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  1. nyteshade

    The Wicked Politics of Clinical Practicum in Nursing School

    My nursing school had clinical rubrics, so I respectfully disagree with the purely subjective part. Forgetting to wash your hands or not have the proper supplies resulted in an automatic "F" for the day, and this was made known prior to attending clinical. However, I'm sure sadly that this probably occurs in other schools.
  2. nyteshade

    Confessions Of A Nurse With Poor Interpersonal Skills

    I see nothing wrong with the O.P.'s first post. Nothing wrong with "playing the game" as I think everyone does it, though a stereotypical nurse bubbly may not think it's a game. What matters to me is skills, and tact.
  3. nyteshade

    The Disrespect Of Nurses

    I totally agree. I think we should nip it ourselves, and call security or if it is that severe, police. Nurses must protect themselves first and foremost if we want respect.
  4. nyteshade

    Patient Care And Customer Service Are Not The Same!

    This irks me. The facility would have no problem turning this around and throwing a nurse under the bus.
  5. nyteshade

    Adjunct Faculty a.k.a. 'Academic Sharecroppers'

    One of the many reasons I decided against going into academia...I happen to like a roof over my head and food!
  6. nyteshade

    .....and Other Days, You're The Statue

    Right on! Nurses everywhere must protect and advocate for themselves. Nurses (and other staff) must learn how to press charges if they are attacked...it is their right. Would a physician or hospital CEO take that treatment? No facility can tell you otherwise. No one will do it for us. I can't stress this enough.
  7. nyteshade

    I'm very guilty...of laziness....gulp....

    I think you are thinking yourself to death. A lot of new grads give themselves less credit than due.
  8. nyteshade

    Are you insulted????

    Personally, it wouldn't have bothered me. But, I would've made them uncomfortable real quick simply by saying, "It's none of your concern."
  9. nyteshade

    I hate what's happening to nursing...

    Yes! This is exactly how I feel...
  10. nyteshade


    Long-term care gave me the skills to management my time, and handle difficult family members. I think that's pretty important!
  11. nyteshade

    I hate what's happening to nursing...

    I am looking at other options besides floor nursing. I realize that the customer service craze is sweeping the nation, and there is no way to escape it My direct boss is actually a very good one. I know she tries her best to fight for us as a team. It saddens me that upper management is twisting her arm to the point of breaking. I wouldn't want her job!
  12. nyteshade

    I hate what's happening to nursing...

    You my friend, are awesome! My cap goes off to you with all the years you've got!
  13. nyteshade

    I hate what's happening to nursing...

  14. Eight years. That is how long I’ve been in nursing. Just eight years. I haven’t been on AN in a while. I used to frequent the site a lot to vent with others, and help others with advice. Well, today is a ranting kind of day, so here it goes… I hate what nursing is becoming. It is become overrun with elite folks who have forgotten what it’s like to just get through your shift. It’s being taken over by money hungry CEOs that are finding neat little ways to package “customer service” with healthcare. Our intelligence is being insulted here! What exactly do I mean by this? Well, what professional do you know gets “scripts” to regurgitate at patients? Why is it that we are not trusted to do our job or say the right thing? I understand that healthcare is indeed a business. It has to be. If it weren’t, we’d all be working for free. I got that. I do my job. I put my all into my shift. I advocate for my patients. I’ve gone above and beyond…all without recognition. But, I’m deeply saddened…Now I’m being told that isn’t good enough. All I see for the future of healthcare is walking into a patient’s room at the end of my shift saying, “My name is______, if you felt I gave excellent care call 888-tell-them, and rate me a 10.” Heaven forbid you score less than 10 three times… Eight years ago, I felt so proud in my whites on graduation day. I felt professional, neat, knowledgeable, and respected. Now, I feel burned up, and abused. For now, I stay in nursing…patients still smile, and thank me at the end of my shift. They cannot detect how I feel under the surface. But, I am seriously considering leaving healthcare altogether.