is having some sort of fund-raising drive but so far I've resisted donating because I feel I already paid a hefty amount as I was an out-of-state student. However I am considering making a donation to my... Read More

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    Yes, I donate a modest amount to both my undergraduate and graduate alma maters. (The amounts have varied slightly depending on my financial status, student loan payoff, attending graduate school, etc.).

    I'm able to designate my gifts to a specific nursing scholarship at each school. The way I see it...someone before helped me by donating, and now it's my turn to help someone else.
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    I loved my first undergraduate degree, and I loved the school I got it from. It's a small, private, liberal arts school that isn't as subsidized as the state schools. I donate what I can when I can to them.

    As for the university where I got my BSN, screw them.
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    Alas, my alma mater closed many years ago.
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    Not once!
    Not after the experiences I had in Nursing school, to include, but not limited to several instructors informing the 4 men and 3 minority students in my class that "there is no place in nursing for you", and I was the only one of the 7 of us to graduate, just because I'm a "stubborn Polack, just like your Father" (Mom's quote) and I love for someone that thinks they have something on me get proven wrong. I won't mention the low grades I got that weren't deserved (and yes, I can prove it), the lack of Faculty support and general availability. Being lied about attending the state's annual Nursing Board Meeting and Conference(it was required) -I helped the Instructor that did it set up her Booth. I could go on for pages, but most of you would get bored and the rest will think I'm engaging in Fiction. Did I mention, one of the Instructors that told us "7" that we didn't belong there eventually was the Dean of Nursing?
    Many years after graduation, I happened to meet the (then) Dean of our class at a local Mall. I was surprised she recognised me.She asked me what my experiences in Nursing school were like. So, I didn't hold back anything. She and her companion were suitably horrified. "But, why didn't you all come to me and tell me what was going on?" "Because you would have gone to the Insructors in questtion, they would have denied it, and our lives would have been twice as miserable and none of us would have graduated!" Like I said , I was the only one of the "7" who did.
    I don't think that behavior should be rewarded, do you?
    Just my $.02
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    I don't donate to my alma mater right now, but I definitely will in the future, when I have more money! Go, Gators! Excellent, excellent university.
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    I will graduate soon and I will definitely NOT be donating any money to the school.
    Like many others have already mentioned, as much as they have nickle and dimed me to death, and then given us all the run-around every step of the way, I feel zero obligation to the school.

    Just a tiny example, we are required to have a BLS/CPR certification like most schools and hospitals. When we started the program in 2009 there were no requirements about who we got the cert from. Some of the students had to re-certify this year and there was still no mention about where we got the cert. All of a sudden, they are saying we MUST have a cert from the American Heart Assoc. There are about 10 2009 students that are now seniors that got American Red Cross certs a few weeks before school started and the program is now saying those aren't acceptable yet there has been NO documentation from the admin saying otherwise. The incoming juniors that are starting now have all these letters and notices that the cert must come from the AHA but we never got anything saying it was required. The 2009 seniors should have been grandfathered into the old policy and not be dealing with this crap.
    The associate dean is telling these 10 students that they are getting a "U" for their clinical day last week and have until FRIDAY to get the new certs or they will fail the clinical/class. WTH?
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    I've donated my time to the school where I got my start, my first nursing instructors were like mothers to me. I attended and participated in many graduations after my own, tutored, and spoke to incoming classes. One day when I have the funds I will donate, or do something special like a memorial. I would even serve as a private nurse (no pay) to one particular instructor if she ever needed. Talk about the power of a real human bond...
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    I have donated when I can to my non-nursing alma mater.

    I have thought about setting up a scholarship fund for my BSN school after I graduate. I think I will be able to fund it at $1000 a year. That way, I'm donating to the students, not the school itself. The tuition is sky high!
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    Quote from dudette10
    I have donated when I can to my non-nursing alma mater.

    I have thought about setting up a scholarship fund for my BSN school after I graduate. I think I will be able to fund it at $1000 a year. That way, I'm donating to the students, not the school itself. The tuition is sky high!
    I've been thinking about doing that myself. I would love to fund a scholarship after I get my daughter through college.
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    No, I worked my way through school, often having to deal with flak from my instructors for working. Now, I have donated books, uniforms and equipment that I no longer use to coworkers currently going through school. But, my school will see no more money from me.

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