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So I woke up and went downstairs to walk out in the beautiful morning sun. As my toes fanned out and my feet relaxed on the freshly mowed grass, birds sang and a slight breeze moved my hair. As I... Read More

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    its really hard to decide which one is the worst....
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    Oh WOW. Thats HORRIBLE ! Lol
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    Just had a mediocre start. I was worried for a while. 3rd night in a row, my legs have been killing me for a week or two (causing me to toss and turn all night). So, I overslept (first time in a while I've had to wake to my 2nd alarm clock). Didn't have time to make fresh coffee, so had to fill my thermos from what was left in our insulated carafe from the morning (~8-10 hours old). Didn't taste so great. Luckily, I had my lunch all packed and my hubby was home to drive me to the train station. Got in the car, realized I forgot my *glasses* (and my nook!). Really didn't have time, so headed to the train station (hubby made a wrong turn), and rushed down the escalator (did I mention my legs hurt? the escalator takes like 3 minutes if you just stand on it). Just caught a train, the bus couldn't turn down the proper hospital site, so I got left off a block away in the sleetyrain (really can't complain much about that).

    Happily, my day went fine after that, but I was worried.
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    This did not happen to me but to one of my friends. She woke and felt a little ooky but not bad enough to stay home. Had some coffee and did her usual stuff. Got in her car, got on the highway (middle lane of 3 lanes during rush hour) and the "ooky" turned to barfy. Because of where she was she couldn't get to the side of the road or root for a towel or anything and proceeded to toss her cookies all over herself and her car. Then she had to drive all the way home in that condition. That pretty much tops my list of a bad way to start the day!!!

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