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CaffeinePOQ4HPRN has 10 years experience as a BSN, MSN, LPN, RN.

BA in History MA in Political Science, Nursing Diploma & RPN License, BScN & RN License

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  1. CaffeinePOQ4HPRN

    Does anyone still teach percussion in assessment?

    I have my BScN (and an MScN), LOL. I teach and I work in a high acute area, and yes... I still use percussion (it's a basic skill all nurses should have). Do you have current clinical practice? Or, are you strictly just working as an "educator"?
  2. CaffeinePOQ4HPRN

    College of Nurses of Ontario website hacked

    There's rumours swirling that this attack on CNO's website and infrastructure involves members of the provincial government (FORD Conservatives) as a political move to make members/public question the regulatory control of CNO. The current provincia...
  3. CaffeinePOQ4HPRN

    Driving 1.5 hrs (one way) to work. Good idea?

    You're going to be way too exhausted doing shift work to sustain 3+hrs of commuting daily for an on-going basis. I'd recommend trying to find a job closer to your new home.
  4. CaffeinePOQ4HPRN

    College of Nurses of Ontario website hacked

    The College of Nurses of Ontario has acknowledged that their website was hacked, and their looking into whether members' personal information has been compromised. The full statement can be read via the link below.
  5. CaffeinePOQ4HPRN, don't walk!

    I can't imagine what your son must have gone through on the COVID-19 frontlines in NYC. Your kids sound brilliant, btw!
  6. CaffeinePOQ4HPRN

    Over $300k in student loans - help.

    This is what I am talking about when I say give the OP a break. This isn't curiosity, comments like this are completely judgemental and reeks of privilege. I live in Canada... but from some exhaustive research (because I almost attended school in the...
  7. CaffeinePOQ4HPRN

    Over $300k in student loans - help.

    For everyone hung up on the costs... did your families help you, are you independently rich? Because to those of us who had to struggle on our own it's not surprising to rack up this kind of debt. For example, my brother is a Doctor of Chiropractic (...
  8. CaffeinePOQ4HPRN, don't walk!

    Or, perhaps some of us Nurses just have integrity, self-respect, and healthy self-esteem that we don't feel a need to tolerate being treated like garbage ?
  9. CaffeinePOQ4HPRN

    Over $300k in student loans - help.

    Firstly, I don't think it's helpful to criticize the amount of the OPs loan because it doesn't change the fact that this poor soul still owes it, and they came here asking for advice to fix their situation/move forward. The OP was a minor and from th...
  10. CaffeinePOQ4HPRN

    Racism in Nursing: Is It Real?

    Sure, racism is everywhere... but this is a nursing forum. So, let's address racism in nursing. I, for one, am glad that there are more conversations happening about this. I hope it continues. I've had to deal lots of "Karens" in almost all of my nur...
  11. CaffeinePOQ4HPRN, don't walk!
  12. CaffeinePOQ4HPRN, don't walk!

    I don't know who needs to hear this today, BUT... You are NOT required to martyr yourself for the sake of the nursing profession! You are a human being, and deserve a lovely life. You deserve to wake up everyday and not feel knots in your stomach whi...
  13. CaffeinePOQ4HPRN

    Over $300k in student loans - help.

    I'm sorry for what you're going through. I wish I had answers. I understand how you might be feeling and how difficult this must be for you, because I've lived through a similar situation. It's a beyond frustrating situation that people who can recei...
  14. CaffeinePOQ4HPRN

    How Does This End?

    We are kindred spirits! Honestly, I wish I knew more people like us in real life.
  15. CaffeinePOQ4HPRN

    How Does This End?

    I'm very concerned about the rising rates of poverty, joblessness, homelessness, debt, food insecurity, and the social unrest that could potentially result ... I've had nightmares about rioting. Our government is ending the emergency funding that was...