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Julius Seizure specializes in Pediatric Critical Care.

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  1. Julius Seizure

    The Solution For the Nursing Shortage? More Technology.

    I got to the part where the night nurse said, “This is a great group, everyone is alert and oriented!”, and immediately though "Who would want that??" I definitely belong in the ICU!
  2. Julius Seizure

    Preceptor issues

    They don't. Until something happens that raises the tiniest of red flags. And then they do.
  3. Julius Seizure

    Preceptor issues

    I am confused. You say there is a med room with an Omnicell and a blue bucket for wasting drugs. Why are you not allowed to prepare your medication there? Draw up your dose, label, waste the rest, and take the empty vial with you to scan. Is that...
  4. Julius Seizure

    Arguing Over a Patient Assignment

    Based on your series of posts in this thread, you seem to have made a lot of realizations about how you should have handled this situation differently. Among other things, you've mentioned getting better control of your anxiety, considering other's ...
  5. Julius Seizure

    How to spot a bad nurse

    Is that typical for a physician to just do a 1 year transitional residency and then nothing after that? I thought most did a 4 year residency.
  6. Julius Seizure

    How to spot a bad nurse

    I don't know what this means? Is it good or bad?
  7. Julius Seizure

    Travel Nursing Versus the IRS: IRS Publication 463

    You both seem very knowledgeable about the financial implications of travel nursing. Can either of you speak on the topics of (1) accepting non-taxed housing stipends while not maintaining a permanent residence elsewhere, and/or (2) accepting non-ta...
  8. Julius Seizure

    How to spot a bad nurse

    It also says that a good nurse needs to have a good memory. But it's not just to help them remember their patient's condition and medical history. A good nurse also remembers their patient's favorite sports team and favorite food. I also read hi...
  9. Julius Seizure

    How to spot a bad nurse

    From his bio page: "Ryan Gray, MD, is a former Air Force Flight Surgeon. He is now helping premed students overcome obstacles on their journey to become physicians at the Medical School Headquarters." A Google for "Medical School Headquarte...
  10. Julius Seizure

    Radonda Vaught Trial

    It makes mealtime more exciting at least.
  11. Julius Seizure

    What orders from providers have made you laugh the most?

    Don't you hate it when you accidentally get into situations that require scuba diving?
  12. Julius Seizure

    Radonda Vaught Trial

    So THAT'S what caused all the supply chain issues in healthcare, huh? Having to print 2-3 words on a piece of plastic. Just think guys, if we did away with labels altogether, we wouldn't have had to deal with shortages of gowns, masks, gloves, sa...
  13. Julius Seizure

    Advice: LPN considering informatics

    If healthcare IT is where you want to be, then getting an RN right now seems like a slight detour. I agree with ikarus01 - climb the IT ladder. If you go back to school, do a computer/IT related program, not an RN program.
  14. Julius Seizure

    18 year old student will not share info

    18 is an adult. This is not subjective. This newly minted adult is still an adult and has the right to be treated like any other adult. Now, as an adult, if I was out of work for a medical procedure, my job would probably require a form from my ...
  15. Julius Seizure

    Radonda Vaught Trial

    I have to be honest though, this part makes me feel yucky: "A lead investigator in the criminal case against former Tennessee nurse RaDonda Vaught testified Wednesday that state investigators found Vanderbilt University Medical Center had a “heavy...