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So you have worked hard, very hard. The past few years have been gruesome. You have suffered, rejoiced, cried, failed, shook it off and got back up, succeeded, endured countless sacrifices and... Read More

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    I would take the job. I spent the last few months looking and I would have (and did) take the first offer I got. No one wants us inexperienced new grads. If you need an income, it makes sense to take a nursing position if the other options are not career-related. You can continue to look for a better job and gain experience in the meantime. Everyone is crazy on-edge when the state comes... it may not be as bad on a normal day.
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    What is wrong with calling someone new a "rookie"??
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    Quote from wooh
    What is wrong with calling someone new a "rookie"??
    Nothing, but from what I inferred, it was said in a disrespectful tone. The guy in the initial poster's avatar, though, BTW? CUTEYPANTS...
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    All I can say is....I LOVE your writing!

    As far as the job...go with what your heart tells you. If it doesn't seem right don't do it. Your instincts are always correct.
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    lol. this reminded me of books i read as a child where you got to pick an outcome go to that page and had a different ending based on what you picked lol. l would run away. maybe. can you shadow at least for a few hours?
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    One just need to be more patient, a good job will come along.
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    Are you hired on full time? You might want to cut it down to part time or PRN then continue looking for jobs. Work there for 6 months to 1 year and get out!
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    sorry, suzie-i can't email you due to lack of posts
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    I had almost the same kind of interview recently at a PRN position I applied for. I took the job and its amazing pay. Top 200 rehab facilities in the US was its claim to fame. I did 3 days of video watching and 2 days of floor orientation. I then picked up 32 hours of work (4 shifts) and...

    I'd rather work as a server or bartender again than do that kind of work. Worst experience I've had in years regarding nursing.
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    hehehe that was awesome ;0 thanks for that!!! LOL
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    The place sounds EXTREMELY shady.... I wouldn't do anything unless you get the offer of course. If you get the offer I personally would turn it down. What if the place got cited again while you're working there? You'd have that on your record and your resume would say that you had worked there at that time. If the money problems outweigh the risk, take the job but focus your effort on getting as far away as possible. I took the first offer I got after nursing school. Bad decision on my part. The job was just awful. I had to leave after a year of it because of bad panic attacks from the stress of the job. I have a WAY better job now. When interviewing this go-round, I did not take the first offer I got.
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    You have to get that experience somewhere, and unfortunately unsavory positions are often the only options to new grads. Take it and get experience, even if you just do it PRN. In my neck of the woods, you are actually MORE sought after if you survive a year in some of the local hell holes of nursing. As for the DON, I wouldn't let a DON make me leave or refuse a position. Management comes and goes so if a bad one is there, just wait him/her out. A great management team would be ideal, but is fairly rare in my experience. Frankly, if you are as hard up as you sound, you don't really have much of a choice. Heck, maybe you can even be a good influence and improve the conditions for your patients, even if that improvement is for your shift only. Good luck.
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    The only way new grads get jobs as nurses is by doing very well at reputable nursing program and by having their highly reputable professors give your future employer a stamp of approval...