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  1. mmt4

    Anyone going to CSN this semester?

    Thanks. I was kind of curious who would be in the class with me (as in what intended majors). Your info helps. I am taking chem 110 and Psc 101 (distance) this term. Four kids 12 and under and I am already tired every day without taking any classes, and my husband travels for work a lot (one of the reasons I decided against nursing). This should be interesting!
  2. mmt4

    Anyone going to CSN this semester?

    What Chem do you have to take? I decided against Nursing and am taking Chem 110 so I can apply to the CLS program and I have been trying to figure out who else has to take that class. Way back when I went to college the first time, the equivalent of that Chem 110-111 sequence was required as part of the pre-nursing track.
  3. mmt4

    Transfer from NSC to CSN

    Definitely check the box indicating you are applying for a limited entry program. I think the credits coming from a known, in-state school will help you a lot. I had a bunch of old credits from out-of-state (and I would not have even submitted that transcript for eval except I needed the old Math and English, and a few of the core classes) and the transcript eval took the entire 10 wks, possibly more. I had to print out my DARS and read it a few times to fully understand what I was looking at. I think yours would go a LOT faster. I have to submit a new transfer credit eval request b/c one of my transcripts had a class in progress (I have no idea why considering I had already gotten my grade and my copy of the transcript had the grade on it) and I did one more class over this past summer that had not been completed. I should be submitting those in the next week or so - just waiting on the transcript to arrive before turning in the form. I will try to remember to come back and let you know how long it took.
  4. mmt4

    CSN Spring 2011 full-time question...

    Med Terms HIT117B is online and not very demanding. Its only one credit though.
  5. mmt4

    CSN Spring 2011 RN Program

    Good luck to all of you - hope this week goes by quickly. And for anyone reading this but still needing to take pre-reqs next term for applying next year, the Spring 2011 schedule lookup is now available so you can start planning out your course selections. Priority Registration starts the 12th I think (I can register on the 15th)
  6. mmt4

    USN launches A-BSN program to start Oct 2010

    mangoey - Once they have your unofficial transcripts they can look through them and let you know what else you might need. That was part of the telephone call I had with an advisor. The TEAS was pretty easy (considering you have taken college math, english, bio, A&P, etc.... probably not so easy for a new HS graduate). I'd review the general science section because it covers a broad spectrum of topics and while it is not high-level, if you have not taken something like earth science in YEARS, even the simple questions may stump you. But, because the TEAS is pretty easy, you don't want to screw it up. I bought the McGraw Hill study guide for Nursing entrance exams and used that to prep for it. I got a 94 overall score - I did it at a Pearson testing center and was able to work straight through the exam without waiting out each timed section and was done in an hour. Good luck with your application!
  7. mmt4

    University of Southern Nevada

    wow that sounds pretty painless. Are you taking it as a UNLV non-degree student? I'll have to check how difficult (or not) it is to get registered and take the class there vs. taking PSC 101 at CSN.
  8. mmt4

    University of Southern Nevada

    That is the whole class? I'm going to have to look at UNLVs schedule. I am likely still going to need NV constitution for my alternate plan and I was just going to take it at CSN distance ed next term. Would have taken it this term but for goodness sakes, they are taking forever to evaluate my transfer credit and I could not register without transfer credit for Eng 101. That is an interesting format. I assume you have to write a paper and turn it in by a certain date after the weekend class sessions?
  9. mmt4

    University of Southern Nevada

    My husband went to Town Square the other night and liked The Yard House (I think that is what it was called). So there are places off the strip that are fun. Town Square looks like a nice place to go hang out.
  10. mmt4

    University of Southern Nevada

    What is annoying about the strip ... #1 is the traffic. Don't go near the strip unless you have to. We got off at Tropicana and parked at NYNY which is right there at the exit and my husband was like "well that is as far as I ever want to drive on the strip to have to park to go to the strip". Las Vegas is a sprawling western city. Subdivisions and shopping centers abound. I have been here only 6 weeks so I can't give a full review but sprawling is a very good word for it. The school district has as many students as the entire city of Albuquerque had when I first moved there in 1992. It kind of reminds me of a much much bigger Albuquerque, but the culture is definitely different.
  11. mmt4

    University of Southern Nevada--Need Advice

    No advice really except to look at where the hospital is located and where the on site school labs/exams will be and to try to find something nearby. I had to take my husband to the airport from the base at am rush hour and the interchange area where 15 meets 95 and 515 is messy in the morning, and frankly, its messy a lot of the time. We got stuck in bad traffic on a friday evening trying to get down to the Tropicana Ave exit. Here is a link to a crime map in LV that was put together by a realtor a couple of yrs ago to give you a general idea. Crime in Las Vegas You may want to check out something in Henderson or Green Valley as I think the hospital and the school facility are just north of the Henderson/Green Valley area. Good luck and Welcome!
  12. mmt4

    CSN Spring 2011 Information

    Wow lucky you guys. My transcript eval was logged as received on July 20th, and I am still waiting for my eval to be done. (I have a bachelor's degree and am not applying until spring 2011 for fall 2011 so maybe that is what is taking so long). At this point, all I care is that it is done before registration opens so I can register for the rest of my pre-requisite classes this spring.
  13. mmt4

    University of Southern Nevada

    I think with the cost of USN the applicant pool is substantially smaller than for CSN and NSC. I have a 3.73 and got a 94 on my TEAS and was pretty much told as long as I get my app in early in the rolling admissions cycle for the ABSN I was rather likely to get in. I don't think I am going to be able to do it though with their random clinical schedule. That may be off-putting to other people as well, further reducing the applicant pool. I really like the block system though. If I did not have kids I'd be considering it for sure. My husband is active duty military and getting a nanny to cover the random hours when he is away and regular daycare and afterschool care is closed would just bankrupt us. I just got a mailer from them about the open house and it was pretty tempting (the ABSN is 14 mos).
  14. mmt4

    Any Info. about USN

    Hi 1mac - It was not a full interview. It was more of a screening at first - she wanted to know why I was interested in the program, how I felt about the online format for the didactic portion, etc.... Once I gave logical and intelligent answers (LOL) to the questions, she moved on to reviewing my transcripts with me and letting me know what else I needed to apply/enroll. She also answered my questions about the format/schedule and the clinical hours. I suggest if you are given the opportunity have them explain how they get clinical hours for their students. It sounded to me like it is difficult to get slots so they take what the hospitals can offer them (and remember nurses work 24 hours/7days), which makes it somewhat unpredictable for the students (I think you may get a month notice before your clinical block starts what the hours will be...I don't know if that is going to work for me at all unless I get a nanny, and I don't know if I want to pay for a nanny esp paying the tuition for the BSN on top of it.... I really like the block/hybrid format. I am applying to their Pharmacy program as well. PharmD is my first choice. I want to eventually work in epidemiology/public health so either way at some point after getting the health science degree (of nursing or Pharm or something else applicable) and working in the field, I will add an MPH to it. I just took the TEAS today at the pearson testing center downtown. I would suggest taking it at USN or another school if you can. It is more expensive to go to Pearson. I was trying to get in to take it before I moved to Las Vegas,and no schools where I lived before administered it, but there were no test dates available before I moved. If you do take it at Pearson downtown, parking is free on Saturday, and the test center is nice, air conditioned, and well set-up with carrels for each test-taker. I went to an 8am session and traffic was fairly light and parking was a snap in the garage attached to the building. The commute down to Henderson (Im going to live up on the base) is not going to be fun at all but I have been learning the commute to anything in Las Vegas is not quick and easy.
  15. mmt4

    USN launches A-BSN program to start Oct 2010

    The first cohort is October. I know they are waiting for some approval for VA funding for their ABSN program b/c I mentioned using some GI Bill money to help offset tuition. They have four starts per year for the ABSN. What I have also learned is clinical hours are very sketchy as far as planning ahead. The hospital determines what is available so it could be really any shift. What I like about USN is the block format. I am actually applying to their PharmD (Pharmacy) program if my PCAT scores come back with a respectable number, but I am also being realistic. I have to live in Las Vegas so if I don't get into Pharm school, or cannot finance it (if you think their BSN is expensive, check out the tuition and fees for the Pharm D program), I have a back up plan. I cannot afford to have my heart set on any one program or specific health career.
  16. thanks. Yeah I was thinking of part time as well. Four kids.... and I have to see what my husband's work schedule will be like when we get to LV this summer. We don't know how much travel his job will be (seriously, whether he will be gone 1 mo per year or 10-11 mos per year, we don't know!). All I know is it won't be deployments, just a lot of little trips here and there, but I don't know how much of his work can be done in the local area and whether he would be home at night and on the weekends. I guess I will know in the next few mos and I can get a clearer picture. I'd probably have to hire a nanny b/c of sick days and school holidays that don't match with the college calendar. I have talked to my husband about it all and we are discussing plans. I'm being flexible within limits - I have four years in LV to get done before we move again, likely to somewhere I won't have such extensive educational opportunities.

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