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  1. I Hurt A Patient

    Going into hour 16 or 17 of my shift tonight, the scrub tech and I were getting the patient cleaned up on the OR table before transferring back to ICU. We turned the patient away from me, I began to clean the pt up, the tech lost grip, the pt fell of...
  2. Health Insurance rates...

    I'm single, no kids and pay $7/month - yes 7 - for an HMO plan. No deductible, $20 copay for all office visits (incl specialists, urgent care), no lifetime max, no deductible or copay for hospital stays, full maternity coverage. To add an adult it go...
  3. Rounding on patients at night

    I come in at 11 two nights a week so I often have to wake up my patients to introduce myself and do an assessment. I work on a surgical floor, so when I patient comes from PACU we do vitals q1 X4h. Otherwise q4 (midnight and 0400). For a post-op fres...
  4. Planned Parenthood

    I work there (contingent) and I LOVE it. I started as Health Care Assistant (MA w/o certification), and when I passed NCLEX got to transition RN. I'm not there for the pay for sure ($6/hr less than than at the hospital I work at), I'm there because I...
  5. Is this even allowed?

    In Michigan there is a law that any woman getting an abortion must obtain a packet of information about their "options" written by the state and have this info for 24 hours before the abortion. This packet must be referred to as "informed consent" pe...
  6. How do you all like to start your shifts?

    Look up patients before report, done w/ report 1920-1930, assess the first patient, including lines, drains, etc, give pain meds and address immediate wants/needs (ice water, reposition, etc), repeat x3 more patients, check 20:00 VS and chart assessm...
  7. Need help! seniority or higher pay?

    I would take the higher pay, if pay and seniority are the only differences to you. 2 months is not much in terms of "seniority." And I think $1/hr more is significant.
  8. Restraints

    I think whether mitts are considered a restraint varies by facility. Previously, they were not considered a restraint at my hospital (which I always found odd). Recently, policy has changed and now mitts are going to be considered a restraint (duh).
  9. Med Surg Nurses: How many patients do you care for?

    I work on a surgery unit, but we also get medicine patients when gen med floors are full. 3-4 on days and 5 on nights.
  10. So, who is working tomorrow?

    I'm happy to work - 12 hours of triple time!
  11. what makes a good/great nurse?

    Clinical competency and empathy.
  12. Where can I actually help people??

    My surgical floor takes the liver and kidney transplants. Tons of teaching, and these patients are almost always eager to learn (and compliant w/ meds, treatments. etc).
  13. Giving iv meds through running line

    I work on a surgery floor. Phenergan is a commonly prescribed med, and we give it IV push.
  14. So I get a call from the lab.....

    We don't get a call from the lab unless K is over 6.0 And isn't normal K 3.5 to 5
  15. Is it possible to get the holidays off?

    We get triple time on Christmas (double time and a half for all other holidays), so most people want to work. Unfortunately, Christmas and New Years are always overstaffed, so we get called off by seniority.