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Be honest: do you feel valued by your employer? - page 2

Every company I have worked for since becoming an RN has made few to zero effort(s) to make their employees feel valued. I only have 5 years experience. Is this really what I have to look forward to... Read More

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    Employee appreciation and loyalty is a thing of the past. This is true for nursing as well many other professions. Is a doggy dog world out there. My advice for nurses is to be unattached from being praised. Don't expect much from employers or patients. Do your job with integrity and respect, collect your pay, and protect yourself. Protect yourself with complete, rich nurses notes.
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    I know I am replaceable and the unit would keep on functioning without me. My work has value to me, and the work I do for my patient matters, but I don't expect my employer to have to make me feel valued or special.
    I feel valued in that I am treated fairly, work in a unit where excellent patient care matters and I am well-compensated.
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    That would be a "Nope."
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    A nurse friend of mine told me that there was a fire at her hospital and they had to evacuate several floors, including the one that she worked on. There was extensive smoke and water damage. All the PR from the hospital said, "Everything is fine, no injuries!"

    At least two nurses and several RTs had to be seen in the ER, and one was admitted to the hospital. So I guess what they meant was that no one who mattered was injured.
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    Quote from marcos9999
    Is a doggy dog world out there.

    You mean dog-eat-dog world? I can't tell if you are being funny or not. Sorry if I missed the joke!
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    Quote from Sour Lemon
    I feel valued every time I get paid. I require no validation beyond that.
    THIS!!! Pretty much sums it up
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    In the way that they treat me verbally and allow generous autonomy, yes.
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    As far as I am concerned, I used to hate the high-uppers (the "they"), and I still hate them, but I moved out of direct patient care and hotelpital environment that tell you have to take injustice from clients and administrators alike, work more with less, etc, and I am glad I don't ever have to work as bed-side nurse ever again. I really hold true to this saying "if you can't beat them, be one of them." If I had opportunity to sit back, cut staffing, preserve budget so my bosses are happy and I get a nice bonus or incentive for screwing other people, shoot sign me up! So yes, I figure that I am a degenerate...
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    Nope. I'm a warm body who provides the work, but am seen as a drain on profits because I'm lumped in with the cost of everything else. Our executives actually get bonuses based on how much they've saved on staffing costs.
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    Nope. Not at all. I've worked overtime for weeks on end only to be called on the carpet over failing to take a lunch break (when no coverage was provided) during times of short-staffing. I've seen incredible nurses fired over a one-time error. I've seen ancillary staff who have worked, and worked HARD on the same unit for *forty years* let go unceremoniously just before retirement age when it was decided that they were too expensive due to seniority.

    I've had some good direct supervisors but not one of my employers in the broader sense has ever shown the tiniest shred of loyalty to their employees. This was a helpful lesson to realize early on, as it has freed me from a sense of loyalty to employers. I perform my job well for the sake of my patients, and I meet the terms of my employment, but if better pay or working conditions were offered elsewhere I'd go in a heartbeat. I know they'd let me go in a heartbeat if they thought they could get someone to do my job cheaper!
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    Par for the course
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    Nope. My facility has notorious turnover and we are often short-staffed because of it.
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    I work.They pay me. Transaction over.