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So you have worked hard, very hard. The past few years have been gruesome. You have suffered, rejoiced, cried, failed, shook it off and got back up, succeeded, endured countless sacrifices and accomplished the dream! The... Read More

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    [QUOTE=JeanOfAllTraits;7262552]Great writing!

    Have you considered looking into health care systems that have new grad positions. More and more university hospitals are running nurse residency programs to help new grads get experience and grow in the profession. Your first job can have such a big impact on if you even stay in the nursing profession. I am sharing a research summary with my employer to hopefully see then develop a residency program or at least change the way they orientate new grads. We've become a revolving door of staff.[/QUOTE

    Sadly, there are very few of these programs. Somebody could make alot money if they figured out how to train us new/old grads, get us experience, and then place us.

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    You worked hard for that license and should want to keep it. Turn down the job and use it as a life lesson for the family that doing what is right may hurt but that is what your family does....What is right. Keep looking. I am right there with you as a new grad. After being told by a DON that they do "short-cuts " on meds during an interview I had to decided if I took the job and did unsafe nurseing or walked away. I walked. I am a nurse and that means I do what is safe for the patient.
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    I am almost halfway through an ADN program. Every hospital we visit for clinicals is hiring new grads. You can do it.

    I love your writing.
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    I would take the job. I spent the last few months looking and I would have (and did) take the first offer I got. No one wants us inexperienced new grads. If you need an income, it makes sense to take a nursing position if the other options are not career-related. You can continue to look for a better job and gain experience in the meantime. Everyone is crazy on-edge when the state comes... it may not be as bad on a normal day.
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    What is wrong with calling someone new a "rookie"??
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    Quote from wooh
    What is wrong with calling someone new a "rookie"??
    Nothing, but from what I inferred, it was said in a disrespectful tone. The guy in the initial poster's avatar, though, BTW? CUTEYPANTS...
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    All I can say is....I LOVE your writing!

    As far as the job...go with what your heart tells you. If it doesn't seem right don't do it. Your instincts are always correct.
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    lol. this reminded me of books i read as a child where you got to pick an outcome go to that page and had a different ending based on what you picked lol. l would run away. maybe. can you shadow at least for a few hours?
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    One just need to be more patient, a good job will come along.
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    Are you hired on full time? You might want to cut it down to part time or PRN then continue looking for jobs. Work there for 6 months to 1 year and get out!

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