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  1. MInurse.st

    I Hurt A Patient

    Going into hour 16 or 17 of my shift tonight, the scrub tech and I were getting the patient cleaned up on the OR table before transferring back to ICU. We turned the patient away from me, I began to clean the pt up, the tech lost grip, the pt fell off the table towards said tech, who, thankfully, broke much of the fall. But the pt did fall. The intubated, sedated, helpless pt. Literally my worst nightmare. Anesthesia was present. Pt remained intubated and as stable as he/she had been throughout the case (it was tenuous), although we lost central access at that time. I’ve been home for several hours now and cannot sleep, because every time I close my eyes I see what happened. I have to be back to work in a few hours, but cannot fathom trying to take care of patients when I know what I’ve done - the incompetence, the negligence, the physical harm I’ve caused. We literally had this pt’s life in our hands, and I failed him/her. It’s a special kind of incompetence where you literally drop a god damn helpless pt. I feel such shame. I was the nurse, it was my job to keep this pt safe. But I caused harm. For context, I’ve been a nurse for going in 10 years, from Med-surg to ICU, never an event like this. I’m not looking for sympathy, I received plenty from the physicians involved. Just looking for validation of my feelings - that I no longer deserve to be a nurse.
  2. MInurse.st

    Is it possible to get the holidays off?

    We get triple time on Christmas (double time and a half for all other holidays), so most people want to work. Unfortunately, Christmas and New Years are always overstaffed, so we get called off by seniority.
  3. MInurse.st

    Current starting rate in MI hospitals?

    I'm not sure where you got your info, but new grads start at U of M at 27.11/hr base, night shift diff is 1.25/hr.
  4. MInurse.st

    RNs: How much vacation time do you get?

    15 hours per month =4.5 weeks/yr (I work 40 hrs/wk)
  5. MInurse.st

    Was I at fault? the nurse embarrassed me in front of others.

    If an aide gets my light, great. But ultimately it's my responsibility, because they're my patients.
  6. MInurse.st

    Starting Pays and O R Nsg

    U Of M has an OR residency for new grads. I haven't heard good things about the work environment in the OR, but I don't know first hand.
  7. MInurse.st

    Piercings & Tattoos?

    I have my nose pierced (I wear a small stud) and a tattoo on each wrist. I work in a large university teaching hospital and this has never been an issue.There is an aide on my unit with several visible tattoos and his nose pierced w/ a ring. Patients absolutely ADORE this guy, as does management and the rest of the staff. He's the best aide we have.
  8. MInurse.st

    The cost of a Ace wrap

    In reference to RNperdiem, and if the family can't afford the medicine/supplies, the pt doesn't get them. In the parts of the world where healthcare works like this (developing countries) usually the families can't afford these things, and subsequently the pt doesn't get treated. To be blunt, those with money live and those without die. I'll take our system over that any day.
  9. MInurse.st

    What Kind of Patients Do You LIKE Most?

    Post op pts, esp the ones who can't wait to get up and walk or the ones who I find using their incentive spirometer on their own w/ no one around, haha. Transplant pts who study their Ed materials, know their meds, and ask questions.
  10. Dementia C-diff Medicine service pts (we're a surgery floor but get overflow if no gen med beds open)
  11. MInurse.st

    What exactly would an ortho/urology nurse do?

    My guess is that you'd be caring for patients post op from urology surgeries (surg for bladder CA, prostate CA, CBIs) and other urology issues (work up for hematria, etc). And also ortho post-ops (hip replacements, knee replacements, some trauma, etc). I work on a surgery floor that gets some of these patients if all the ortho and urology beds are full.
  12. MInurse.st

    What is the nurse-patient ratio where you work?

    Michigan (union): med-surg 4:1 days, 5:1 nights.
  13. In SE MI I make 28/hr as a new grad and cost of living is pretty low. I have enough to live in a 2 bed/2 bath townhouse, drive a new car, pay student loans, and save.
  14. MInurse.st

    why does liquid med through NG make the pt gag?

    I work on a GI surg floor. A standard order for an NG tube is to flush with 30cc H2O q4 hr. We disconnect from sxn, use a 60cc toomey syringe and slowly "push" in the water, and reconnect.Standard order for J tube feeds is usually the same - 30cc water q4 to keep tube patent. I don't understand the comments never pushing and only using gravity, never heard this before.
  15. I don't get it.. Unless in the middle of a code how is it impossible to take 2 minutes to pee? Even if I'm busy, if I have to go, then I have to go...
  16. MInurse.st

    Never placed an IV!!!!!

    I did not learn these skills in school and the teaching hospital I work at now has phlebotomy and an IV team. I couldn't draw blood or start an IV at work if I wanted to.