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  1. laceym

    Sexual Assault Exams

    I am a SANE and that is completely unacceptable for your manager or even your department to think that your job duties as an ER RN include SAFE. You did the right thing. Your experience in the past is no one's business at work. I wish you well and hope that you can be an advocate for those in need of SAFE, but not necessarily be the examiner.
  2. laceym

    NCLEX Rules - Please Follow Them!

    My test shut off at 75 questions and I just sat there. I started to hyperventilate and the person monitoring the test takers came over and said, "Okay, it's over, you're done." I started to cry and said, "I just want to answer more questions!" I passed, but that test made me feel like the dumbest person alive! I guess I didn't follow the rule of staying calm-oops.
  3. laceym

    Less Common Nursing Interview Questions (Part 1 of 4)

    Just a question about the response for a greatest regret/lesson. You wrote to not say anything too intense, but would if the greatest regret is something the interviewer will eventually find out about (something on record)? And I am wondering if the interviewer would think it is rehearsed if the interviewee stated their certain criminal history (whatever it may be) is their greatest lesson? Please reply, any advice would help me (and I'm sure others too)...Thanks for the article.
  4. laceym

    What Would You Do ROOKIE?

    sorry, suzie-i can't email you due to lack of posts :)
  5. laceym

    What Would You Do ROOKIE?

    What a nightmare! I graduated Dec 12 and now have my license. Not only do I have 'rookie' attached to my resume but I also have a DUI along with it. The searches for a job cause mental anguish and I feel like I wasted 4 years of my life. If this article had me in the interview, I would not take the job and continue to search-not having a nursing job is just a stressful as having an unsafe nursing job in my opinion.