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ohmeowzer RN is a RN and specializes in ob/gyn med /surg.

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  1. ohmeowzer RN

    Heel slipping in nursing clogs

    I wear Algeria they are comfy
  2. ohmeowzer RN

    Nursing and the supernatural

    I love this thread
  3. ohmeowzer RN

    You should know better

    I'm only human ! Anything with bacon ... I'd build a big bacon castle and eat my way out of it if I could
  4. ohmeowzer RN

    Help with lab interpretation !

    I loved this thread I have a very interesting patient ,she is 50 positive ANA , family history of Psoriatric Arthritis and she is showing signs of Psoriatric arthritis . Nail problems , swollen joints painful heels , conjunctivitis , set also has a h...
  5. ohmeowzer RN

    Best home health agenciesin LV

    What are the best home health agencies to work for in Las Vegas for home visits ? Who has the best benefits and pay ? I don't want to do staff relief at hospitals just home visits ? I need health insurance and 401k ,,, thank,you
  6. ohmeowzer RN

    Call offs

    How many calls offs are you allowed in a rolling calendar year .. We have 4 and we get a verbal at 5 and level 1 at 6 . they don't care if a family member is very ill and you call off it still counts , no excuses , if your son is sick in the hospital...
  7. ohmeowzer RN

    pt received the wrong blood

    we had to send a pt to the ICU today because the nurses who gave and witnessed the blood for him didn't check correctly. made me sick to my stomach ,,, never in my day have i seen a pt's safety above being in a hurry ... they had to turn themselves i...
  8. ohmeowzer RN

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I worked in a nursing home and the room was for 2 pts , my patient was dying I pulled the curtain between the beds for privacy . After I pulled the curtain a few moments the pt passed away ..when he took his last breath the curtain shook in back of m...
  9. ohmeowzer RN

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I don't know how he would know ?
  10. ohmeowzer RN

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    My fav thread !
  11. ohmeowzer RN

    Miss Manners for Nurses

    I do agree with you ... I even have older pts who never say please or thank you and I thought they would be the ones with the most manners .. I grew up with very strict manners my grandmothers were victorian and well educated and rich . I am gratefu...
  12. ohmeowzer RN

    Miss Manners for Nurses

    hi I'm from NY , I love cats and apple pie ... Are we introduced ?
  13. ohmeowzer RN

    Miss Manners for Nurses

    haggis is a toughy .. I'd have a rough time with that one
  14. ohmeowzer RN

    Miss Manners for Nurses

    I would say well I'm on a diet and I shouldn't .......but yessssss I want that pie .. I changed my mind please give me a big piece and do you have vanilla ice creme ? Piece of cheese? Then I would say no thank you to a second helping .. To be polite ...
  15. ohmeowzer RN

    Suicide by antibotics ?

    Lol I was thinking how did you do this , why and fish antibotics? For fish are they even antibotics? Well I guess they are ... I think he will never fully recover from this .. What's so bad in life you have to overdose on fish pills? Sad