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Julius Seizure specializes in Pediatric Critical Care.

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  1. Julius Seizure

    No More TB Tests?

    I just recently had my annual quantiferon test. I don't even provide direct patient care.
  2. Julius Seizure

    I Like You But I Disagree With What You Are Saying...

    Really? 3 months? I guess I was doing more than my fair share of liking then
  3. Julius Seizure

    I Like You But I Disagree With What You Are Saying...

    Is there a limit to how many "reaction" options there can be? Like a real limit, or just that you don't want to make it too complicated? Today, on this Valentine's Day holiday, I propose that we (I) desperately need a "love" reaction. It should be worth two points (obviously), since a "like" is worth one point. Right now when I see a truly excellent comment, I am stuck with either having to give a "thanks" trophy (which feels weird), or just a simple "like" which doesn't convey my enthusiasm nearly enough. Don't we all need a little more "love" in our life, @Joe V?
  4. Julius Seizure

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    Why is her lawyer advising her well?? Because they are her lawyer. Same as not being interrogated without your lawyer present, or your right to not self-incriminate. It doesn't mean you are hiding something...its just what you do. Its what lawyers advise. (And yeah, her social media probably wasn't much fun for her anyway, if she was getting hate messages since all the attention in the news.) This whole "put the phones away" thing is a red herring though. (And reminds me of those folks who write "put your phone away" in the comment section of every. single. report. of a car accident that they know nothing about, as if there never existed any driving distractions prior to the advent of the cell phone. Giant foldable maps, anyone? How about trying to find the cassette tape you are looking for in the glove box?) The phone thing is pure speculation, first of all. And if something as peripheral as the use of her phone is a real concern, then staffing issues and a culture of constantly operating on the edge of chaos in the name of "efficiency" should be even bigger concerns. But it isn't about system error, right? It's about her failing to exercise basic nursing prudence, right?
  5. Hi @eaRNdit! As you can see, I never got any responses on this post. I did take the job and have been enjoying it immensely. It is not difficult in the way that floor nursing is, but it is busy in a much more "office-y" way. There are plenty of projects that I would like to get involved with but there are just not enough hours in the week. There are also opportunities to become involved with the workings of some multi-hospital initiatives on a broader/national level...but again, there are only so many hours in a week and your employer might not be willing to have you use your work time for that. Lots of politics of course, as in any hospital job, but I see them from a different angle now. As far as advancement opportunity, I think I do have more mobility if I wanted to make lateral job moves, for sure. I could also try to position myself to one day step into my bosses job when she is ready to leave. The job certainly has given me some opportunity to be known individually, rather than as one of many worker-bee floor nurses (that corporate folks rarely bother to interact with.) I was offered my equivalent nursing salary to start, but negotiated a small increase for having an MSN degree. If you would like to "talk shop" more specifically, feel free to shoot me a private message. It is such an interesting field and it would be fun to chat
  6. Julius Seizure

    LIES About LPN's and LVN's

    @Holly678 what ventilator certification do you hold? I wasn't aware there was a specific certification for this skill. What is it/what are the requirements? Is it for RNs too, or one of those things that is just for LPNs?
  7. Julius Seizure

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    What on earth is a "light medication pass"? Whatever they thought it meant...nope.
  8. Julius Seizure

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    I know one thing for sure - if I was a nurse at Vanderbilt today, I would be seriously looking at other hospitals for employment.
  9. Julius Seizure

    Older Doctor doesn't think nurses should be in charge

    In some ways, yes. In other ways, the nurse is most knowledgeable, and in other ways it will be the social worker, physical therapy, pharmacist, or physician. THAT is the value of a team approach.
  10. So is your argument that nursing should keep the informatics, ethics, research, management, and leadership courses in the curriculum, but make them harder (as well as the hard sciences)? I can't say that I would argue with that at all. I think its a good idea.
  11. Julius Seizure

    LIES About LPN's and LVN's

    @911nurs what is your background as a paramedic? What path has led you to now being an LVN, and working towards RN?
  12. Julius Seizure

    Should I feel guilty?

    Hospital management might not. But the poor nurse stuck making the calls definitely does.
  13. Julius Seizure

    Should I feel guilty?

    Or (only if #1 want to, #2 are rested enough to provide save care AND #3 can get yourself to/from work safely), say you would come in...for a certain amount of bonus $$$.
  14. I of course agree that one can be an excellent nurse without a BSN. But it does always make me a little sad that subjects not directly related to bedside care are considered "fluff" and a waste of time. They aren't. This happens at every level...I hear it about bachelors degrees right on up through doctorate degrees in nursing...RNs up through DNPs. Nursing can be more than direct bedside care. The so-called "fluff" isn't worthless. Perhaps if bedside nurses had better working conditions and staffing, they might have more opportunity to use the "fluff" (if interested). I wonder if that is a part of the problem.
  15. I often wish that there was an option to delete posts, at least for a 5 minute window or something.
  16. Well, yes, but so can a CNA, a social worker, a chaplain, etc. I know that isn't helpful, but I'm just saying those skills don't require one to be a nurse at all.

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