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  1. blynn9173

    New Grad RN Angst

    This post about stress and worry is so me. I have been into my career now for six months, and i still feel like I know nothing. I still am constantly asking questions. I am such a worry wort. I still do not feel comfortable some times. I just hope by the time my year has come I will feel more confident. There are nights that I just want to leave and never go back to nursing. I hope it gets better with time. Thank you Esme12 for posting those sheets. I plan on using some of them.
  2. blynn9173

    10th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    "I think you may have MRSA"
  3. blynn9173

    Nclex Tomorrow 9/11

    Good Luck. Praying for you!
  4. blynn9173

    Passed after 8 yrs of being out and 4 times!!!

  5. blynn9173

    I Passed NCLEX

  6. blynn9173

    NCLEX studying

    Altogether I probably studied a couple of months before my test. I used Hurst for content review, NCLEX 4000 (for questions), and NCSBN for questions the week before the test. I did every single question of the NCSBN (learning extension) before I took the NCLEX. They were hard questions but they were very similar to the NCLEX format. I also used Lacharity for practice on the priority questions. Make sure you know your infection control well and prioritization.
  7. blynn9173

    NCLEX studying

    You can pass the NCLEX. Just keep studying. I am living proof of passing after the 5th time. I just took the NCLEX on July 31 for the 5th time and passed it. I took a week off work before my NCLEX and did nothing but questions the week before. I know exactly what you mean that passing the NCLEX is what you think about alot. I thought about it all the time. Just keep studying, and you will make it!
  8. blynn9173

    Finally a RN

    Butterfly913 you will pass next time. Just keep studying. I did find the questions to NCSBN very similar to NCLEX. I took the week of work and did nothing but questions and read every rationale whether I got it right or wrong. I did every question on NCSBN. I bought it this time because my professors where I graduated recommended it. So I did. I believe just doing questions over and over help me pass. Good luck in your studying. I know you pass NCLEX.
  9. blynn9173

    Taken the NCLEX 3 times now and failed...

    Don't ever give up! You can do this! I failed my NCLEX more than 3 times before I passed it. If I can do it you can too. Just have faith in yourself. You made it through school so you can pass this test!!!!
  10. blynn9173

    ROLL CALL!!!!! Where are our WV nurses????

    I just got my license on August 7, 2012. I work at CAMC. I started on the floor today. There is alot to learn.
  11. blynn9173

    Failed NCLEX for a 2nd time....

    Don't ever give up! You can do this! I failed my NCLEX several times before I passed and believe me I know how you feel. It is hard to pick up the books and start studying again. I have been out of school since 2010 and recently passed my boards at the end of July. What I did this last time I took the NCLEX I started studying a month before my test. The week before my test I took the week off work, and did nothing but study that whole week. I also bought the learning extension stuff for 3 weeks. I truly believe that it helped out tremendously. I done every question on the learning extension, and read every rationale. It was hard to make myself to sit there and go through question after question, but I did it and I passed. The questions from learning extension is similar to the questions on NCLEX. Some of them were pretty tough. Just do questions, and read the rationales. That is what I did. I hope this helps because believe me I know how you feel. If you need anything else just let me know. Have a good night!
  12. blynn9173

    Question about NCSBN Online NCLEX Review

    I have done this review and loved it. I don't think there is a way where you can share it. I would highly recommend it though. All the questions are good questions. Good luck on your test!
  13. Can anybody help me with this problem Aminophylline 25 mg/hr Concentration 500 mg of amniophylline in 250 ml how many ML/Hr? thanks
  14. thanks so much
  15. Please help. I have a test tomorrow and I can not for the life of me figure this out. Problem: Dopamine 250 mcg/min Concentration: 400 mg dopamine in 250 ml D5W. need to know ML/HR Drip factor is 60 gtts/ml Please work it out line by line. I am a horrilbe math person when it comes to these drips. thanks in advance.
  16. blynn9173

    Help Med Calculation Test Tomorrow at work

    Thanks ENicuRN.