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It is with a heavy heart that we announce the loss of one of our most beloved members, Daytonite. Daytonite was instrumental in working with the nursing students here at She... Read More

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    Many times, Joyce and I found ourselves in the same thread trying to help the same student with the same problem -- and more often than not, we had completely different viewpoints.

    What Joyce had, of course, was decades more experience, seventeen web links and citations from four leading nursing texts to go with each answer. When Daytonite said something, she could defend it. I know without a single doubt that she made me a better nurse.
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    How heartbreaking! I've been coming to this site for several months, and just started nursing school in January. Her posts have always helped me. Rest in Peace were truly an angel on earth
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    I am deeply sorry to hear this. I enjoyed reading her posts on all nurses. She was a very caring person. We all here at all nurses are going to miss her alot!!!!
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    I am heavy-hearted as I read EricJRN, I know she made me a better nurse. Joyce indeed made the most of the years she was given.

    She is missed. Thanks for the obit link, Brian.
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    I'm really sad to hear this. I always looked forward to logging onto allnurses and reading her pearls of wisdom.
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    She will be missed.
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    so sad, my thoughts are with all those that she touched and she will be missed here on allnurses
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    Shocking news......she has helped me out a few times. I also saved some of her posts. She will be missed.
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    I am in shock! She helped me so much my first semester in ns and beyond...I learned so much from her and she will be dearly condolences are with her family....RIP Joyce
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    I'm truly sorry to hear this, she was an inspiration to me. My thoughts and prayers to her family.
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    My thoughts and feelings are with her family and friends.

    What a magnificent person!! She was always willing to help. As a new nursing student, I needed it often, and even while sick she would reply to my PMs.

    She will be missed!!!
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    She will be truly missed. It's rare for me to feel honestly thankful for a member of an online community, but for her, I was. She was a huge blessing to this board and I will miss that.
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    That's very sad news. My condolences to all her family and friends. Thank you, Joyce, for sharing your passion and knowledge with us all over the years. Rest in peace. xx