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I'm married with 2 children and 4 dogs. I'll be starting an RN program in January

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  1. jillebean

    Any guys with visible tattoos?

    I'm female, with 6 tattoos. Only one is slightly difficult to cover. Both of my wrists are tattooed, but my watch easily covers my other. I'm happy to cover it up. I realized when I got it that, like it or not, there would be situations where covering it would be best. I don't agree, but I comply. I for one would be completely comfortable with a completely tatted up nurse caring for me. It's all about attitude, and if they're caring for me in a professional manner, the tattoos are a plus :) Go
  2. jillebean

    Stetoscope Issues

    Upgrade to a Littmann Electronic...you won't be sorry!
  3. jillebean

    Need to buy a new stethoscope! Any favorites?

    I have the Littmann Electronic. It's amazing!! $300 but worth every cent!
  4. jillebean

    Daytonite has passed away...

    How heartbreaking! I've been coming to this site for several months, and just started nursing school in January. Her posts have always helped me. Rest in Peace Joyce....you were truly an angel on earth:crying2:
  5. jillebean

    I really CANNOT believe it

  6. jillebean

    Good Laptop for Nursing school

    I have a Dell Inspiron, and I love it. I've had no problems with it, it stays charged pretty well, and it's a pretty royal indigo blue :)
  7. I WISH my school was like this!! We don't get our loan money until around 6 weeks into the semester!! Pell refunds come even later, which I understand because they don't have them at the beginning of the semester. It's apalling that we have to wait for money that WE are responsible for paying back!! Crazy!
  8. jillebean

    Finally, Accepted!

    Congrats!!!! It's an awesome feeling, isn't it? Best of Luck to you!
  9. jillebean

    ATI testing

    I love the ATI practice questions, because I get instant feedback. I hate answering all of them and THEN finding out what I made. I pretty much do as many study questions as I can. I prefer ones that offer rationales too. My advice? Do the practice tests! :)
  10. jillebean

    Love School/Hate Clinical

    I've found that the more I go to clinical, the more confident I become. It's all about doing something unfamiliar, and even though I'm usually scared to death, I fake confidence, and I've found that once I get to do a skill on a REAL person, it all clicks! I hope things start looking up for you soon!
  11. jillebean

    Who has the most "gravy" RN job ever?

    I'm just in my first semester, so I have a lot of learning to do, but at this point I'm interested in learning more about Hospice care. There's no telling what I'll end up doing once I actually get to experience a little of everything!
  12. jillebean

    Really Frustrated

    One of my biggest frustrations is having to get up for supplies (pen, highlighter, drug guide, review book, ect..) I bought a square plastic crate, and now before I start, I put everything I need in there, and keep my laptop close too. I've noticed that once everything is right where I need it, all the time, I get more done. I do better later at night, especially when I dont' have class the next day. Study for an hour, then take a 10 minute break...repeat. Reward yourself when you study like you want to!
  13. jillebean

    All current first semester students

    So far it's gone pretty well, but I still have several things in front of me before the official end of the semester. 2 more exams, a dosage competency (must have 100%) and a foley competency. So, ask me on May 11th, finals day!! LOL
  14. jillebean

    Failed my first attempt at Foley competency :(

    Awesome ideas!! Thanks!
  15. We have two attempts to pass certain skills. I've done good up until yesterday. I had my first attempt at inserting a Foley (on the mannequin) I got the skills perfect, no problem, and thought I had done very well! Turns out I broke the sterile field several times, but didn't even realize it! I've watched videos, and I knew the steps by heart, but obviously didn't pay enough attention to the whole "sterile field" thing. I'm so disappointed I have to get two more validations before I can try again, and plan to have our lab teacher watch me the entire time! Any advice? Thanks!
  16. jillebean

    what is a typical nursing school schedule like?

    At my school, we have Nursing I, II, III, and IV...Everything combined. I'm in my first semester so my schedule is: Tues 8-12 Wed 8-12 Thurs Clinical 7:30-12 2nd Semester I will have 2 days of class, and 2 days of clinical :)