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  1. nyteshade

    Feeling Bored

    I'm not trying to discourage the OP, but I'm a bit confused here...if the first job caused anxiety attacks, but was higher acuity, wouldn't the ER do the same?
  2. nyteshade

    Orlando pay for experienced RN?

    Hey all, I see many posts about new grad RN pay questions, but I'd like to know how much RNs with over 10 years experience get? I have 13 as a RN and 4 as LPN (so 17 years total of nursing). I have a BSN and CMSRN if it makes a difference in that market. I'm looking at central Florida, and all settings acute, LTC, clinic, case management, etc. Thanks!
  3. We don't need more research that attempts to figure out how one nurse can safely give meds to 20-30 residents in a two hour window. It simply cannot be done and it's absurd to continue to think it can be done. Lets look at some math: If I had twenty residents in a 120 minute (2 hour) window to give meds, I would have to spend no more than 6 minutes pouring and administering per resident. Now if I had thirty residents, that would be no more than 4 minutes a person pouring and administering meds. Oh yeah, and everyone has multiple meds and routes on top of that!
  4. nyteshade


    WC has very specific language and laws. I'd start with a Google search of your state work comp laws/regs. As someone who's done WC, you definitely need to be aware of this stuff. They really should be formally training you on this!
  5. nyteshade

    After 5 years of bedside, I just can't anymore.

    As someone who has changed jobs for lifestyle reasons, yes I'd say look elsewhere. There's more to life than just your job and I have been clinical and nonclinical.
  6. nyteshade

    Nonclinical and ANCC Pain Management Cert?

    Alrighty then, I guess there's no one...
  7. nyteshade

    Hiring an RN into private practice

    Curious MD, why not just try posting online on a popular job search site and specifically state this job would be great for retirees? What's the worst that can happen? Either someone is interested, or they are not.
  8. Hello all, I'm interested in the ANCC Pain Management Cert. I am currently in a nonclinical setting, but am involved with aspects of pain management. The eligibility requirements like many others have stated appear vague. I contacted them, but did not get a direct answer to my question. I'd like to know if there are actually nonclinical nurses out there with this cert. Thanks!
  9. nyteshade

    Nurses, how do you view your job?

    It seems most newer nurses are confusing empathy with sympathy. It is very well possible for me as an experienced nurse to anticipate the needs of my patients, understand their feelings, and respond in a professional therapeutic manner all without feeling pity or sorrow for them (sympathy). After doing my job, I go home, shower and wash the shift away. And what does compassion look like for real? To me, it's letting the patient whose had a rough night sleep in a little, or advocating a way to minimize IV sticks in someone, you get the point. Compassion in nursing is being able to look at the big picture of what's going on, and making it a little better. Newer nurses may not fully appreciate just how compassionate experienced nurses can be...more often then not, we just show it differently. And no, I do not consider nursing a calling, but something I got pretty decent at.
  10. nyteshade

    The Hotel Phenomenon

    I would triple like this thread if I could!
  11. nyteshade

    The Hotel Phenomenon

    Most nights I'm a barista, plumber, chef, electrician, and NASA engineer (who else could fix a faulty bed?).
  12. nyteshade

    How do you leave it at work?

    I go home & wash it all away!
  13. nyteshade

    June 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    So, I kinda cloned myself in order to clock out on time around here.
  14. nyteshade

    New Grad seek job in Portland from Houston, TX

    Have a license number in hand before applying. The employer gets many applicants and I'm sure they filter. Also, you don't know for sure how long it may take to get the license, so it's best to have it beforehand.

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